Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now hit that detonator.

Yes... it has finally arrive!!! 
Okay... probably it's old news in some part of the world. 
And maybe I'm just a bit out dated here... but I'm still fucking excited about it!!!

My favorite rock band in the entire world will finally release a new album (approximately this 22nd November) after 4 fucking years!!!
I already fallen heads over heels for their latest single "NA NA NA". I first heard the song at and thought this is the best thing of the year that has happen to the world! well... at least for me. :)

Gerard Way change his hair color again!

IMHO it's gonna be much better than their last album "the Black parade" although it's their most successful album which created a few controversy. The single "NA NA NA" excites me because it is quite different from their previous songs and it has this upbeat pop funk that makes me wanna jump up and down, doing all the rock cliche moves.
I only hopes that this song won't be turn up to be used by bands in the clubs, I swear I will kill that insolent band that tries to butchered this song or any songs by MCR. So, please stick to covering Neyo's, Rihanna's, BEP's etc.. songs instead. Also a reminder for the local rock band, please don't do a cover of this song... YOU WILL NEVER SING IT BETTER THAN MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.

MCR has populated most of my late teenage years and made me feel that it's okay to be weird and think about death. Yes, that's mean I was an avid fan of them before the "emo" trend occur when teenage boys started wearing make up. Seriously leave the your mom eyeliner alone boys. You look more like a clown than a rockstar. Only Gerard Way can pull it off and maybe that gay dude whathisname...

If you have no idea what is MCR = My Chemical Romance (but first tell me which era you belong) here's a link for ya.
FYI the single will also be used in a Sony PS3 game Gran Turismo 5. Yay!!! I never played that game before but now I will definitely play it. On second thought I think I've played it before the earlier version of course but that was years ago and I suck at it.  

Well, without further ado... here's a youtube video of My Chemical Romance latest single "NA NA NA"

Lets jump around and sing out loud to this song.

and of course here's a LINK to download this song (I'm already using it as my ringtone!).

I feel like I'm 16 again, ready to be a rebel without a cause and look like I haven't seen the sun for a long time but fuck I'm naturally tanned and living in a tropical climate meaning I will never look like Dracula's bride. I want to idolize Gerard Way again! I wanna forget that I'm a 24 year old screwed up that still ask money from my parents while living a life of a hypocrite. Those were the days... and life will never get easier.


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