Friday, October 29, 2010


“O Boy, why you so speechless?”

I woke up REALLY early yesterday because my mum instructed me to be my brother’s guardian of the day at his rehearsal which is my part time job since I’m the only who is always free to do that. 


The real ceremony is gonna be tomorrow 30th October at 1borneo Grand ballroom. I am excited cuz my brother will be graduating from kindergarten and soon will be going to primary school.

Owh~ how time flies, 7 years ago when my mum told me that I’ll be getting another brother, I almost choked but then having this little rascal around has bring us only happiness to our family.

After that hectic morning (trust me if you’re up early and surrounded by screaming kids at 8am, is not pleasant sight at all), I attended a Sabahan Bloggers gathering. I supposed to attend it with Nancy but she was home sick and I was unsure at first whether to go or not but then obviously I chose to go.

I took no pictures since my pathetic digi cam run otta battery and I was feeling a bit outta place taking pictures with the rented phone with all those DSLRs around. So I stole this picture from Girllyen.


In case you miss me, I’m at the left wearing a black dress with Tambunan’s legs.

I gotta be honest here… if you’ve been following me in twitter (and is a twitter addict) you’ll read my post about “how happy I was to mingle around”… It was actually half true. I did had a considerably good time but I only talk to a few bloggers and only had a real conversation with 4 bloggers, AJ, Girllyen, Edgar and of course Tom

I felt out of place being there probably due to my awkwardness when it comes to socializing especially when I meet new people and I think people tend to hate me upon seeing my face. Maybe because I look like a stuck up bitch but the real truth is I’m just a nerd.

But thank god, I met AJ at the lift and manage to find some courage to say hi to him while looking like a nervous wreck. If it hadn’t been him, I would sit at the end corner alone playing with my phone like I did at the rehearsal. Yes, I can be that socially awkward don’t be fool by the pictures you saw in my blog or facebook profile. Thank you AJ for being so nice and friendly to me. 

Being narcissistic, I’m gonna talk more about myself now… come on almost everyone favorite subject to talk about is their own self. The real reason why I wanna go there was the idea of socializing with intellectual people with the same interest intrigue me beside I just read ‘follow your heart’ by Andrew Matthews. He keep saying in his book that we gotta adapt to be successful so to test his theory on that I went to the dinner.

And I really did adapted just like the curtains, chairs and table… I was invisible to all. I wasn’t aiming to be the centre of attention but I imagine myself getting to know a lot of cool people. Instead I turn my usual invisible mode although I did get to know 2 new cool people and reconciled with 2 ex school mates. The last time I met Tom was 10 fucking years ago and Girllyen was 6 years ago.          

    I think I wrote too much already… enough of this narcissism and I will end this post. I’m looking forward in meeting up with the bloggers again hopefully the next time I’ll be better with the mingling thing.



Cynta, J, Jess, Jaq, Cyn, Jessie, Ling or Gentiuk whichever you prefer :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


I just got a bitch slap summon from our beloved JABATAN PENGANGKUTAN JALAN RAYA or JPJ. 

Well that was last week. But I can still feel my cheek hurts by the slap. It has now turn my monthly budget from cold winter to ice storm and to make that worse I just killed myself by buying that corset top. FUCK! 
Here’s the summon I’m talking about:


You know why I had a heart attack when I paid this summon…

It cost me a FUCKING RM140!!!


which if you pay the summon before 15 days, it’s RM140 but if you pay after 15 days and before the compound date then it’s RM170. 

This summon real price is RM200. 

YES! People of Malaysia, the summon for making a U Turn at the wrong place will cost you…. RM200!! 

































I will now stop typing RM200!!! and will go back playing IT GIRL. 

69318_442974351204_636586204_5890084_6890866_n I’m a level 23 IT GIRL and will accept any request regarding IT GIRL. Just state IT GIRL in your request and I will immediately add you to my clique. 

Sorry been MIA. I will be updating more frequently from now on.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Only Girl in The World

Last Saturday was a BLAST!!!

I gotta say, wewen’s birthday party is always the best and this time it’s even better than last year. Wonder how next year will be?

