Monday, August 2, 2010

The Kaison Massacre

It was a sunny Sunday when it happened. I was still nursing my hang over but I promised my mom that I would help her do it. At first I thought it was an easy task, I was a pro (or so I thought) and doing it will be like ordering McD value meal lunch. My mother as our captain ordered my sister and I to charge armless to the battle field. 

The only problem is…


We were never prepared for this!!!


Hundreds of people lining up or should I say huddling together in front of Kaison entrance at Centre Point. 1st August 2010 was the Grand Opening for Kaison. Kaison is a furnishing shop where you can furnish your home elegantly (I guess) in reasonable prices. I usually bought cute gifts and pillow case at Kaison.
   The Grand Opening offered very low price on certain items, a box of 2 cute glasses is sold for only RM0.59!!! Pillow case for only RM1.99!!! Multi Purpose cabinet for only RM30.00!!! Door Mat RM1.99!!! Plushie toys for RM0.59 and RM1.99. No wonder people were going crazy that day at Kaison. 


Inside… It was more terrifying. I feel like I’m in a shopping movie thriller where I have to buy EVERYTHING I can so I’ll be sole survivor.

People were snatching every offered items, some even took 10 or more, some like my mother recruit their whole family and the weaklings waited for the staff to refill or picked any broken items left. There was a catch though… offered items must not be more than 1 in a single receipt. 


You must be fast to snatch the items or else you only be seeing an empty bin. But if you’re lucky enough the people who bought more than 1 offer items will put the items back and it is back on sale.

A second late will cost you empty handed or had to buy some non offered items. Lucky, my mother had 3 little soldiers (my sister took her boyfriend along) to carry and snatch the items.


After fighting of every offer items, another battle begins. The fight to the cashier. 
It was a very very very long and unorganized line. We waited for almost an hour to reach the cashier. People were irritated and complained to the store manager. The security were incompetent and many people were cutting lines. 

The people lashed out their anger at the security, the short store manager trying hard to control the crowd. Which made the situation kind of funny, I imagine the store manager as a little rabbit where he have to control hundreds of cows with only help from a thin stork. But they manage to control the crowd anyway although it was easy to see they were trying hard to be polite tp us. The store manager did snapped at the cashier to scanned the items faster.

In the end… after almost 3 hour inside we exited the store safely and my mum’s Vitara is full with the stuff we bought. 

At home, I went straight to bed and continue my desperately needed slumber. After the party last Saturday I went home at 5am. YES 5am! It was a fun night and couldn’t wait to do it again. Maybe on the 6th after the Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant. 

After this will post the HENNESSY PARTY!!!


nc said...

wow..that bad kah? nasib baik i didnt go..hehe but still , i love kaison. :)

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... ya. sangat sesak n rebut2 lagi urang. Me 2... murah n cute2 brg dia.

Azli Razali said...

hai lets follow me

SuicideCandy said...

sure dude...

Aly89 said...

Wow, didn't expect that much people would serbu Kaison in CP...gonna check it out when I get back to KK!

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... yup, chck it out when you're in town. =)

Gallivanter said...

What mayhem! Should've carried a stink bomb with ya to throw! Haha!


SuicideCandy said...

what a good idea! i shoulda done that. damn!