Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ain't Guilty until caught red handed.

Hello readers...I FINALLY open my Gmail account and read an email from Nuffnang (if you dunno know what I mean please look at the far right side of me blog if you're that ignorant) asking me to ever so kind and spread the word about click fraud. 

So... WTF is a click fraud?

It's done by simply

1. Asking Your Fellow Bloggers to clicked your ads. ("You scratch me back, I scratch u back mah")
2. asking for blog visitors' help to click on the ads (Ask friends etc...oO *whistling*)
3.registering a large number of blogs and clicking on ads on each of them (LOL... Loser)
4. repeatedly switching to a different IP to click on own ads. 

So if you're GUILTY! Nuffnang will sacked your ass :

Our system is capable of tracking these actions mentioned above, which are documented and if necessary, be used as evidence for any legal purposes. In the past, Nuffnang has suspended and banned various individuals and groups for involved with this offence. However, as the number of bloggers who engage in click fraud has been growing in an alarming rate within our community, we are forced to be more vigilant to bring this to an end. We would take the necessary action to preserve the quality of blogs and ad space available to advertisers so other members of the community are not affected by those who engage in click fraud.   

Yup... that is the exact paragraph I've copied from the email I received. 
So... be afraid... be very afraid if you're fucking guilty of click fraud.

How Dare is YOU!!!

I might being hypocrite here but mistakes are meant to be learn, so I vow never again to engage in that shameless activity!!! so there... lets us all be honest bloggers. :D

  and live happily ever after... yadda yadda yadda... fuck off Ryan!

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