Saturday, September 25, 2010


Digi IPHONE 4 play...

People of Earth knows how cool owning an IPHONE. 
It has all the latest features a cellphone must have but with lots of cool applications, u just dunno what to pick. 
To be honest I am quite an IPHONE virgin but I've read some very cool quite unknown to me that is of course super cool!!!


Talking Phrasebook (FrenchItalianGermanSpanish)

Translation tools and dual-language dictionaries are great, but sometimes, you really just need to ask "How much to park here?" in German. The Talking Phrasebook apps offer phrases you'll want to know translated from English to Spanish, French, German, and Italian, and you can click to hear them pronounced (or, perhaps, just have your iPhone speak for you).
Now when I travel I won't be needing that little dictionary which is a hassle and can flipped out my IPHONE and asked politely where I can park my car to the locals... LOL.  That is one funny apps and it will be very helpful while you are traveling Europe.

Even though I love to travel but since I normally only travel once a year abroad... My favourite apps will be this one:


It's an application where, when you need/want to know what tune/song is playing on the radio or anywhere at all just simply point your IPHONE to the speaker and it will literally tell you the title of the song and the artist. And it's one of the most popular apps for IPHONE.

This apps will be perfect for me. I dunno how many times I suffer wondering the song playing on the radio and hating the DJ for not revealing it. I always had to google the lyrics to find out about a song and tell me how many songs with lyrics saying "I like That Baby"? MILLIONS!!! and would you really want to play all the potential song one by one just to find THE ONE? It's a tedious process that I bet people hate to do (unless you're a music freak like me). I really want to thank the people who create this apps because you just make life more easier. :)

I would really love to try out this apps, if only DIGI will be so kind to send me an IPHONE 4. LOL...

So come on DIGI won't you pretty please gimme that IPHONE 4 :)

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