Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leaving Taman Sepanggar

          Taman Sepanggar, the oldest housing area located at Sepanggar Bay. Used to be a low class housing area for people who couldn’t afford proper house. The design was dull, stacks of terrace houses painted white with red roof. All the houses once look alike until their owners discover renovation and change the plain looking house into somewhat decent. Still a renovated house stand out oddly in a simple neighborhood like that. But it was home to the people living there and ours for 15 years.

I was ten when we moved there and was upset that I have to move to a new place and a new school again. Thinking how much will I miss my friends that I just recently befriended. The place was strange for the 3 of us, we used to have a place where we could run freely, climb trees and have our own little adventure not far from home just the three of us. Now we were confined in that cramp little house. Slowly adjusting to the environment and forgot how we missed living at Tamalang Silau.

We did had a great childhood there tho, regardless how small the house was for a family of 5. I have more friends there and almost all of them went to school with me. Even my school was just a walking distance from the neighborhood. Every morning I would go to school with a group of my closest friends, where we used to pretend we were the members of Spice Girls (I was Posh Spice btw, LOL). We would play at the playground until our parents shouted our names to go home.  
The house at Taman Sepanggar became a silent witness to our life, it witnesses our happiness, sadness, silently listening to our voices, talking, laughing and quarrelling. Watch us became adults and when our youngest brother born to this world. If only the house could record every significant moment in our life there. I would love to playback some of the moments, like when my youngest brother came to our house after a night at the hospital. My mama wouldn’t let me hold him because I was too rough (but she let my sister hold her! no fair!), so at night when the baby was sleeping I would gently poke him to make sure he was real and not a doll.

Also those little fancy dinners that Wewen and I used to prepared on birthdays, mother’s day and father’s day. Even those petty fights where my mama cried because the 3 of us were hurting each other verbally and physically sometimes. The time when my brother Nonoi’s admirers stormed to our house, when Wewen threaten to run away from home because my dad let my pup Butch jumped on her when she was napping on the couch. Moments that couldn’t be rewind, forever stuck in the memories of our house at Taman Sepanggar.

That made me miss our house at Taman Sepanggar, if I’m given a chance to turn back time I would pretty much do it all over again. Those moments are precious to me. This brand new house, this new area and I’m no longer young and curious to discover it. All that left for my little brother to do on his own with 4 little pups. :-)    


Nancy said...

sedih juga ni post ni..mana gambar rumah sepanggar?

SuicideCandy said...

ada tp mau kena scan lagi. lama suda sy tidak pigi sna. huhu

Rungitom said...

Ahaa, I only got to know you like half a year before you went missing. :D

SuicideCandy said...

yep... i was the new kid b4 u. lol