Enuff said lets move on to the Birthday Party.

The Birthday party was held at Mosaic Cafe, Hyatt and then when the night gets little bit wilder we move on to Shenanigans Club next door.

33898_449432773350_529273350_5180566_4203376_n    As usual the POWER OF 5!!!

Now after this picture you’ll be wondering, what type of Barbie were we or maybe you’ll be saying ‘there’s nothing Barbie about that picture”… Well shut the fuck up and read… I’ll explain it.


The bIrthday girl, wewen. She’s a classy Barbie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Next Retro Barbie… Daisy! She nailed this outfit alright… 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA French barbie, Dewina. Although… She doesn’t really look like French barbie but if she wore a black and white skimpy dress she definitely will be one. So, I’m gonna put this one under farm maid Barbie because of the yellow checkered dress. Never the less, she do look hawt! 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So Miss pretty pink bow… Err… I guess typical Barbie? Cuz you can see from her outfit is typical Barbie, tube top and mini skirt. Yep… that’s Barbie alright.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And… Rock star Barbie? I dunno… I’m not really sure what type of Barbie I was thinking. I wanna be Malibu Barbie but then I didn’t found a perfect pink dress. So I bought this 2 piece at Centre Point and called myself a Rock Star Barbie cuz I feel like one! LMAO…

Never the less the party was awesome, not everyone tried to follow the theme only my brother’s gf and a friend did make an effort to look like Barbie.

DSC_0007 Carol as casual Barbie. Nice and simple.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Babyana as another typical Barbie. I used to have a Barbie with the exactly same dress. I dunno about the hair tho, the hair is a bit wild for a Barbie doll but still it got my stamp of approval and she look hawt in it.

The rest not really into the Barbie theme (sadly) but still it was one fun night. I still hate myself for not taking many photos. I was playing hostess that night and was far too busy to remember taking any photos at all. SHIT!!!

Dun worry tho, I manage to capture a few photos… here goes…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASiblings in action. My lil brother and lil sister… Most people said we don’t look alike, especially Wewen and I.

DSC_0014 Wiwin and I with the Papi self proclaimed player of the year. LOL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wewen with her ex school mates, the people who didn’t bother to dress up as Barbie. LOL…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Wewen with the couples. Wish Ed could come that night but he was working at that time. So boohoo for me.


So probably about 20++ people came for her birthday, some arrive early, some late (I didn’t took everyone photos) but the most important thing is the birthday girl is happy!

So it was a buffet dinner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There were western and asian cuisine so it’s a fusion buffet. I am still kicking myself for not eating EVERYTHING that night. I was wearing that dress which shows every bit of fat on my body and couldn’t bring myself to eat too much or I might ripped my outfit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The waiters and waitresses were quite friendly and polite. They even put up with my ridiculous demand. LOL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC_0027 Happy eaters alert!


They didn’t even mind picking this up from the floor. Which someone pull a prank by putting these into someone’s Guess Bag. I keep on apologizing because I thought it was quite rude to throw it on the floor without concern of others. I know you were pissed but do it with class not by causing scene.

The highlight of the evening would be the cake cutting ceremony. Ai.. mcm wedding la pula. 

There were 2 cakes… yes, I repeat 2 FUCKING CAKES! I don’t why 2 cakes but both of them is chocolate and tasted yummy baby.


DSC_0061And then this big muthafucka. All of us were surprised that night especially the birthday girl when this cake came out. It’s a chocolate mousse cake with cream cheese in the middle. 

DSC_0064 See… she was happily speechless.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The boyfriend giving his presents to the birthday girl.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHAPPY FACE! I gave her a makeup set before the party because I was too excited about it. 



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The official shot of the night for the birthday girl.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A blurry shot… LOL. 2 glasses of shot for the birthday girl.

And the rest of the pictures? Like I said I was still playing hostess and too darn lazy using my should-be-upgraded old camera. I really need to change that camera… My birthday is coming soon, I dunno if I’m gonna get a camera or not… I lost hope of owning a DSLR since I can borrow my brother’s. Beside it’s weird carrying that bulky camera to the clubs. But it would be really nice to have one of my own.


