Saturday, November 20, 2010

Youth Art Festival

Let it be known people that I, Cyntacinta has finally volunteered for the 1st time in my life.

YEAH… Cyntacinta volunteered at the Youth Art Festival on the 13th of November 2010. Let this be written in history that CYNTACINTA HAS FINALLY VOLUNTEERED FOR THE 1ST FUCKING TIME!

Okay… enuff BS… Tweet stalkers definitely know what the heck I’m talking about.

Alamesra Youth-PREP Centre has organized the 1st EVAAAA YOUTH ART FESTIVAL 2010! The theme for the festival was VOICED OUT!!! The Youth of Sabah VOICED OUT their beautiful voice through ART.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Youth Art Festival was held for 2 days only. To the people who missed it, no worries I bet it will be coming back next year. :)

On the 13th was the day of Music and drama.

The event featured Local Artist such as:

1. Asif Pishori and Rene Barrow

2. Alvin MY

3. Velvet AF4

4. A Sky Collapse Triangle

5. JADE Sisters

6. The Ariez

7.  Joanna Quitin & Bitter Serenade

8. Frontman Co.

  and also our very own talented youth

  • SMK Tamparuli
  • Green Leaf Theater
  • Eoji a.k.a Mr Whimsical
  • Lentera Tari from UMS
  • Royston
  • Edge Master Band
  • Emergency Call
  • The Fingers
  • The Unknown
  • Cahaya d’Folk

It was AWESOME!!! I gotta be honest here, that I never heard of some of the local Artist. Apart from Asif & Rene I only know Velvet AF4 and Alvin MY. I was a bit clueless about the others and get confused with the other talent because all of them are so damn good. Okay not all but some did a pretty awesome job at performing. :)

Other than musical performance the Youth Art Festival also featured artworks and photography exhibition. People can bid the artworks and photo and everything will go to charity.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of the work of art that catches my eye. Although the eyelash looks a bit odd cuz it resemblances hair being blown by the wind and I don’t think eyelash can do that. But it is probably for artistic reason the eyelash is drawn like that. I like it tho!

While waiting for the VIPs to arrive the volunteers set up the chair, the artworks and also just standing there to make as if there’s already a crowd even when 1Borneo is practically a ghost town at 9am.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Volunteers were instructed to wear a black T-Shirt and shoes. The only thing that separates us from the REAL crowd is the tags around our neck. 

Because I arrive quite early that day, I decided to look around and check out the art exhibition since I know I’ll be busy after the event start.


Alamesra Youth Prep centre activities map. The youth prep centre is a non profit organization which aim to create awareness about social problems that affecting the youths. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There’s also a donation box. People who wanted to donate their used clothes, books etc… can do so. But I’m afraid the there’s only 1 donation box for all of it and I don’t think they got many donation that day. 

The event start at 10am which was quite early and surprisingly the event went on schedule. :D

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2 beautiful ladies to greet YB Datuk Jahid Jahim, Sabah’s Assistant Minister of Youth & Sports. 


  Front seats for the VIPs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Velvet from AF4 for the opening.

I’m sad to admit that I only manage to take few good photos for the event. I was busy recording people and rushing to charge the video cam. The battery only lasted for 3hours FML.


Velvet’s calender cupcake. According to an anonymous food lover statement, it said to much more yummylicious than boutique cupcake even tho the decoration might not be as extravagant. And it cost RM5 each, WTF?!. RM5 + RM1.25 I can buy myself a McD value lunch!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SMK Tamparuli performing “count on me’ by Bruno Mars.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Green leaf theatre performing about life, death and materialism. Which in my opinion there’s nothing wrong being materialistic, as long as we’re alive we do need money. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I forgot the band’s name but they were pretty good. Although they did butchered Paramore’s song Brick by Boring Brick. LOL 76987_500189319342_646744342_6955239_5405805_n Asif and Rene. I steal this picture from their profile… sorry. :P

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think this might be edge master band. I’m not quite sure… please correct me if I’m wrong. A unique band combining heavy metal music with traditional music instrument.



My favourite band of the day : The Fingers. They truly ROCK! LOL

After The Fingers performance, the music festival end and a few photo session with the other volunteers. We head home tired and hungry. LOL


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Live painting by Cracko Blabak and his friends. If you’re notice the abandon mural painting near Tong Hing Supermarket KK, they were the one that responsible for that work of art.

I didn’t volunteer that day tho was brunching with Ed at 1borneo. Just another passer by… I didn’t wait until they finish it but I bet it will definitely look good.

So, I’ll end my post abruptly here and say BYEBYE till we meet again in another post.




LeeHng said...

thanks 4 posting this up, i missed the event :(

anyway if u like event like these maybe u can drop by citymall december 11th n 12th for Hobbycon (a games/costume/art event) :D

anyway do u have any connection to the Alamesra Youth by any chance? :D

SuicideCandy said...

thanx for telling me about hobbycon, will drop by if I'm free tat day. :D

my cousin is working at alamesra youth prep, she's the one that persuade me to volunteer. :)