Thursday, November 4, 2010

quick emo update

I usually try to avoid being whiny or showing unnecessary emotions. I feel like I'm a red balloon floating alone in the blue sky just waiting for some birds to pop me or when I reach high enough and then POP... I'm dead. 

I got a lotta things to blog in my head and some unfinished drafts but it never did come right... so lemme just share some of my past with you, passer-by... 


TENG TENG TENG (that is actually me trying to type suspense music). 

Yes, I am a living vampire and I can turn myself into a bat if I want to but I choose not to since I am too beautiful to turn into something as disgusting as a vampire. I prefer to turn myself as a black cat.

Okay... random thoughts aside... lemme update you guys with pathetic details of my mediocre life. 

1. I finally read A little Princess. 


Bought it for RM16++ at Harris 1borneo (hardcover version!!! literature books sold cheap there :D ) and apparently my childhood would be much elegant if I read this one when I was 12 and not 24. I probably will try to imitate little Sara Crewe and grow up to be a poise, elegant lady instead of this train wrecked human being that is Jacynta Raymond.

2. I just bought approximately 2 hours ago, Her fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Which I didn't actually choose, I was torn by John Irving's novels and 'Have a little faith' by Mitch Albom... So I let Wewen and Daisy choose a book for me. 


I can see why they choose this over John Irvings and Mitch Albom. It's a ghost story with 2 hot looking twins on the cover. I am quite pleased with the book tho (even tho I haven't read it)... It will definitely make me less focus on that stupid game I've been playing. It girl...( I am a level 31 with 83 cliques... ADD ME!!!).

Anyway... if you care to comment please do suggest any good books you know for me. I really would appreciate it. :)


p/s: I am watching (RIGHT NOW) Daisy teaching dance lesson at Youth Prep Alam Mesra. :)
p/p/s: I will update you guys about my little brother musical play very very soon.

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