Happy 22nd Wewen!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

aku marah

Ya... saya memang marah dan sedikit kecewa pada ketika ini. 
MARAH kerana terpaksa membayar saman RM140 dan KECEWA akan sikap seseorang. 
Aku ini cuma insan biasa tidak mampu untuk menunjukkan kemarahan yang melampau... cuma aku sudah pigi shoutout di facebook sija. Ada juga la yang pigi like jadi saya happy la juga bermaksud ada juga yang menyokong diriku ini. 

aku geram bha diperbuat kan sedemikian... apa ne, bukan salah ku, aku dipersalahkan... confront la bha klu inda selesa ini main tapuk2... kimak... tapi tiapa aku bukan remaja 19 tahun lagi... aku sudah tua dan sepatutnya berfikiran lebih waras. Jadi aku biarkan diri ku dipersalahkan... besalah aku mimang slalu di beri watak jahat di skula, di rumah... lagipun muka aku ne kan mimang muka pejahat... sudalah jarang senyum. Mimang aku sengaja tu inda sanyum tu... klu ada urang yg aku inda kanal takkan la bha maw sanyum tiba-tiba...and sy mimang malas maw tegur-tegur urang, yala ko bilang sumbung tapi sebenarnya aku inda confident maw tagur ko bha. Ya la... ko berdiri sana bergaya macam rockstar dan aku dressing macam baru bangun mimang la aku segan maw tagur. Kalau time tu aku kemas sikit aku tagur la.

Lagi-lagi kalau urang yang aku inda kanal. Itu pilak-pilak yang paling malas aku maw layan. Panggil-panggil kenen... isk kasi turun point saya ja maw mengurat lelaki ensem. Nasib aku suda ada boyfriend sekarang nda payah susah-susah maw mengurat. Ada bekas 'crush' aku sudah tunang dengan highschool sweetheart dia lagi tu. awww... aku nda sangka mereka akan bersama-sama sampai sekarang. tahniah la aku ucap kan and aku bukannya sarcastic okeh... aku ikhlas dari hati. Aku janganlah tanya... aku memang malas mahu bertunang, alang-alang tunang terus kawin bha. Aku maw kawin yang grand gitu, besalah maw trip high class maka hutang lepas kawin beribu...hahaha...

 Apa lagi aku mahu membebel ah.... jarang-jarang ne aku taip bahasa sabah kita ne. besa aku trip taip bahasa bekas penjajah kita. Bukan apa la... itu kan bahasa sedunia, jadi aku kan trip maw dikenali oleh orang ramai jadi aku sengaja la. Bha jadi apa lagi aku maw bilang... masalah di dunia ne memang banyak bha... tapi malas maw komen... aku diantara manusia yang selfish, yang hanya pedulikan hidupku aja. Kalau maw cari makan untuk diri sendiri pun susah apa nta lagi maw peduli hal dunia. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ok... sebelum aku mengakhiri post ku yang melalut ne, aku maw ucapkan;
"KOTOLUADAN TOMPINAI" kerana membaca blog post yang mengarut ini. 
eh... ada lagi sikit... sila add LAUT UNGU kerana dia adalah rakan baik ku... sila ya...

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Lady is a Tramp

Ignore the title… it has nothing to do with this post. I am listening to ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ by Glee Cast (Puck can be so adorable and dreamy, he’s one of my favorite character after Sue Sylvester)…by the way I only started and finished watching Glee Season 1 and now I finally understood what’s the BIG DEAL about Glee.   

So..Tomorrow is my dear sister birthday party and I bet it’s gonna be awesome. As usual, the birthday girl must pick a theme and she chose;

barbie-top__1236197123_9398 Yes… you guess it…

barbie Barbie… a girl’s epitome of perfection. 

barbie-tas Her face, her hair, her body… everything about her screams perfect!

barbie_0.img_assist_custom and she can rock any outfit without looking like a fool.

e72f33f198703dbc_barbie and the funny thing is Barbie can be anyone at all.

