Friday, December 10, 2010

Music Across Borders by A World Class Choir

When Dac Latte said to me that she got a tickets for a Choir recital, I thought it would be something like a Christmas Caroling. Since it is the holiday season and Christmas is around the corner. So I said to myself, “what the heck, just go and it will probably pump up my holiday spirit”.


DSC07001 No, that is not Dracula’s Brides… that is actually the choir group.

But before I venture into the horror story I’m about to tell, let me just start off with the 4 of us (Dac Latte, Mr Whimsical, His Friend Steve and I) entering the UMS Chancellor Hall. A hall which bare all my nightmare and will begin haunting me again at the 4th of Jan 2011.     

The 4 of us without any hesitation walk right into the hall proudly and picked almost front row seats. We consider ourselves as VIP (LOL) and sat right behind people with the paying tickets. Yes… ours was FOC and I think we were suppose to sit at the back with the commoners. LOL…

Anyway… The opening act was conducted by Sabah Youth Choir and all I can say that… I expected too much.

DSC06988 Sabah Youth Choir wearing their blue uniform shirt. I was half expecting a Glee performance with them ripping out that ugly blue shirt and start singing “Valerie”. But that obviously didn’t came true. Sabah Youth Choir is your traditional stool choir and sadly enough without any great voices.

But probably because the sound system weren’t good enough for everyone to appreciate their voices. The song selection was classic such as 1Malaysia anthem.

Then… came the Carmina Slovenica Choir from Slovenia…

*insert suspense music here*

DSC06997 I was shocked by the performance. It was theatrical, beautiful and yet scary. 

And I DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND A THING what they were singing. Since they came from Slovenia, they probably singing a song of their own language which I bet only 1% of the audience understand the language. 

Also I discovered that Slovenia and Slovakia is 2 different nation (yes, I am that dumb… F.U) here’s a link explaining the difference. 

There’s nothing “Christmas caroling” about this choir group. Sometimes their voices seems more like chanting an evil spell rather than singing.

Although you gotta hand it to them, the choir group really surprised us all… literally.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA By approaching unsuspecting innocent audience to devour their blood (Okay that’s too much LOL), actually to sing to them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Listening to their voices up close, I admit that I was impressed and forgot that I actually don’t understand a thing they’re singing. Probably English but was too preoccupied taking pictures that I forgot to really listen.

I guess English since they did a popular broadway songs and a church song for their closing act. The audience responded by giving thunderous applause.

Although during the intermission, most of the audience head back. Probably because it was getting late and it’s a Sunday… a day before the treacherous Monday. Beside I bet not many of the audience weren’t exposed to this type of performing act (is that the correct term?) and some might get a little bored.

But then they missed out our own Malaysian Operafest Children’s Choir.

Due to both camera + video camera MATI BOTIRI I meant, insufficient battery. I was only able to capture this picture and it was the 2nd act where the children pretend to be kung fu master whilst singing.

The teacher/conductor were really funny, I bet she can make it as a stand up comedian. She did perform for us tho, a very opera type voice singing a song by Frank Sinatra if I’m not mistaken. The type of voice that if you sing loud enough would break a glass. 

The children were adorable and energetic. All of them in character and able to sing without a broken note. My favourite part would be that photo. XD

Not to worry tho… Dac Latte did recorded the choir recital so you probably wanna check out this video.

I apologize tho if I offended anybody with this post. I am not a music critic and yes my knowledge of music is limited. I can’t play any instrument and I can’t even sing… I just like listening to music very much regardless what genre it is. :)

I end this post with this quote

“Music Is Life”

p/s: Christmas is coming soon… :)


gunsirit said...

Like it, esp the Slovenian girls..ehhe

SuicideCandy said...

hehe... i know what u mean. :D

mr. whimsical said...

LOL!chanting pn durg tu...aish thanks God i didn't fall far, not my fav show so far.kikiki

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... mcm kita tingu urg buat spell sja kan. LOL