Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas blues

It’s Christmas season and yet finals is in 2 weeks time and I have 2 killer test tomorrow and I considered blogging as an option at this hour. FML

Not many updates in this blog, life has taken me to another level where I already gotten over the ‘xiaxue’ wannabe phase. No more blonde hair, no more camwhore pictures (even though i still do take pictures of myself but I rarely posted it on facebook nor twitter)… does that mean I’ve matured?

Maybe so…

Life is moving forward, Ciean delivered baby Ben and we share the same birthdate (baby Ben and I that is)…

I know you couldn’t resist going awww…

I am now a 25 year old human being that still struggling to complete her engineering degree and still getting allowance from her parents because I’m still dirt poor. (Why la, me blog doesn’t make me famous and give me money! )


And here’s a picture of your truly on me birthday.

Ed gave me something that I’ve guess correctly again. That man lost his ability to surprise me. Though the present is exactly what I wanted so I'm still happy.


Chisukihana entered a local university, Wewen is about to buy her 1st car without our parents help, Noi probably will be getting engaged sometime next year… Everybody is moving forward…

Damn… I sounded so emo… and listening to sad sounding music makes me even more emo.

#nowplaying The Carpenters – Only Yesterday


I know the song is not about sadness but it’s not exactly sound like a happy song. Okay Imma press next on my player and listen to a better song.


#nowplaying Cascada – Evacuate the dance floor.


Okay, much better… now I can reminisce to the days where I was once wild and free. *imaginary grinding to Joseph Gordon Levitt on the dance floor* *sigh*


Anyway… I really gotta change my blog theme it’s getting boring. I don’t want to be a mood spoiler for anyone so Imma post the most OLUMIS picture of me (olumis is pretty in dusun).


Couldn’t find one right now. I am no longer as self obsessed as I used to be.


*jump off kingfisher bridge*



Sunday, August 7, 2011

A tribute for Dinky

28 July 2011 is one of the saddest day in my life. One of my puppies died that day.

I am still mourning over her… I miss her and I still can’t believe that she’s dead. She’s only been with us for 3 months and already she’s gone.

Her sudden death shocked our family and I blame myself for not realizing that she was sick before it was too late. Lesson learned and I sworn never to neglect my pups again.

So here’s a little pictorial tribute for her. 









Crying faceLove You so Much! Missing You still…



P/s: I now know the cause of Dinky’s death. Because of my inexperience, I failed her…  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leaving Taman Sepanggar

          Taman Sepanggar, the oldest housing area located at Sepanggar Bay. Used to be a low class housing area for people who couldn’t afford proper house. The design was dull, stacks of terrace houses painted white with red roof. All the houses once look alike until their owners discover renovation and change the plain looking house into somewhat decent. Still a renovated house stand out oddly in a simple neighborhood like that. But it was home to the people living there and ours for 15 years.

I was ten when we moved there and was upset that I have to move to a new place and a new school again. Thinking how much will I miss my friends that I just recently befriended. The place was strange for the 3 of us, we used to have a place where we could run freely, climb trees and have our own little adventure not far from home just the three of us. Now we were confined in that cramp little house. Slowly adjusting to the environment and forgot how we missed living at Tamalang Silau.

We did had a great childhood there tho, regardless how small the house was for a family of 5. I have more friends there and almost all of them went to school with me. Even my school was just a walking distance from the neighborhood. Every morning I would go to school with a group of my closest friends, where we used to pretend we were the members of Spice Girls (I was Posh Spice btw, LOL). We would play at the playground until our parents shouted our names to go home.  
The house at Taman Sepanggar became a silent witness to our life, it witnesses our happiness, sadness, silently listening to our voices, talking, laughing and quarrelling. Watch us became adults and when our youngest brother born to this world. If only the house could record every significant moment in our life there. I would love to playback some of the moments, like when my youngest brother came to our house after a night at the hospital. My mama wouldn’t let me hold him because I was too rough (but she let my sister hold her! no fair!), so at night when the baby was sleeping I would gently poke him to make sure he was real and not a doll.

