Monday, August 30, 2010

Everyday I see My dream

Theme Song of The Moment 


Please KK club DJs fucking please play this song. I don't wanna hear the same shit every fucking time the girls and I went clubbing. Even if we ditch the club and go somewhere else, it's the same fucking music.

Don't wanna bitch about this anymore. I apologize for lack of updates this few days. It's the weekend, of course I'm not gonna sit in front of my laptop. Again another hard partying with Nancy and Daisy, another week of good delicious food to entertain my taste buds. 
NO WINDOW SHOPPING for yours truly... 
Every fucking shop seems to have a BIG SALE sign and I just can't stop myself from buying things.  KK is pack with shoppers, cars and HOT a good weather for tanning session by the pool.

Will update more later... Right now, I'm off to lunch with my best girls and I gotta pick up a tekken addict from school. 

See ya soon. 

I is happy.

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