Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant

I’m proud to announce that Dewina Petrus Guriting didn’t won Miss Borneo Tourism pageant. Which is a disappointment but no worries, there’s always other pageants and of course our beloved Unduk Ngadau contest. At least Dewina is not being a sore loser about it, unlike some people.

DSC_0085 copy 2 But my dearest cousin is still the fairest of them all… at least in my opinion and also her fans. LOL… Dewina has her own facebook fan club, do click like for more info about her and of course pictures of her from the Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant. I’ll give you guys the link in case you wanna check it out : DEWINA FANCLUB.

We attended (the avid supporters) almost all of the Miss Borneo Tourism events. The Special Appearance at Cock&Bull (30th July 2010), Talent Night at Shenanigans Hyatt and of course the Grand Gala Night. We supported her all through the pageant although she didn’t win the title or Miss Popular (although she did ranked number 3 in the sms vote), we know she did her best. So on her behalf I would like to thanks all my friends that voted for her.  


39123_148815458462442_100000019656609_461991_8289851_nDSC_0183 copy 2  Dewina and Cassandra. Both hot looking women and Cassandra is very TALL. She’s not even wearing heels in this picture and she’s still taller than Dewina which if I stand beside her, I will look like a gnome.

There were only 5 contestants at the special appearance, all from Sabah the other 5 finalist gone back to Sarawak but they flew back just in time for the Talent Night on the 31st of July 2010.

Dewina picked Sompoton as her talent for the night. Sompoton is a traditonal kadazan dusun musical instrument. It’s not easy to play this instrument you gotta blow hard!!! LOL. Anyway here’s some info about SOMPOTON. 

blog 1


I love this picture of her. Looking so poise and elegant.


blog 3blog 4blog 2We barely made it to the talent show, as you’ve read my previous entry we’ve been invited to the Hennessy Artistry event so that particular night was kinda hectic for us. Switching from one venue to another. But Dewina did quite good job with the sompoton of course some help from her pageant sisters (is that the right word to put it? LOL). Unfortunately some ignorant people doesn’t understand the art of sompoton. Others I assumed did better or worse, the talent show was won by Miss Elaine Audrey Lee with her hip hop performance. We missed it though, no one can be in 2 places at the same time.

Then, on to the Grand Gala Night. Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant’s Grand Gala Night was held at Kimanis Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Hotel. The theme for the night was glam which I think we (only the 3 of us manage to come Nancy, Daisy and I) manage to pull it off considering the amount of time we had.

38985_415418706332_202045016332_5274114_1347041_n All of us in black and Dewina in white wearing a beautiful gown from wedding couture (if I’m not mistaken).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Our view was blocked my a group of VIPs in front of our table.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHence my pathetic pictures. But couldn’t really blame them though, I used my olympus digi cam for the night and it was running out of battery.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  All the contestants look beautiful and glamorous at the Grand Gala Night. My favorite dress for the night would be what Chloe wore. I like the detail on the dress, the perfect dress that I imagine wearing at my wedding in another 10 years from now. LOL

38985_415418721332_202045016332_5274117_41364_n But the most unique dress for the night was what Dewina wore. It was so dazzling and Wiwin look very beautiful in it.

When Daphe Iking (Yes, forgot to mentioned Daphe Iking was the hostess for the night, no wonder the ticket price reach to RM400 per person) announce the top 5, we were really disappointed Dewina didn’t make it. The top 5 were Samantha, Elaine, Marlene, Janet and Eliza.

Elaine Audrey Lee crowned as the new Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant, 1st runner up was Jannet Bennet and 2nd runner up is Marlene Lim. I admit that I was surprised that Elaine won, I was betting on Janet to win the title. I thought Janet was beautiful and did quite good at the Q&A session which Elaine did errr…not so good? But Elaine was cute as a button with the pink dress and she’s a Sabahan. I have no objection of her winning the title.

But if you notice the Miss Borneo Tourism Page, there’s been quite an argument about her winning the title. The comments made towards her was condescending, rude and hurtful by this particular person. I hope Miss Elaine will be patient with the critics and just do her best making Borneo proud at China. 

38985_415418716332_202045016332_5274116_4161422_n I don’t have any pictures of the winners but manage to snap this picture with Cassandra. I wanted to snap some pictures of Daphne Iking but she left quickly after the event ended and I again was too damn coward to ask her.

38985_415418726332_202045016332_5274118_6718973_n Of course cam whoring with Dewina. LOL

39936_415390351332_202045016332_5273497_1152392_n 38985_415418701332_202045016332_5274113_3590046_n 38985_415418731332_202045016332_5274119_7826058_n The pageant events was fun especially for Dewina, I hope she learn something from the pageant. I still don’t believe beauty pageant can help the environment though, to influenced people to be aware of our deteriorating environment takes a lot more that a beauty pageant.

We, ourselves must realize that our environment needs our help. Human done a lot to destroy the nature for their own need to survive, to be make things better but all that need to stop now. We gotten more than we wanted from this world there’s no need to destroy mother nature anymore. We are leading to our own destruction if we don’t stop what we are doing now.

Sabahan, you know what I mean! do visit this page in facebook. Say No to Coal in Sabah and the Kaiduan dam, don’t let them destroy our nature. Sabah is beautiful as it is with its own unique culture and of course the nature itself.

With that I end this post. I’m not a self proclaimed environmentalist but I do love nature very much. I’m doing my best for my part to create a better environment for the future.



Kadazan dusun language is human language, you FUCK FACE RACIST!!!


*Pictures without cyntacinta tags courtesy of Nancy Anthony and Psyce photography*

For more info do visit Miss Borneo Tourism Queen FaceBook Page and Miss Borneo Tourism Queen official website.


Meitzeu said...

Hi there! Dewina is sweet and pretty!
BTW, I like your post!

SuicideCandy said...

Thank you ;)

Rungitom said...

Miss Dewina will get her deserved title someday, I'm actually amazed that she could play Sompoton, just awesome. I bet no new gens people out there could play Sompoton well. And her dress fits her nicely, like it was made for her, hehe. Congratulations to her being the finalist

SuicideCandy said...

Thank u Tom ;)... I bet she'll get to be a queen one day.