Also those little fancy dinners that Wewen and I used to prepared on birthdays, mother’s day and father’s day. Even those petty fights where my mama cried because the 3 of us were hurting each other verbally and physically sometimes. The time when my brother Nonoi’s admirers stormed to our house, when Wewen threaten to run away from home because my dad let my pup Butch jumped on her when she was napping on the couch. Moments that couldn’t be rewind, forever stuck in the memories of our house at Taman Sepanggar.

That made me miss our house at Taman Sepanggar, if I’m given a chance to turn back time I would pretty much do it all over again. Those moments are precious to me. This brand new house, this new area and I’m no longer young and curious to discover it. All that left for my little brother to do on his own with 4 little pups. :-)    

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I gotta pick my self up again… cuz right now I’m lost and I feel like I keep on escaping reality.

I keep on fooling myself, making me feel as if everything is okay when it’s obviously not. and my soul is rotting inside.

So here’s what I can do now:

1. Stop pretending

2. Stop feeling sorry

3. Stop being lazy.

Every point of my life there’s a period of time where I’m miserable, lazy….

anyway… I’ll be doing something productive I think for my l______ong holiday.

I have a plan to:

1. Learn carpentry

2. Learn baking

3. Learn sewing

Learning whatever the fuck that I never bother to learn until now.

I’m trying to be a better person emotionally also. I should visit the church more often, to renew my faith in God.

I should put some picture of me now… but my other laptop crash suddenly and all the backup are there with all my 5000++ songs, movies, pictures and work.

I feel really fucked up now but I guess, no use of crying over it now.


Cynta Cinta


p/s: I really hate the attitude where u just gotta comment on someone’s misery. If you ain’t got something good to say then don’t say anything… BITCH.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I really been neglecting this blog. I’m sorry dear blog… I’ve been busy trying to mend my life…

Now, whatever happen only time will tell and I have to wait patiently.

Misery aside, what’s been happening in my life?

Nothing much but there’s few things that make me happy so here’s some random pictures…


1st canvas painting. The theme was batik painting tho I don’t think I nailed it.

It was an awesome experience that I might make turn this into a hobby of mine someday.


Construction of our little kampung house.

We’ll be moving early next month. :D YAY







3 new family members. :)



Friendship means having a plain nasi lemak but with a lot of side dish courtesy of your friends. LOL

The power of 5


My family




The main characters in my life ‘novel’ that make me appreciate life more.


Cynta Cinta

Friday, March 11, 2011

testing out mobile blogging

123... can you hear me? lol... i'm testing my phone rite now. so this post gonna be mostly BS.

anyway i miss blogging A LOT but am too bz since school started dont wanna repeat the same FUCKIN MISTAKE so i did less aimless surfing n even deactivate my facebook page. all my time is dedicated to school and i gotta admit it tat it felt good even tho i did miss quite a few news n i guess no more bloggers event to attend until the hols. :-(

But i m happy being given a 2nd chance and u gotta fight till your last breath for something you want rite. so i will be fighting n not giving up no more.

Other than that i recently was approached by a up n rising hip hop artist in malaysia to do an album review. but was so busy n i ended up delaying the review for weeks! i m so very very sorry but will post the review soon. probably after midterms... which is next week.

thinking about midterms cause me headache. n those assignments to submit. i shouldnt complained... i know... but i need a place to vent so here it is straight frm the heart. lol..

ugh.. gotta stop from being too whiny... so good bye for now. thanks for stopping by n support this blog cuz believe me I WILL NEVER STOP BLOGGING.

xoxo -cyntacinta

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fish zombies

Greetings from UMS DC!

Hello fellow blogreaders… this is the overdue blog post that I’ve been planning to write since the end of my Chinese New Year hols. Is it too late if I wanna wish you guys “Happy New Year of the Rabbit”?  :D

Anyway… during the CNY celebrations, my family and I went for a lil getaway from the busyness of Kota Kinabalu to Ranau.

Ranau is one of the most popular holiday getaway for locals because;

1. The Magnificent view of Mount Kinabalu.

2. Lots of interesting places to visit i.e; Poring hot springs, Sabah Tea Garden etc…

3. It’s fucking CHEAP.

If that 3 reasons still hasn’t convince you then screw you.

Nok and I at the early morning of our Ranau Adventure

Nok and I at the morning of our Ranau Adventure.

As usual even though it’s only a 2 day trip… my parents packed EVERYTHING and magically manage to stuffed it all in the car. I used everything to describe because they even packed a CAMP when we already booked a chalet.

