Friday, December 3, 2010

Cynta and Chocolate

Mmmm… Me love chocolate.

Chocolate, chocolate. chocolate.

I wish I live in a chocolate factory but then I would hate chocolate. I can’t stand eating the same thing everyday. But it would be a wonderful experience to visit a chocolate factory.

Anyway… last Sunday, we received a surprised invites for a chocolate tasting at Hyatt Hotel. So even though I look A.S.I considering it’s chocolate and the most important thing is, it’s FREE, I agree to went there along with Dac Latte and Ciean.


To be honest I was a bit disappointed when I see the chocolates. I was expecting something more grander than a row of chocolates but according to the F&B Director it was the last day. The day before they even had a chocolate making class. Which make me wanna kill Asif for not taking us earlier, I believe even though with my limited cooking ability I would definitely make a delicious set of chocolates. Tingu Orang La… LOL

DSC06682 Without further ado lets move on to the Chocolates close up pictures.

The chocolate is from Swiss and you know when I mention Swiss chocolate, you can only expect the best. Since Swiss chocolate rank number 1 in top brand of chocolates. I’m not sure whether or not this is the number chocolate brand.




DSC06698 DSC06697 DSC06693 DSC06692 DSC06691 DSC06688 Again due to ignorance and gluttony I didn’t bother to get the names of the chocolates. So using my buffet lineup strategy I just take one of everything.


My favourite would be the one that looks like a cookie (okay there’s 2 of em), the slightly larger one lar. LOL.

DSC06713Here’s my ASI face before stuffing myself with all this chocolates.

DSC06712 2 “my lovely sam soon” in the making. :D If you dunno who “My Lovely Sam Soon” is, do google it yourself. LOL… okay Kidding, here’s the LINK.

DSC06710 Busy at work.

DSC06704k Asif bugging the busy chefs.

and persuade them to let him…DSC06709k Be the Chef.

Damn!!! I shoulda bugged the Chefs also.

But then… I was sweaty (from helping Nancy at Unitar) and lusting for the chocolates (so bad) so probably not a good idea for me trying out making chocolates. I probably end up eating and contaminating the chocolates. 

So after a nice afternoon tea session, we went home. And surprise, surprise…

Asif bought us all chocolates! Yippiee! Thank You Hawt Uncle! LOL

DSC06723 so it’s the end for this post.

But stay tune for my Birthday post and Book Fair post. Thank you for stopping by and read my blog. xx


Suicide Candy


Amanda Christine Wong said...

damnit, now u make me wanna eat chocolate.

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... XD. chocolate lovers!

gunsirit said...

Wow! dasap2 tu chocolate. Paling2 saya makan yg murah2 saja..hehe

SuicideCandy said...

sy pun bha... ne kali ja kena bagi can... apa lagi... free kan. LOL

♫FEN♫ said...

hye there. I found your blog and following you :)

SuicideCandy said...

Thank You for following... :)