Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Wizard Punchkin

Okay, I am 10 days late for posting this post, hehe… terribly sorry.

The Annual Concert was held on the 30th October 2010.

Anyway if you stalked me on twitter (you perv!), you will definitely know that I’ve been twittering/bitching while watching my 6 year old brother, Genesis’s annual kindergarten concert.

This year, perhaps is the best annual concert ever! (I’ve attended every year since he was in playschool)…

This year every level (from playschool until kindergarten 2) for kindergarten performed a musical play for their family and friends. It is also the last year of kindergarten for Genesis and soon he’ll be going to primary school… sobs (T_T) why do kids grow up too fast…

Armed with the rented DSLR, my mother and I went there and was among the first to arrive because we thought it started at 9am when actually it started at 10am. TOO DAMN EARLY and I was partying the night before although I did got back earlier which make my morning bearable without any hangover.

DSC_0194 See… no running kids in the background. That was how EARLY we were.

DSC_0196 The Grand Ballroom was decorated in red… matches with the chandelier above. And yes people gotta pay to see this!!! I guess it’s worth it since the place is better and the money will go to the school programs.

DSC_0275 The theme was “Once Upon a Time”…

DSC_0216 This is how hectic it was… But fortunately most of the kids behaved and doesn’t cost too much troubles to the teachers and their parents.

DSC_0219 My brother with his 2 best friends, Jaden and Gabriel. They were wearing sash for their graduation ceremony.  DSC_0207 Here’s a photo where I was trying to be artsy. LOL


Packed with kids and eager family members…Here is the place where you can see all kinds of cameras and the kindergarten’s head master even have to warned the parents not to come too close to the stage cuz you’ll be hogging the camera view.

But really… No matter how excited you were being there to watch your kid/kids performed, you must remember that you’re not the only one watching. Stop being selfish!

That is why I begged my 21 year old brother to lend me his camera and my mum bought front seat tickets which is a relieved because I don’t have to stand and cover someone else view whilst taking adorable photos of my pride and joy. :D

DSC_0254 Tadah!!! Although I did picked the wrong side to take photos and the camera is only equipped with standard features so… a bit boohoo on my side.

DSC_0247 MC of the event, Mr. Kingsley.

DSC_0273 The principal, Mrs Irene. They shoulda make her stand on a stool so people can see her face while listening to her speech.

DSC_0307 Lining up to receive their kindergarten graduation certificate. 

DSC_0318My brother receiving his certificate. His life’s journey still long and yet I got a feeling that time will flies too fast, one day he’ll be too ashamed to hug me in public.

DSC_0338 First food to arrive, egg tart.

On the menu stated for high tea, so we got sandwiches, banana cake, fried noodles (!?), pudding but strangely no tea at all, only water and orange juice as beverages.

DSC_0344 A musical sketch by Taska Datuk Simon Fung.

“Once upon a time, all the animals, plants and people lived in harmony and peace. The elephants, lion, ducks, butterflies, ladybirds, bees and the children liked to dance and enjoy the beauty of nature. What a happy world!”

A happy world indeed… how sweet and innocent just wait till puberty comes and everything will turn ugly.

DSC_0363 Enjoy your childhood while it lasts.

DSC_0369 Next musical play… The Moon Empress by Kindergarten year 1.

“Once upon a time, there were 10 suns in the sky which shone brightly and heated up the earth. The intense heat destroyed crops and killed the animals, thus making the people suffer. The people approached a famous hunter, Hou Yi, to shoot down 9 suns. In return, they crowned him emperor. Emperor Hou Yi became very greedy and evil. He wanted the best gifts and Change Er, a beautiful young lady. He also wanted eternal life – which was possible by taking some magic herbs. Chang Er did not want the people to suffer under Hou Yi forever should he live eternally. So she ate all the magic herbs herself. She then became so light that she floated to the moon and became the Moon Empress. The Chinese believe that Chang Er’s shadow on the moon can be seen during Moon Cake Festival.”

DSC_0387 DSC_0388 One of the suns is sticking out his tongue. Probably to look scary.


The kid with the black kung fu costume is Emperor Hou Yi. Apparently he is teaching others kung fu.

DSC_0429 Hou Yi, about to kill one of those cute little suns.


The wedding between Hao Yi and Chang Er…

DSC_0456 Chang Er turning into the Moon Empress.

DSC_0469 Hao Yi, defeated and disgraced… escape with his men. LOL, one of his men looks happy dragging him away.

DSC_0472I swear this kid has the cutest voice ever!

DSC_0490 and they lived happily ever after. The END!

DSC_0495 And I present to you… The Wizard of Punchkin by Kindergarten year 2.

“Once upon a time, there lived 7 princes in India. The 6 older princes went out hunting and never came back. When the youngest prince, Chandra, grew older, he went out to look for his brothers. During his journey, he saved some chicks from a giant snake. The parent eagels were thankful and rewarded him with a magic feather. Eventually, Chandra found his brothers who were turned into stoned by the evil wizard punchkin. He waved his magic feather and the parent eagle came and carried him to the castle where he met Princess Laili under captive. The wizard was going to marry Laili. By finding the egg which stored the wizard’s soul, Chandra would be able to save Princess Laili. He found the egg from the tiger’s island with the help of the parent eagle. He crushed the egg and the wizard punckin was killed. All the stone princes, noblemen and their animals returned to life. The royal family was reunited and they had a wedding party for Prince Chandra and Princess Laili.”

A perfect Bollywood movie.

DSC_0509 1st scene… at the palace. Genesis looking bored.

DSC_0522 A lot of dancing scene…


The 6 princes going for a hunt which they never came back.

DSC_0577 Turn into stones by the evil wizard punchkin… This is the part where my brother turn into a statue.

DSC_0591Prince Chandra rescues some chicks…

DSC_0607 The E.V.I.L Wizard Punchkin and Princess Laila.

DSC_0615 Kill the evil wizard…

DSC_0622 Saved his six brothers…


and get the girl. Oh Yeah…

DSC_0630 The 6 princes return home safely…

DSC_0647 and let the festival BEGINS!

Of course… they lived happily ever after. :)


The concert end with more singing from the kids.

DSC_0777 Sharing is caring…

Okay… I got nothing much to say… The musical play has ended so I’m gonna share a few interesting pictures. Hope you like it. :)

The After Party!





Apparently after the annual concert, all the children think about is their portable video games.

I am still a bit amazed + repel by the idea of a 6 year old can play and used all the electronic gadgets. I remember when I was that age, all I can think about is going back to Tambunan, playing make belief with my cousins by the river and of course the ever so popular climbing trees.

I only discovered video games at 9 years old. I know nothing about computers, cell phones etc… and my form of toys were the traditional ones; dolls, books etc…

Guess… since technology is advancing so does knowledge although I am a bit worried that my brother will be addicted to video games. He’s favorite game is TEKKEN and I know it’s not healthy to let kids to be exposed to violent!

   I’m worrying right now….hmm… Will try my best to not make my brother a video game addict.

Anyway… worrying aside. I am happy to see my brother growing up and I hope that he’ll never make the mistakes I’ve made and turn out to be a better person than me.


See You in Another Post. (~ _~)


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