Friday, March 11, 2011

testing out mobile blogging

123... can you hear me? lol... i'm testing my phone rite now. so this post gonna be mostly BS.

anyway i miss blogging A LOT but am too bz since school started dont wanna repeat the same FUCKIN MISTAKE so i did less aimless surfing n even deactivate my facebook page. all my time is dedicated to school and i gotta admit it tat it felt good even tho i did miss quite a few news n i guess no more bloggers event to attend until the hols. :-(

But i m happy being given a 2nd chance and u gotta fight till your last breath for something you want rite. so i will be fighting n not giving up no more.

Other than that i recently was approached by a up n rising hip hop artist in malaysia to do an album review. but was so busy n i ended up delaying the review for weeks! i m so very very sorry but will post the review soon. probably after midterms... which is next week.

thinking about midterms cause me headache. n those assignments to submit. i shouldnt complained... i know... but i need a place to vent so here it is straight frm the heart. lol..

ugh.. gotta stop from being too whiny... so good bye for now. thanks for stopping by n support this blog cuz believe me I WILL NEVER STOP BLOGGING.

xoxo -cyntacinta