Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking for a cowboy?

No… you will not find a cowboy here at KK but…

A girl gotta eat right? And this time our destination was Texas Grill and Bar.

Texas Grill and Bar is relatively new at KK… It’s was established a few years back and I haven’t yet had the opportunity until a few weeks ago before at a Saturday Night Out with the Girls.

DSC04324 Minus the 2 tho… I was trying to pull off a  Kim Kardashian look but failed miserably.

I never been to Texas tho (sad) but I learn from movies, documentary etc… it’s a place of cowboys (duh)… anyway… I think that is what Texas Bar and Grill try to achieve to give the customer a feel of Texas itself. (I may be just talking nonsense here but that’s exactly what I saw).



Paris Hilton wearing a cowboy hat. LOL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         and also bunch of famous people wearing cowboy hats. I didn’t bother to see whom, but from this picture I can see Marilyn Monroe.


And a couple of self obsessed pictures before the meal…


59425_431582978350_529273350_4773530_924053_n 59425_431582973350_529273350_4773529_5526867_n DSC04270 DSC04291 My failed so called tough impression… I look retarded but still i like this picture so back off bitches.

Okay.. lets move onto the FOOD!


Cowboy Lamb Barbeque Style.

It was okay.. nothing much to shout about even though the name itself seems to me like it’s gonna be something delicious like I never tasted before. But nothing special about this and the corn thing is not working for Nancy. This meal will cost you RM14.90.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Rifleman’s Fish and Chips.

I still prefer Fish n Co’s fish and chips even though their pizza SUCKS. Cost RM 13.80

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nature Lover Spaghetti.

Believe me when I say, I will turn into a vegetarian if every vegetarian meal is as yummy as this spaghetti. Only cost RM 9.80


Texas Treasury Chicken.

This wasn’t taken on our night out but after the wall climbing (which I will blog sometime soon), I was super hungry and opted for a heavy dinner. An original from Texas Grill and Bar’s Chef (according to the menu). 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATexas jumbo sausage, ham and creamy cheese… Fattening! Meaning I absolutely love it. Cost about… errr, opps I forgot to check the price so you have to go check it out yourself but I’m sure it’s below RM20. Anyway thanks to a certain birthday boy for treating us dinner even though it’s his birthday.

The food price range is reasonable, a place much better to hang out with friends than Upperstar (which situated at the next to Texas), no loud blaring music that force you to shout, Computers for internet surfing (which is quite absurd since you shouldn’t be surfing the net while eating and talking to friends) and the waiters are much more polite and helpful.

Is that a good reason to check out the place? I hope it is… cuz I’ve been going back there ever since the girls night out.   DSC04298xoxo

I might kill for food so beware.


Gallivanter said...

That's a very accurate photo of Paris Hilton, sickly! Haha!


SuicideCandy said...

LOL... u got tat rite