Friday, October 29, 2010


“O Boy, why you so speechless?”

I woke up REALLY early yesterday because my mum instructed me to be my brother’s guardian of the day at his rehearsal which is my part time job since I’m the only who is always free to do that. 


The real ceremony is gonna be tomorrow 30th October at 1borneo Grand ballroom. I am excited cuz my brother will be graduating from kindergarten and soon will be going to primary school.

Owh~ how time flies, 7 years ago when my mum told me that I’ll be getting another brother, I almost choked but then having this little rascal around has bring us only happiness to our family.

After that hectic morning (trust me if you’re up early and surrounded by screaming kids at 8am, is not pleasant sight at all), I attended a Sabahan Bloggers gathering. I supposed to attend it with Nancy but she was home sick and I was unsure at first whether to go or not but then obviously I chose to go.

I took no pictures since my pathetic digi cam run otta battery and I was feeling a bit outta place taking pictures with the rented phone with all those DSLRs around. So I stole this picture from Girllyen.


In case you miss me, I’m at the left wearing a black dress with Tambunan’s legs.

I gotta be honest here… if you’ve been following me in twitter (and is a twitter addict) you’ll read my post about “how happy I was to mingle around”… It was actually half true. I did had a considerably good time but I only talk to a few bloggers and only had a real conversation with 4 bloggers, AJ, Girllyen, Edgar and of course Tom

I felt out of place being there probably due to my awkwardness when it comes to socializing especially when I meet new people and I think people tend to hate me upon seeing my face. Maybe because I look like a stuck up bitch but the real truth is I’m just a nerd.

But thank god, I met AJ at the lift and manage to find some courage to say hi to him while looking like a nervous wreck. If it hadn’t been him, I would sit at the end corner alone playing with my phone like I did at the rehearsal. Yes, I can be that socially awkward don’t be fool by the pictures you saw in my blog or facebook profile. Thank you AJ for being so nice and friendly to me. 

Being narcissistic, I’m gonna talk more about myself now… come on almost everyone favorite subject to talk about is their own self. The real reason why I wanna go there was the idea of socializing with intellectual people with the same interest intrigue me beside I just read ‘follow your heart’ by Andrew Matthews. He keep saying in his book that we gotta adapt to be successful so to test his theory on that I went to the dinner.

And I really did adapted just like the curtains, chairs and table… I was invisible to all. I wasn’t aiming to be the centre of attention but I imagine myself getting to know a lot of cool people. Instead I turn my usual invisible mode although I did get to know 2 new cool people and reconciled with 2 ex school mates. The last time I met Tom was 10 fucking years ago and Girllyen was 6 years ago.          

    I think I wrote too much already… enough of this narcissism and I will end this post. I’m looking forward in meeting up with the bloggers again hopefully the next time I’ll be better with the mingling thing.



Cynta, J, Jess, Jaq, Cyn, Jessie, Ling or Gentiuk whichever you prefer :)


Girllyen Marcie said...

Hahaha.. Ui shiok~ Jejak tapak kaki~

SuicideCandy said...

hahaha... 2 la... jejak tapak kaki. :D