Friday, November 12, 2010

Half boiled egg

Anybody here likes a half boiled egg? I personally hate eating half boiled egg, I prefer my eggs to be fried either scrambled or sunny side up.

Anyway this post is not about eggs, it’s about recent event I’ve attended which I didn’t quite stayed to see it end.

Let’s cut to the chase and start the real post.

1. Stompin Sabah

Have you guys been there? Well… I have but didn’t really make it to the real event. Although I did went to the rehearsal.


So I didn’t get to see the real act but I get to see Man Kidal LIVE.

Yeah… I know it would be cooler if I got to see Ella cuz she’s one of Malaysian Singer that I really really like. She’s 40++ and still looks hawt!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I heard the performance was awesome although I wasn’t really looking forward of going there because, honestly I think Celcom could’ve chosen better performers. Not that those performers weren’t good enough but this kind of concert was the first in Sabah and a better known performers would’ve attract EVERYONE to go.

But I woulda gone there if I were paid to go to (missed a call from NN with 10 free tickets!!!). Hmmmph! It’s okay though… I missed it but I bet LOTS of people had fun there.


This is the only clear photo of Man Kidal.

I actually get to see Man Kidal upclose cuz he went and talk for a while with our friends, and the 3 of us just standing there and looking at his hair. LOL… I wonder how does he make his hair that long and curly, and does he wash it?

He kinda imitates Slash the former lead Guitarist from Guns & Roses. But he is really small, I imagined he would be much more taller and better built.

Don’t be mad fanatic fans and please don’t throw eggs at me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I dunno who this is. I guess it’s a band although I dunno where from.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So we did more camwhore than watching the real show. Nancy took this photo, she should be with us here.

But I couldn’t find super cute pictures of the 3 of us. Damn!!! That’s because we took too much photo (then deleting it) and my camera battery went DEAD!!!!

Then we got bored and went to shenanigans instead.

The rehearsal is more of a sound check than a rehearsal probably to keep people anticipating.

2. Sabah 13th Hospitality Fiesta.

The next day 6th of October 2010 at City Mall was The Hospitality Fiesta.

Meaning you get to see decorated food that makes you hate seeing them being eaten. You will wish the food be preserve in some kind of food museum.

I went there with Ed, he was there to support his workmates and stayed there until the end. I got bored after an hour and ditched him for my brother Genesis.   

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA View from the top. Our Malaysian Flag made from cupcakes… mmm chocolate cupcakes. Ed told me the cupcakes were from Le Meridien Hotel. Darn… I wish he made me a cupcake for my upcoming birthday. That would be sweet. :D

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We arrive quite early but still failed to get a good parking spot!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The theme was 1 Malaysia.

So what is exactly 1 Malaysia? All I can think about is variety of food in Malaysia and of course the races. Unity in Diversity, I guess.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Spooky chocolate tree.


My future wedding cake will look something like this. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fruit carving… A thing which I am sure I could never learn even if the world most talented fruit carver (is that the correct term?) teach me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Malaysia Map made from chocolate. Glad it didn’t turn out something like this:

image I wonder who’s the imbecile that created this map.


It look like it is made from cakes. But according to Ed, it’s made from seafood or something. Not sure tho wasn’t really paying attention at what he said. LOL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ed (the one with the cap) being observant.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The black box competition. I dunno the real term for this competition but heard someone calling it that.

It is call black box because the contestant will be given random ingredients and they must come up with a cuisine in a certain amount of time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The chefs picking up the ingredients. I saw chicken was in it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The mean looking Judge. I didn’t stayed long enough to capture his face. But I can confirm you this, that if I were the one entering this competition I would be scared shit.


It was raining then… I didn’t know who won and Ed forgot who. But I knew his friend didn’t won.

So that was it… 2 half boiled egg and an awesome weekend. I spend that weekend partying with my best girls. I heard the DJ at club Edgar announced Jin from were there. Didn’t get the chance to see him up close tho… Bummer.

Still a good weekend cuz at Sunday, my sister and I were treated to a good 1 hour massage and all I can say… IT WAS GREAT!!!




p/s: This weekend I’ll be volunteering for Youth Prep Alam Mesra for their Youth Art Festival at 1Borneo centre Atrium, I’ll be the videographer and if you see me dun hesitated to say Hi. Dun worry I dun bite… hehe.

71175_163339970363836_4486602_nHere’s a link for more info.

One of the Act that will be performing is our good friends Asif Pishori and Rene Barrow. If you love Jazz music, why don’t you stop by.  


mr. whimsical said...

correct me if i'm wrong.i guess the stompin sabah is the 2nd time held in sbh.1st one was last year.

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... ya ka? I is dunno... Ignorant kan... LOL. When is that? I thought it was the first.

mr. whimsical said...

not so same place la sana juga.the featured artistes pn forgettable.the one yg sa ingt only dj nas-t, a cast from Kami.