So this 16th October 2010… the girls and I gonna honored the birthday girl by being barbie. Even though I admit, no human being is perfect and Barbie is only perfect because she’s a plastic doll… but looking good, sexy and cute is the most important aspect in a Barbie doll so we gonna dolled ourselves up tomorrow.

All the guest has been told about the theme and I’m not surprise if the guys will be looking like this;

ken3Although that would be scary… I never bother with a Ken doll before. Something about Ken makes me wanna put that doll in a slicer machine and watch the damn doll being destroy. 

Anyway.. an Early birthday wish to my only little sister Wewen… May the lord bless you and let life takes you. I pray only happiness for you, dear sister.

Happy 22nd Birthday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Perfect Nightmare

I’m not exactly a big fan of mushy lovey dovey stuff and I am not one of those sickly PDA (person display affection, you moron) person and I admit I prefer hanging out with my girls than him and I openly drool over hot good looking guys…

But no one can replace him in my heart and if you go telling him that I will probably kill you while you’re sleeping. Yes… I am definitely serious about that.

It’s not like I’m embarrass or anything… It’s just that I dunno… through all this years I’ve learned that some part better be kept only between the 2 of us and that what make it special. I don’t have a problem with looking at people that seems so deeply in love with each other and letting THE WHOLE WORLD knows about it (well I will be pretty annoyed reading some of the wall post at facebook but then again I can simply hide them), but that is not us… I like my “quiet” love life with him.

He’s not perfect, he’s not rich, he have a funny way to show that he loves me, he can be a pain in the ass and sometimes I wish I am miles away from him… so today I’m gonna do a ‘10 things I hate about You’ list for him.

1. I hate that you can be mad over the silliest thing.

2. I hate that you think you can read my mind.

3. I hate the fact that it is easier to bring my dog anywhere than you.

4. I hate that you make me watch stupid action films.

5. I hate your ugly shoes and your stripes t-shirts.

6. I hate that you always pretend to be listening to me.

7. I hate that you can make me smile in a minute when I’m mad at you.

8. I hate when you always put my needs before you.

9. I hate you whenever you start teasing me.

10. I hate you because you stole my heart.

   And there’s plenty more where that came from… but I can truly say that I am happy being with you and…

The most important thing is… thank you for always being there for me and putting up with all my crazies.

lots of love and kisses from me to my boo.

Photo 0114

The boy in stripes t-shirt.

Monday, October 11, 2010

JackPot Baby!!!

Last Friday… I was in the mood for trying something new. But since I am as always… always… suffering from financial problems, my aunt agree to buy me dinner at some place we never went before. So where the fuck did we went?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ka ching!!! Jack&Pot cafe.

Sorry about the picture, I was trying to pulled off a demure look. LOL 

So…as usual lets look at the place before we proceed to the food.



Behind those plastic bamboo is an actual kitchen.




I dunno why but I like this wallpaper.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a must for all Chinese food. The perfect condiment for all chinese food (well most of it).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPress the button for service. LOL

and… since the place is in one whole building (the building is equipped with casino, karaoke rooms and of course the restaurant) it’s gonna be a hell lotta pictures before the food, so sit tight and enjoy :)


At the entrance area…

and now… let us all proceed to the food.


Pineapple seafood fried rice, RM9.00. The verdict = a disappointment, it was too bland. Probably one of the worst sea food fried rice I’ve tasted. I was expecting it to be in a pineapple…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jack & Pot special fried rice, RM10.00. Yes… as usual special mean that it is serve with a fried chicken and a sunny side up fried egg. It tasted much better tho than the pineapple seafood fried rice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A picture of the happy eater.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Although I think, you probably should try this. But I already had a favorite porridge spot and will blog about it later and it’s rm1.80 cheaper. LOL

I gotta warn that the place charge 10% service charge and 5 % government tax. The service is kinda slow since there were only 4 people in the cafe and it should be a lot quicker.

If you guys wanna try the place out simply go to LOT 13, Bilex Industrial Centre, KM7 Off Jalan Penampang, Kota Kinabalu. To make it easier the place is near to Servay Hypermarket at Penampang.

So happy trying!


I can’t wait for my sister’s birthday this 16th!