Saturday, February 12, 2011

I stalk Celebrities using twitter

A quick post… I just saw 1 weird photo and I’m not really sure what I’m saying but…

I found this picture of, The one and only Nicole Scherzinger from one of my favourite blog :;


There’s something weird about this picture right? Eyes on her face boys… I’m not talking about the boobs, it’s her face or probably her face expression that made me wanna slap her.

And don’t let me get to the outfit… I don’t know what the photographer or her trying to pull off but I don’t think the “tarzan’s wife” gold cutout? is that what its call? Take that damn thing off!!! She’ll look much better without that.   

It doesn’t look like her and her hotness level drop from 10 to err… maybe a 4?

Compare to the picture below;

46_Nicole_Scherzinger_Hot100_l_Maxims_100_Hottest_Girls_of_2009-s400x500-29211 Not sure whether that too perfect breast is real but she really do look friggin hot in this picture. A perfect 10 IMO.

A picture that oozes sexiness even though it is a bit exaggerated but who cares. uuu… those fucking perfect abs…I envy her body.  

okay… it’s getting late Ima resume to whatever i was doing and keep you guys posted! :)




Aj said...

wow... nice boobies... i think its photoshoped...coz i know.. shes my ex...LMAO...nah just kidding.. love her latest single.. same like Rihanna who want herself the only want in the world and being a rape victim..LOL

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... i know it! I'm not the only one that notice it.

Gallivanter said...

Maybe a post-breakup syndrome, hence the "new look"? :-P


SuicideCandy said...

yeah... probably a new weird look for her. lol

gunsirit said...'t saya much hehehe..

SuicideCandy said...

Lol... mimang sexy.