Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poise 25th September 2010

“A Fantabulous Phenomenon Of Beautiful People & Music”

and it was one Fabulous Night.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA with of course the beautiful and fantastic people of Kota Kinabalu and music that we all love.

That night I choose a white dress since I was invited to a birthday party and the theme was “All White”. The dress suited well (I hope) with the Poise event. “Elegance and Confidence”.

Although personally white is not my color, other than it makes me look FAT the color doesn’t seem to stand out. But if manage to find that perfect white dress BUY IT AT ONCE!!! cuz a little white dress IMHO is as timeless (and hard to find) as a LBD (little black dress). So I’m wearing white in The WhiteRoom, how cliché…

Anyway… I gotta say anyone that thought they skipped Whiteroom as their party destination on 25th September 2010… SHAME ON YOU!!!


You just missed out one of the best party of the year. It was better than the “other” event when it comes to its entertainment. DJ Eva T rock the club that night! She truly is the DIVA of the South. She gave everyone the Finest Hip Hop, R&B & Electro style.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I really dig her look. Her short platinum blond hair and wicked fashion sense, made me wanna chop my long hair off. If only I’m 5kilo lighter… Whoops almost let the cat out of the bag.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Together with DJ Eva T is MC Terry T (Eva T, Terry T are they related somehow?) doing the sumazau. LOL. I know that’s a bad joke. Anyway… MC Terry T really did take over the night with his energy that makes my 6 year old hyperactive brother seems normal. Shouting repeatedly “PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS” and cursing the crowd to get the partay started. He even pull some girls (including moi) to the dance floor, to heat the party up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA See… MC Terry T works hard to heat up the party, no pun intended okay. I so love his tattoos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I gotta say even tho I was sober enough to be a bit annoyed by the “Put Your Fucking Hands Up, MuthaFucka”… MC Terry T managed to bring the house down.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Collaborating with DJ Eva T and MC Terry T is DJ Misty. DJ Misty signature style of Electronica/indie Dance/Electro House. We dance to her tunes until dawn… until I literally can’t walk straight with my 5inch heels and retreated to the lounge area. I want a pink laptop just like the one in this photo!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Accompanying us that night was Glenmorangie Whiskey. I can’t really comment anything about this drink. I’m so not into whiskey…So next time guys, do buy me some ladies drink or I’ll be tempted to splash the whiskey to your face.

Last but certainly not least is the ever so entertaining and mesmerizing;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMAGE dancers. This would be my favorite part of the event. This is them dancing to (obviously) Lady Gaga’s hits.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Doing the Korean popular hit song “Nobody”….

Poise successfully pushed the clubbing scene beyond boundaries and spectacular entertainments for the people of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

So enough with the words… I know you guys tired reading the font size 12, let keep it simply and view the photos instead. Well I was instructed to blog about my experience so… Pictures of me will be post in (Gawd that sound conceited lol)….




































Judging from their faces, they’re pretty much mesmerize by the IMAGE dancers. Reminds me of Akon’s song Hypnotize ~You got me so Hypnotize, the way your body moving round and round~



A picture of me being dry humped.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and that is all… hope you enjoy reading this post. Thank you…



Put Your Fucking Hands Up!!!

*Pictures without cyntacinta tags is courtesy of whiteroom kk times square*


On another note, I think I really should change my camera… Any suggestion people?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I like That...

Do Have a Listen...

Got this Song stuck in My HEAD!!!!

and of cuz... Already downloaded it. Here's the link for the download. 

Here's the lyrics which got me singing out loud on this Wednesday Morning...

I like that-
my body rocks a rhythm
you beat my drum hard
I might just kick it kick it
you wanna lick it lick it
I love to stick it stick it
from London to LA
yeah that’s the ticket ticket
come on and kiss it kiss it
I like that-
I like the Gucci Gucci
I love the dollar bill
I love your pocket rocket
we live to shock it shock it
I like the way you smile
I might just bite your lip
I see you talking talking
your hands are talking talking
I like that
I like that
I like that-
I like your dirty mind
mine’s on it all the time
oh let me shake it shake it
I’ll polaroid it shake it
I’m a graffiti girl
I wanna spray it spray it
I like to throw the paint
you wanna throw the paint?
I like that-
I’m locking not hip hopping
you lace me up right
yous getting tricky tricky
you’re getting sticky sticky
I like that 8-track
it takes me way back
I’d love to bite New York
Avec un knife and fork
my body rocks the rhythm
you beat my drum hard
I like that-
I like that-
I like that-
I like that
I like that-
I love the money money
I’m dripping dripping gold
I like to disco baby
you wanna kiss now baby?
oh fucka fucka you
your dressed to kill me kill me
so if I die tonight
at least you thrill me thrill me
my body rocks a rhythm
you beat my drum hard
my body rock the rhythm
(rocks the rhythm rocks the rhythm)
my body rocks the rhythm
you beat my drum hard
my body rocks the rhythm
(rocks the rhythm rocks the rhythm)
I like that-
I like that-
I like that-
I like that
I like that-
I like that-
I like that-
I like that
I like that

Luciana Is HAWT!!!

