Thursday, August 12, 2010


CAUTION: Contain inappropriate amounts of good looking men, this is not a movie review.

If I can switch my dream to reality that would be so fucking awesome. I always wanted my dream to be my reality because dream is much sweeter, more romantic and mysterious in every way than the reality. Reality usually boring and routinely that will lead sometimes to suicide. Because we want to escape Reality. 

"Dare you take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone." Saito.  


I just watch this movie approximately 3 hours ago and it was a total mind fuck. Everything about the movie is good, makes me believe that there’s a better world for me than this hell hole of a reality live in. But I’m just overreacting here and still star struck by Leonardo Dicaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy. If I had choose between the 3 of them… I’ll choose bigamy instead, yes I’m such a selfish bitch and I don’t fucking care. HONESTLY can you possibly choose between these hot guys?

leonardo-dicaprio-youngleonardo-dicaprioOnly aliens will not recognize this face. Leonardo Dicaprio. 

b-437816-Tom_Hardy1280179265-tom_hardy_shower Tom Hardy… Can you say HAWT!!!! I want to take a shower with him.

Joseph-Gordon-Levitt wi20010126_JosephGordonLevitt_Vespa_140214
Joseph Gordon Levitt stole my heart in 500 days of Summer and will haunt me in my dreams as Arthur in Inception. 

If I can build my own dream world (just like in Inception) I will make it a paradise of my own with these 3 guys to accompany me. I’ll erase all women (except for me) so I’ll be the women in the world, hence no competition for their affections. 

  Okay…Enough with my perverted sexual fantasy, lets focus on to the movie instead.
My review for this movie is 4.5 / 5 stars. I bet most of you have seen this movie and if you haven’t, well then do whatever you can to watch this. You may download it but in my honest opinion cinema is better for this movie. It is one of the most anticipating movie of the year. 


The movie is written, produced and also directed by Christopher Nolan the director of The Dark Knight (one my all time favorite movie). Inception is absolutely brilliant with complicated plots that doesn’t bore you to death but keeps you fascinated with it. In my case not only the movie fascinates me but the actors as well. 


I won’t reveal anything about the movie other than obviously its brilliant yet complicated. If you want to read a better review I suggest you click this link. But rather than reading the reviews which I assumed will only concludes that this movie is fucking awesome, better go watch it yourself. I guarantee that it won’t be a disappointment. 

  It’s a good movie for everyone to watch especially for girls because obviously good looking actors are in it and you’ll be guilt free ogling at them cause your bf/date will enjoy the movie as well unlike Twilight most guys (I knew) hate the movie. It’s a win win situation and if it’s your 1st date, you’ll have something to talk about, it won’t that be awkward.

I want to go back to sleep and dream about Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

P/S I should be in this picture instead of Claudia Schiffer
claudia-schiffer-and-joseph-gordon-levitt000173 Grrr… I feel like bitch slapping her right now. Love her hair tho. 


ken said...

haha.. rm6 is definitely worth the movie! =)

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... I watch it on movie day wat...

Nancy said...

cynta...jangan rebut leonardo dari ku....mata keranjang betul ko nih!!!!!

SuicideCandy said...

eee... sy silik2 sja bha. Sy plg suka Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Cath J said...

Got to watch the movie as well.. ^_^v

SuicideCandy said...

hope you enjoy it as well. :)

dreamChaser said...

i watched the movie :) brilliant!

SuicideCandy said...

:)... it is brilliant! ;)

Joey said...

i like Joseph Gordon Levitt too...he so sexy in a way

SuicideCandy said...

he really is sexy. :)

dhmail2004 said...

aww good review want to see it now, dont know how i missed it - hope there is a few nice birds in it to not just men!! though.