Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas blues

It’s Christmas season and yet finals is in 2 weeks time and I have 2 killer test tomorrow and I considered blogging as an option at this hour. FML

Not many updates in this blog, life has taken me to another level where I already gotten over the ‘xiaxue’ wannabe phase. No more blonde hair, no more camwhore pictures (even though i still do take pictures of myself but I rarely posted it on facebook nor twitter)… does that mean I’ve matured?

Maybe so…

Life is moving forward, Ciean delivered baby Ben and we share the same birthdate (baby Ben and I that is)…

I know you couldn’t resist going awww…

I am now a 25 year old human being that still struggling to complete her engineering degree and still getting allowance from her parents because I’m still dirt poor. (Why la, me blog doesn’t make me famous and give me money! )


And here’s a picture of your truly on me birthday.

Ed gave me something that I’ve guess correctly again. That man lost his ability to surprise me. Though the present is exactly what I wanted so I'm still happy.


Chisukihana entered a local university, Wewen is about to buy her 1st car without our parents help, Noi probably will be getting engaged sometime next year… Everybody is moving forward…

Damn… I sounded so emo… and listening to sad sounding music makes me even more emo.

#nowplaying The Carpenters – Only Yesterday


I know the song is not about sadness but it’s not exactly sound like a happy song. Okay Imma press next on my player and listen to a better song.


#nowplaying Cascada – Evacuate the dance floor.


Okay, much better… now I can reminisce to the days where I was once wild and free. *imaginary grinding to Joseph Gordon Levitt on the dance floor* *sigh*


Anyway… I really gotta change my blog theme it’s getting boring. I don’t want to be a mood spoiler for anyone so Imma post the most OLUMIS picture of me (olumis is pretty in dusun).


Couldn’t find one right now. I am no longer as self obsessed as I used to be.


*jump off kingfisher bridge*



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