Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Move Out Spidey cuz Cynta is Here

If I can pick any superhero I definitely won’t turn into Spiderman, probably will choose either Wolverine from X men or Blanka from street fighter. Something about hairy and ugly characters fascinate me. Okay wolverine isn’t actually ugly but he is definitely hairy.

Anyway… ramblings aside because right now I’m going to share something probably will be interesting other than food (which I constantly blog here) and of course a healthier post than lame entertainment or gossip which I believe most of us are addicted too. I’m not ashamed to admit it, I like to have fun and gossip is normal. 

People of KK !!! lets go wall climbing at SICC, Likas Youth Park!!!

The place is quite hard to find since you couldn’t see it from the main road and it’s kind of isolated from Likas Sports Complex but if you’ve been to the skate park then you will know exactly where the place is.

But in my case, the last time I visited the Likas Sports Complex was 2 years ago when I was very enthusiastic to join a marathon which I never did but still want to and jog every week at the Likas jogging park. So a kg heavier now and quite clueless… we lost our way and end up some Korean BBQ place. But thank gawd, our friend David were nice enough to lead us to the place.

But no wonder we got lost searching for the place, there’s no sign and the only reference we got is the 1st big roundabout and turn left. HELLO!!! There’s 3 fucking roundabout there. Anyway in case you’ll be going there at night (the place open till 10pm) here’s a picture of THE roundabout.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This roundabout is the one near to 4 way intersection. You know what I’m talking about right, the one that goes to Damai and Jalan Lama KK. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And after this Big Ass Signboard turn left (of course) and you’ll be going through this car park maze before you arrive at the place. Actually it’s quite easy to find at daylight but when night comes and no street light at the car park it will be quite difficult. But that’s just me… you guys probably can navigate your way better.

Upon arriving you’ll be greeted by this view…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA *insert angelic music here*

Okay so here’s the deal Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre is open;



And the most Important thing is HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?!

It’s neither cheap nor expensive but I certainly can’t afford going to this place everyday.

For 1st timer you gotta pay a membership fee for RM1 it’s a one time fee only and you’ll receive a membership card.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can see from my happy ugly face that '”me is so excited this!” cuz it’s a one time thing only.

Although the regular membership is RM1, you still gotta pay the entry fee which is;



and also equipment rental (the harness, shoe, chalk and helmet) which will cost you RM4 but RM1 will be minus for any equipment you don’t use.

However there’s children (6 years min) and junior (UNDER 18) entry fee



  So meaning I can bring my 6 year old brother along. =)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yes, children gotta pay the membership fee also along with the equipment rental and entry fee of course. BTW this picture is taken at my 3rd wall climbing visit/workout/exercise errr… whatever…

and if you’re addicted to this sport you’ll probably wanna sign up for the Gold membership fee, only RM220 yearly. (-_-“)

You’ll be paying only RM4 entry fee (weekdays) and RM5 (weekends) of course along with the equipment rental.


After paying the fee you gotta wear this wall climbing harness (harness I feel like a horse) and…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         this Ugly shoes. It’s not cute but you’ll be safe wearing this.

I didn’t wear the helmet tho, mum said that I’m hard headed enough so don’t need to wear helmet. Hard head geddit? LOL… okay, that’s lame. Lets move on…


An Instructor will then teach you, how to tie the knot, how to climb up, how to climb down etc… and they will be your anchor in case you slipped. So it’s a matter or trust. Trust your instructor and you’ll be confident enough to climb any wall. LOL

The instructors are friendly and will guide your every steps to the top. Fear not cuz I slipped many times before and if you failed or give up they will happily lower you down to safety.

As stated in the brochure, the staff are trained to British Standard and assessed by a UK mountaineering instructor, fully prepared to meet your needs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s the owner of this wall climbing establishment teaching me how to use the leg more and not depend solely on your arms while climbing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s a picture of someone checking out my ass I mean my climbing skills.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Kiddy Wall… My brother chicken out before he reach the top.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s the pro showing off… never do this tho… climbing without an instructor is forbidden. But that guy is the owner so who can argue with him..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA View of the top… Where you can check out that perfect ass.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The rock that you will be happy holding onto…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and this lil s.o.b that always make my sweaty hands slipped causing off balance and me slamming on to the wall. Happy times indeed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Even after the slamming, the falling and some fingers scraping action everything ends well and I bet I burn lots of calorie. It’s a good workout for the hand and thigh also a good mind workout for the kids (adult also) cuz you have to have a suitable strategy to get you to the top.

Tiring but fun so better give it a try.


CyntaCinta to the Rescue!!!

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