How I wish I will listen to this while I'm dancing at the club. But unfortunately I can only dance to it in my room. Fuck...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello blog followers, hello loyal readers, hello recent readers and hello to the haters.

HELLO EVERYONE!!! <--- shouting on top of my lungs!

Today’s post is about creating the hippie headband or bohemian head band err.. whatever suits you, it’s fine by me. 

Have you ever wish to look like a flower child showing love to the whole world by declaring “Make LOVE not WAR”. Making love is much fun anyway than war unless you’re Hitler.

So the 1st thing You Should Do is… Of course getting the stuff that you gotta use for this tutorial.

First You Gotta get some;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Do excuse my ugly table… The material is totally up to you anyway, heck you can even use an old t’shirt by cutting into strings. But to make it easier for me, I bought all this materials at Leton, Segama, KK. I bought it 1 meter each around RM 2.50 each so I only spend about RM10++.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A glue gun. It’s sold for RM6 at Leton (I picked the cheapest one) and the glue is sold in packs of 12 which only cost RM3.50. The glue gun is important so that we can glue the ends meet (is that the correct phrase for it?). LOL, i think UHU glue can be used as well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Unfortunately mine was a bit blunt. So make sure yours sharp.

and you might need to use;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The thread and needle depends on the material you use. The beads consists of 2 strings so I thought sewing it together will tighten it better than glue. Anyway just make sure your thread is the same color as the material, I run out of black thread so use white instead. Big mistake!

So now all you need to do is;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ugh… I look like a Japanese Ghost here. You don’t have to get the precise head measurement, better to loose it just a bit so you’ll be comfortable wearing the headband.



Mine was a bit messy. I’m not really good at sewing. I don’t know how to explain how to tighten it, you make a loop then go into the loop and then pull it. Fuck it! Go find it out yourself… or ask your grandma about it.

And then…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe finish products:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My look during POISE event. Will blog about it later.

DSC04737 From my DIGI post… hopefully DIGI will gimme the IPHONE 4.


And I’m not done yet… still have some more pictures to share with you.

59811_440759363350_529273350_5006520_1073654_n Miss Daisy…


It’s simple and easy to make. Try it out yourself :)

Well, that’s all I guess… Hope I can be a bit of a help.




Dearest my love DIGI,

We’ve been together for quite sometime now. Our love has reach it’s climax, where there’s nothing else I can do to prove how much I want us to be together but to marry you and live happily ever after.

Yes! Today is the day I am proposing to you DIGI… Please marry me! and as a token of our love present IPHONE 4 for your beautiful bride (me!)…

Yours lovingly



So DIGI send me an IPHONE 4 and I’ll be yours for life!!!

iphoneframe_ver 1

I’ll say YES to DIGI

Only You DIGI can make me happy!!!


I’ll go everywhere with DIGI IPHONE 4… to London, Paris, New York, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Kedah, Pahang, Sarawak, Tambunan, Penampang, Kota Belud, Sembulan… Heck! I even bring DIGI IPHONE 4 together with me to the loo. Okay that is a bit too much information there…

I will do everything with DIGI IPHONE 4, surfing the net, twitter (finally I can now not be one of the losers using via web LOL), facebook (uploading pic of the moment) telling the whole world where I am through 4square, I’ll go cycling with “him”, go wall climbing with “him”, go swimming, go picnic… etc…

I’ll even cook DIGI IPHONE 4 (even though I rank as one of the worst cook ever), I’ll bath “him”, decorate “him”… DIGI IPHONE 4 is a him for me (since I’m straight)… Make my IPHONE 4 happy ALL THE TIME!




Sunday, September 26, 2010


I've been blabbering about DIGI IPHONE 4 for 2 days in a row now and this is of course gonna be my 3rd entry about it. 

Other than it's worldly awesomeness, DIGI has offered us a very interesting plan exclusively for IPHONE 4. 

iDIGI Postpaid Plans just made me pee with excitement reading its 3 plans which all of them is cater to your need. You can choose either plan and still get the best from DIGI. 

