Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What exactly is an Atong?

No… It’s not some Chinese guy name ‘Ah Tong’.

No it’s not “a tong”…

It’s just simply Atong…

A place where you can get one of the delicious fish soup noodles in Kota Kinabalu. 


Atong is situated at Beverly hills (at Jalan Bundusan not LA) food court. I believe he had branches at Inanam, Keningau and Penampang. I’m not sure about that info tho and I do not know where the fuck it is.

The place is quite easy to find, it’s by the road and next to it is a car wash station. It’s in front of the largest reflexology centre in Beverly Hills.

and here’s the baby that I’m talking about :


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and here’s a closeup.

If you’re interested to try I gotta warn you that;

1. Drinks are sold separately (different stalls).

2. Service sometimes very slow and very rude.

3. The place is kinda dirty and hot. 

My uncle introduced me to this place, he’s been addicted to the fish soup noodles and has been one of the regulars (yes, the waiters can spot him miles away). I was intrigue since he mentioned it quite a lot (in his facebook shout outs) and after trying it… it has been my official breakfast whenever I’m at Beverly Hills, well this and the tom yum at Wan-wan

What I like about the fish soup noodles is the soup and the fish is fried. The soup has this slightly sour taste which I like because I usually ask for lime and added to my soups, yep even the sup kosong one.   

So after reading the pros and cons, I hope you can make a good decision whether to try it or not. 



I will not be held responsible for your actions.

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