Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Because I’m worth it?

Almost all female bloggers that I’ve stalked has blogged about make up. Especially the difference between wearing them and the au naturel look.

Well, folks… I finally succumbs in doing THE MAKEUP POST and here it is…

I have a habit where I must take photos during putting on make up just to make sure I look picture perfect and I realize that it has been crowding up my memory spaces in my laptop and I can’t delete it even tho I rarely will view it again thus this post is created! (plus I am too damn lazy to take new pictures might as well make use of it).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Au naturel… Fresh from the shower! See lar the hair still wet.

I look like a monk with my almost invisible eyebrow. So jealous with people who have naturally beautiful visible eyebrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Foundation ready face, so even skin tone. Still no eyebrow and am not blessed with perfect skin and enough money to turn skin akin to a commercial ad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yay!!! I can see eyebrow. I wore a contact lens occasionally to make my eyes look more dazzling… mmm… dazzling (say it like homer simpson says mmm… donuts).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Eye makeup ready! Excuse the pink rollers people.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Put on those fake lashes for a  more dramatic effect to your eyes. It’s actually very easy to apply fake lashes and contact lens. You just need a steady hand. I prefer long thick fake lash compare to the plain fake lash. You are not gonna wear it every day, might as well look dramatic than plain and boring.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Contour your nose… Some people don’t need it and some people do. But if you watch TV3 8pm news, you’ll notice all the women newscaster contour their noses. Some look really weird… LOL. I hope I don’t fall in that category.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Blush and put on lipstick. Hair do and then…


cyn001kPicture Perfect Beautiful.  

Here a picture without fake lash and contact lens.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So what do you think? Which one is better natural or makeup face?

Everyone has their own personal views so please don’t insult others by saying they wear too much makeup thus make them look fake. Self beautification is not fake, it’s more of upgrading your current look to a better one.

Personally, I have nothing against surgery… Heck, it’s your body and you only got 1 life to live might as well be happy with it.

meanwhile… if you against plastic or just don’t have the money to do one, make up is the next best thing to upgrade your plain and boring look.


Everyone is VAIN


gunsirit said...

Wow! simply amazing..I wish I could do makeup too...heeeeeeee

Rungitom said...

I can never imagine that the girl who was once with serious face turned to be a beautiful lady today. With make up or not, you're still awesome. :)

SuicideCandy said...

gunsirit: LOL... pkai concealer dgn foundation sja supaya lawa kulit muka. LOL

tom: awww... thank you! u r awesome!!!

Chisuki Hana said...

damn, sy pun mau post

Nancy said...

limpasssssss......yeah..saya mau pun mau buat post mcm ni wiwin..

SuicideCandy said...

chisuki and nancy : ya, sila lah buat... huahuahua

Fane Davis said...

envy ur falsies..u look gorgeous with makeup on.hehhe

SuicideCandy said...

lol... tq. it's the magic of makeup.