But you know what make me go GAGA for the DIGI IPHONE 4 postpaid plan is;


and you can choose from
iDIGI 88 = 1GB (RM58 after auto billing)
iDIGI 138 = 3GB (RM88 after auto billing)
iDIGI 238 = 5GB (RM158 after auto billing)

Unlimited music downloads, facebook, twitter, blogspot etc...

WOW!!! That is just SUPER AWESOME!!!

You can save and get unlimited internet!

For more info do visit this website
DIGI what are you waiting for? Won't you please be ever so kind to gimme me an IPHONE 4? ;-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Digi IPHONE 4 play...

People of Earth knows how cool owning an IPHONE. 
It has all the latest features a cellphone must have but with lots of cool applications, u just dunno what to pick. 
To be honest I am quite an IPHONE virgin but I've read some very cool quite unknown to me that is of course super cool!!!


Talking Phrasebook (FrenchItalianGermanSpanish)

Translation tools and dual-language dictionaries are great, but sometimes, you really just need to ask "How much to park here?" in German. The Talking Phrasebook apps offer phrases you'll want to know translated from English to Spanish, French, German, and Italian, and you can click to hear them pronounced (or, perhaps, just have your iPhone speak for you).
Now when I travel I won't be needing that little dictionary which is a hassle and can flipped out my IPHONE and asked politely where I can park my car to the locals... LOL.  That is one funny apps and it will be very helpful while you are traveling Europe.

Even though I love to travel but since I normally only travel once a year abroad... My favourite apps will be this one:


It's an application where, when you need/want to know what tune/song is playing on the radio or anywhere at all just simply point your IPHONE to the speaker and it will literally tell you the title of the song and the artist. And it's one of the most popular apps for IPHONE.

This apps will be perfect for me. I dunno how many times I suffer wondering the song playing on the radio and hating the DJ for not revealing it. I always had to google the lyrics to find out about a song and tell me how many songs with lyrics saying "I like That Baby"? MILLIONS!!! and would you really want to play all the potential song one by one just to find THE ONE? It's a tedious process that I bet people hate to do (unless you're a music freak like me). I really want to thank the people who create this apps because you just make life more easier. :)

I would really love to try out this apps, if only DIGI will be so kind to send me an IPHONE 4. LOL...

So come on DIGI won't you pretty please gimme that IPHONE 4 :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

DIGI IPHONE 4 is 4 ME!!!

Why I need a DIGI Iphone 4?


Because my current phone is only a figment of my imagination.
It’s made from paper and ink of course I couldn’t use it to call or text anyone in the REAL WORLD and forget about the world wide web. 

So that makes me the most loneliest human being in the world… sob (T_T) *please insert wailing here*

I even made up a partner for my so called phone. See here’s a picture of these 2 lovebirds. Keep on calling and texting each other and then forgetting me.. sobs (T_T) *insert again wailing*


Connected stylishly via IPHONE 4 through the web okay! Not via common laptops or computers... or ugly looking paper phone. 
IPHONE 4 is like the COOOLLLEESSSTTT phone EVA!!!!
I don't even need to say out loud how cool an IPHONE 4 is.

EVERYONE KNOWS IPHONE 4 is the coolest phone, they even showcase it in a BMW showroom. YES! in a BMW showroom HOW COOL IS THAT?!
So DIGI please, pretty please let me be connected to the WHOLE WORLD by giving me IPHONE 4 or I’ll really go crazy albeit the title of this blog.

Digi You Can Save Me From This Insanity!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What exactly is an Atong?

No… It’s not some Chinese guy name ‘Ah Tong’.

No it’s not “a tong”…

It’s just simply Atong…

A place where you can get one of the delicious fish soup noodles in Kota Kinabalu. 


Atong is situated at Beverly hills (at Jalan Bundusan not LA) food court. I believe he had branches at Inanam, Keningau and Penampang. I’m not sure about that info tho and I do not know where the fuck it is.

The place is quite easy to find, it’s by the road and next to it is a car wash station. It’s in front of the largest reflexology centre in Beverly Hills.

and here’s the baby that I’m talking about :


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and here’s a closeup.

If you’re interested to try I gotta warn you that;

1. Drinks are sold separately (different stalls).

2. Service sometimes very slow and very rude.

3. The place is kinda dirty and hot. 

My uncle introduced me to this place, he’s been addicted to the fish soup noodles and has been one of the regulars (yes, the waiters can spot him miles away). I was intrigue since he mentioned it quite a lot (in his facebook shout outs) and after trying it… it has been my official breakfast whenever I’m at Beverly Hills, well this and the tom yum at Wan-wan

What I like about the fish soup noodles is the soup and the fish is fried. The soup has this slightly sour taste which I like because I usually ask for lime and added to my soups, yep even the sup kosong one.   