So guess where did we stayed?


at Kampung Luanti Homestay?

Why Kampung Luanti?

Because there is where you can get fishes to give you free “massages” or to be exact to let those hungry fishes feast over your dead skin.

As a 1st time visitor to kampung Luanti, I am quite shocked when I arrive there. I imagined the place to be quiet, serene and listening to the sounds of mother nature but NOTHING PREPARED me to this:


Okay… it doesn’t seem that bad from this picture.

The place was crowded and our fucking so call chalet is in the middle of that chaos. They even have a karaoke joint near to the chalet. So GOODBYE “Quiet and Serene imagination”. The ironic thing about the karaoke joint was there is actually a sign prohibiting people to be noisy near the fishes… But the karaoke thing was a charity thing tho… RM1 per song to help the local primary school. DSC_0465

So after the fishes gave you the massages and experience sudden epiphany… and you just gotta let that out by singing. Well then you’re in luck because the karaoke joint offered songs from pop to classic rocks. They even let you try out the traditional musical instrument. All for a good cause. 

DSC_0460From this picture you can see camps and yes… that is the chalet we stayed and this time my parents did the correct thing to pack for armageddon because 3 rooms for 17 people… not enough. Now you can imagine the agony I felt staying there.

The place is also lack of parking space for the crowd, the public toilets need to be upgrade or better yet demolish it and build a new one. I’m quite interested finding out who’s the dumb contractor behind all the facilities because it is clearly done by some moron that couldn’t get the measurement right.

The chalet although I gotta admit was design to let the guests experienced a village surrounding and yet comfortable, failed in its design.

1. Who the hell will bath in a bathtub without no fucking water heater! And the tub is DIRTY!

2. Bedding sets need to be clean and change. To the owner/manager please remember not to use any 'Winnie the pooh’ as the bed sheet.

3. Distance the chalet from the karaoke joint! It gave the guests no privacy and it’s fucking annoying listening to horrible singing voices.

   Although I am traumatized by the facilities (I couldn’t sleep the whole night because of fear that bugs might be crawling on my face and the plastic cover make it even more unbearable), the fishes was FUCKING AWESOME!

*All pictures were taken using my phone so do excuse the quality*



Only a 20 people maximum for a 15 minutes massages.

RM5 for feet only and RM10 for whole body per ticket. However bonus for the guests is 2 free tickets per room for the fish massage.

According to the manager (Mr Jeffrey) it is advisable to come early in the morning where the fishes is at its best and craving for human’s dead skin. But the water is friggin cold.

On the last day all of us together letting the fishes feast over our dead skin.

Don’t worry the fish’s bite doesn’t hurt at all only ticklish. ;)








After the massage, we packed our bags and…





This is where they manufacture Sabah tea. Too bad we didn’t booked a guide because it would be nice to see how the make em. They do offer Tea Factory Tour Packages but close on holiday. Still… it’s fun to take photos of this beautiful greeneries.

Dewina and I then decided to imitate Tea pickers pose… so do have a look and decide which one look like an actual Tea picker. LOL





Do send your vote to 32999 and vote for your favourite pic.

LMAO… okay… kidding. Just fooling around… I know both of us doesn’t look like one and did a very bad impersonation.

The off to Kundasang to the…


Yep… Kinabalu War Memorial. Blog about this before so won’t say much about it just pictures. However if you’re interested to know more about the War Memorial Post do click this link.







Anyway… we would’ve gone more places than this but the elders were getting restless and all they wanna do is stay at a nice restaurant.

So after going round and round looking for nice spot to relax, they found this nice Bundu tuhan restaurant.


Updating our tweets add me @cyntacinta :D

But then… we were getting bored and tired. So no more pictures after this and I’ll end this post abruptly because I need to go and feed myself before I die of starvation.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

I stalk Celebrities using twitter

A quick post… I just saw 1 weird photo and I’m not really sure what I’m saying but…

I found this picture of, The one and only Nicole Scherzinger from one of my favourite blog :;


There’s something weird about this picture right? Eyes on her face boys… I’m not talking about the boobs, it’s her face or probably her face expression that made me wanna slap her.

