Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wine, dine and some Jazz

I love good food no matter how cheap or pricy the food is. Although due to my financial situation I always end up buying the same cheap delicious food. Last few weeks I tried something very different from my regular choice of food, my aunt Nancy decided to treat us at this posh restaurant at KK.

Now… you’ll be wondering where exactly that place is?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fresco restaurant and wine bar. Where the fuck this place this?! Well… ignorant people of KK, Fresco is situated near to Jesselton Point right before the roundabout.

The restaurant gave me a good vibe, the food was delicious (although I must warn you to be careful while picking your food, the menu is in Italian although there’s a small print for the translation underneath), live jazz music to accompany you while dining, it’s a PERFECT PLACE for a date. 

DSC04137Food price range from RM20.00 till RM80.00, I know it’s fucking expensive for people like me (thank gawd I have a very generous aunt) but it’s quite reasonable since the place gave excellent service and the food was reasonably good. ;)

On that particular night I was craving for pasta since I ate steak the night before and planned a little partying with the girls afterwards.

So I picked Spaghetti Pomodorini e Basilico, I tried to sound Italian while ordering this but failed miserably… LOL. Cousin Daisy picked Spaghettetta aglio olio e peperoncino, both Nancy and Amy ordered Tagliatella alla carbonara. Sound delicious right? Even better if you can say it like a sexy Italian Guy. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the appetizer…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The bread is good and mix perfectly with the sauce. I forgot the name tho… I blame my memory loss on the wine.


My Spaghetti Pomodorini e Basilico…  I admit that I wasn’t exactly awed by this meal, it tasted okay and I do like it. Only RM20.00 (WTF?!!)


Daisy’s Spaghettetta aglio olio e peperoncino… Too spicy for her taste. She didn’t finished it… Also cost only RM20.00

No picture of the Tagliatella alla carbonara (cost only RM23.90) tho… Again blame it on the wine.

But that night we got complimentary dessert from the Chef. :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chocolate SoufflĂ©… All I can say is; WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GAVE US ONLY ONE?! It was so yummy!!! I can eat 3 of this.  

Then wine session for the 4 of us… I’m not exactly wine drinker so I can’t really comment on the wine selection.

But I took lotta photos of us.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wine session + Heart 2 Heart conversation = goooodddd

We poured our hearts out that night although there were an unwanted intervention by someone which was awkward, uncomfortable and he was rude and obnoxious. Note to all MEN : NEVER BOTHER GIRLS HEART TO HEART SESSION. But I guess real men already know this rule only obnoxious lil boy will be ignorant enough to ignore this.

Enough of that… more pictures ;)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The place has quite a lot of Asian influence when it come to its decoration.



Like I said good vibe and that’s what made us went there again.

DSC04144DSC04154 …and this time only drinks and dessert, we were quite full after a hefty dinner at Bella Italia. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chocolate shake for Wewen. I want this drink now! Only RM10.50…

DSC04152 Caipiroska for Nancy. Capiroska is mixed lime and vodka (I think) cost only RM19.90… A yummy drink.

   and Ice lemon tea for me… pathetic, I know. Don’t even wasted my time taking pictures… It’s a very common drink in Sabah. LOL


Wewen then ordered Pineapple Pina Colada… Yes, another girls heart to heart session. This time without any pest…   

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Panna Cotta anybody?… Cost about RM13.90 only and of course as a dessert lover… I give this one a 4 outta 5.

And all the good vibes cost us my aunt only RM100++ and of course spending quality time with the girls is priceless.

So if you’re looking for somewhere special for dinner… Why don’t you try dining at Fresco. 


Girls just wanna have fun.

p/s: Happy Merdeka!!! Had a merdeka day cookout yesterday and it was awesome… will blog about it some time soon.


-chad- said...

This place looks cool :)I will definitely be here once I'm back for holiday ;)

dhmail2004 said...

hey Cyn, another good one - will have to try - Saturday looks good with the Jazz band playing. how come you ladies did not try pizza lahh - used to be the best in KK when it was Luna Rosa. dont know now though.
nice wine glasses and cute ladies!!! cant be bad

SuicideCandy said...

Chad: Yup... you shud try it.

David: Really? Nxt time I go there will definitely try tat out. lol