So after reading the pros and cons, I hope you can make a good decision whether to try it or not. 



I will not be held responsible for your actions.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Move Out Spidey cuz Cynta is Here

If I can pick any superhero I definitely won’t turn into Spiderman, probably will choose either Wolverine from X men or Blanka from street fighter. Something about hairy and ugly characters fascinate me. Okay wolverine isn’t actually ugly but he is definitely hairy.

Anyway… ramblings aside because right now I’m going to share something probably will be interesting other than food (which I constantly blog here) and of course a healthier post than lame entertainment or gossip which I believe most of us are addicted too. I’m not ashamed to admit it, I like to have fun and gossip is normal. 

People of KK !!! lets go wall climbing at SICC, Likas Youth Park!!!

The place is quite hard to find since you couldn’t see it from the main road and it’s kind of isolated from Likas Sports Complex but if you’ve been to the skate park then you will know exactly where the place is.

But in my case, the last time I visited the Likas Sports Complex was 2 years ago when I was very enthusiastic to join a marathon which I never did but still want to and jog every week at the Likas jogging park. So a kg heavier now and quite clueless… we lost our way and end up some Korean BBQ place. But thank gawd, our friend David were nice enough to lead us to the place.

But no wonder we got lost searching for the place, there’s no sign and the only reference we got is the 1st big roundabout and turn left. HELLO!!! There’s 3 fucking roundabout there. Anyway in case you’ll be going there at night (the place open till 10pm) here’s a picture of THE roundabout.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This roundabout is the one near to 4 way intersection. You know what I’m talking about right, the one that goes to Damai and Jalan Lama KK. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And after this Big Ass Signboard turn left (of course) and you’ll be going through this car park maze before you arrive at the place. Actually it’s quite easy to find at daylight but when night comes and no street light at the car park it will be quite difficult. But that’s just me… you guys probably can navigate your way better.

Upon arriving you’ll be greeted by this view…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA *insert angelic music here*

Okay so here’s the deal Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre is open;



And the most Important thing is HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?!

It’s neither cheap nor expensive but I certainly can’t afford going to this place everyday.

For 1st timer you gotta pay a membership fee for RM1 it’s a one time fee only and you’ll receive a membership card.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can see from my happy ugly face that '”me is so excited this!” cuz it’s a one time thing only.

Although the regular membership is RM1, you still gotta pay the entry fee which is;



and also equipment rental (the harness, shoe, chalk and helmet) which will cost you RM4 but RM1 will be minus for any equipment you don’t use.

However there’s children (6 years min) and junior (UNDER 18) entry fee



  So meaning I can bring my 6 year old brother along. =)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yes, children gotta pay the membership fee also along with the equipment rental and entry fee of course. BTW this picture is taken at my 3rd wall climbing visit/workout/exercise errr… whatever…

and if you’re addicted to this sport you’ll probably wanna sign up for the Gold membership fee, only RM220 yearly. (-_-“)

You’ll be paying only RM4 entry fee (weekdays) and RM5 (weekends) of course along with the equipment rental.


After paying the fee you gotta wear this wall climbing harness (harness I feel like a horse) and…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         this Ugly shoes. It’s not cute but you’ll be safe wearing this.

I didn’t wear the helmet tho, mum said that I’m hard headed enough so don’t need to wear helmet. Hard head geddit? LOL… okay, that’s lame. Lets move on…


An Instructor will then teach you, how to tie the knot, how to climb up, how to climb down etc… and they will be your anchor in case you slipped. So it’s a matter or trust. Trust your instructor and you’ll be confident enough to climb any wall. LOL

The instructors are friendly and will guide your every steps to the top. Fear not cuz I slipped many times before and if you failed or give up they will happily lower you down to safety.

As stated in the brochure, the staff are trained to British Standard and assessed by a UK mountaineering instructor, fully prepared to meet your needs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s the owner of this wall climbing establishment teaching me how to use the leg more and not depend solely on your arms while climbing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s a picture of someone checking out my ass I mean my climbing skills.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Kiddy Wall… My brother chicken out before he reach the top.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s the pro showing off… never do this tho… climbing without an instructor is forbidden. But that guy is the owner so who can argue with him..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA View of the top… Where you can check out that perfect ass.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The rock that you will be happy holding onto…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and this lil s.o.b that always make my sweaty hands slipped causing off balance and me slamming on to the wall. Happy times indeed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Even after the slamming, the falling and some fingers scraping action everything ends well and I bet I burn lots of calorie. It’s a good workout for the hand and thigh also a good mind workout for the kids (adult also) cuz you have to have a suitable strategy to get you to the top.

Tiring but fun so better give it a try.


CyntaCinta to the Rescue!!!