And don’t let me get to the outfit… I don’t know what the photographer or her trying to pull off but I don’t think the “tarzan’s wife” gold cutout? is that what its call? Take that damn thing off!!! She’ll look much better without that.   

It doesn’t look like her and her hotness level drop from 10 to err… maybe a 4?

Compare to the picture below;

46_Nicole_Scherzinger_Hot100_l_Maxims_100_Hottest_Girls_of_2009-s400x500-29211 Not sure whether that too perfect breast is real but she really do look friggin hot in this picture. A perfect 10 IMO.

A picture that oozes sexiness even though it is a bit exaggerated but who cares. uuu… those fucking perfect abs…I envy her body.  

okay… it’s getting late Ima resume to whatever i was doing and keep you guys posted! :)



Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Italy in Kota Kinabalu

Sorry, been neglecting this blog these past few weeks. I pledge from now on to blog at least once a week for my own peace of mind. I need a medium where I can let it all out without forgetting myself.

So what’s new in 2011 other than THE HAIR? Well.. I finally got the chance to go to Little Italy and if you don’t know about this place then you might be one ignorant S.O.B. It’s like one of the most popular Italian restaurant at Kota Kinabalu and situated at Capital Hotel which is just across Wisma Merdeka.

It’s been quite some time that I wanted to dine at Little Italy, I heard rumors, read reviews and testimony from my close friends that this place is one great place to dine. Yet… It took a few years before I could land my feet at this place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As you can see in this picture the interior the restaurant used thin red brick veneer probably to get a feel of being in Italy itself. I never been to Italy myself and my view of Italy mainly came from Travel channels so I couldn’t really comment the atmosphere there.

The place were usually crowded so we arrived early to get good seats. When it got too crowded they even setup tables near to the curb. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So basically no matter how grand the interior is, what’s important is the foooodddd.

As a 1st timer at Little Italy, I try not to be bias and to rely on other’s opinion in judging the food. Bear in mind that I’m not an expert just someone who loves good food. :)

The 1st thing I ordered was the Tiramisu cake;


Yes… I know dessert should be taken after the main course but I’m a “kampung” girl with lots of appetite for sweet confectioneries so I’m sending you a middle finger in my head. LOL

The Tiramisu cost RM11.90, pretty expensive to me. I’m not quite sure whether it’s worth it tho but the other dessert on the menu such as the caramel pudding (which I ordered the 2nd time I was there but forgot to take pics) was such a delight. :D

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Paired it up with a cup of hot chocolate = RM7.90.

and chose…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pasta alla Carbonara as my main course.

all I can say is YUUMMMMYYY but I still prefer the one Chef Irwan and his entourage made for us at The Square Novotel. I like my carbonara extra creamy…

Here’s a close up view of the carbonara. 


A dinner at Little Italy will never be complete without THE PIZZAs. Which rumored to be the best in Kota Kinabalu itself.


Margherita pizza… not very appetizing from the looks of it. But never judge anything by its looks because this muthafucka is one delicious pizza.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A close up view. Still I believe there’s more better pizza than this. Time will take me to that one unforgettable pizza.

One special thing you can do at Little Italy is…


I ain’t kidding ya’ll here… I actually created my own topping at the next visit. Mushroom + pepperoni + extra extra cheese…

The Verdict from my pizza hut loving brother was :


So it gotta be good.

While I chose something simple for my dinner… the other dinner guest chose;

*Please excuse my inartistic photography* 


Agnello alla griglia will burn RM32.90 in your wallet and that doesn’t include the service charge and government tax.

The meal was worth it tho, Carol ordered it again. :D

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Filetto di sole ai : RM30.90… If you’re not a fish lover don’t order this meal.

and last but certainly not least…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This unknown meal which I forgot the name but remember the taste. I would definitely pick this one over Agnello alla griglia. Probably because I’m a fan of potato wedges and thousand island sauce.

A meal at Little Italy will kill cost you RM40++ per person and our meal for the day including some of the cuisine that weren’t feature in this post (my camera battery again FML) was RM200++.

So if you aren’t with your parents or someone that actually have a job to take you out on a dinner at Little Italy… please go to Fong Ip or Fook Yuen instead breakfast, lunch and dinner will save little money you got in your wallet.

But if you wanna impress a girl/guy then go ahead… Just make sure you bring extra cash.