Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I gotta pick my self up again… cuz right now I’m lost and I feel like I keep on escaping reality.

I keep on fooling myself, making me feel as if everything is okay when it’s obviously not. and my soul is rotting inside.

So here’s what I can do now:

1. Stop pretending

2. Stop feeling sorry

3. Stop being lazy.

Every point of my life there’s a period of time where I’m miserable, lazy….

anyway… I’ll be doing something productive I think for my l______ong holiday.

I have a plan to:

1. Learn carpentry

2. Learn baking

3. Learn sewing

Learning whatever the fuck that I never bother to learn until now.

I’m trying to be a better person emotionally also. I should visit the church more often, to renew my faith in God.

I should put some picture of me now… but my other laptop crash suddenly and all the backup are there with all my 5000++ songs, movies, pictures and work.

I feel really fucked up now but I guess, no use of crying over it now.


Cynta Cinta


p/s: I really hate the attitude where u just gotta comment on someone’s misery. If you ain’t got something good to say then don’t say anything… BITCH.

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Nancy said...

dont worry..everything will be okay.