Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Selamat pagi or Selamat tengahari or Selamat Malam…

Where ever you are in this world. :)

Anyway… I know delaying is not good and I have been delaying the Youth Art Festival post for 3 days now.

Actually I am quite anxious and suffering nightmares because of it. Though I chose not to share with people I’m close with but rather share it here…

I cannot tell you the reason of my anxiety, just that I hope that whatever happens I will be strong and hopefully God will lead me to the path that I belong too.

Many of us has made bad choices in life, regretting about it won’t make life much easier in fact I think it will make us more miserable. So I’ve made a few bad choices and even though I know I should move on, I feel I’m still stuck in a place where I shouldn’t be and confused by my own self.

But… There is no need to take people down to your level, pretence might seem hypocritical but at least no one will get hurt except your self.  lol cat 3 LOL.

Fuck my problems and lets google some funny pictures for amusement.

74040_168379203187380_100000459033463_489760_1333347_nThe Perv toilet.

Gawd!!!!!!!! This is actually scaring me out. The designer of this fuckin’ toilet definitely a serial rapist or killer that trying to be funny.

*ugh* I feel like smashing that toilet right now…

NEXT PICTURE PLEASE! lol cat 4   That is exactly what I’m feeling right now…


So I guess I’ll get some Mcdonald’s value lunch now.

I’ll see you guys in the next post… soon.


Hungry Cynta

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