Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Art Of Mixing by Hennessy Artistry

31st July 2010 marked a new era for Kota Kinabalu clubbing scene. Sophisticated, wild and mesmerizing in short it was phenomenal. A perfect of combination good music with digital stimulations completed with Hennessy V.S.O.P drinks.  40045_143540939007277_100000541143063_322543_6467715_n

Hennessy Artistry came to our loveable Kota Kinabalu and gave us only the best entertainment at White Room, with free flow Hennessy V.S.O.P on the first few hours (9pm – 11pm) so all early “night” birds for the night can indulge a few drinks before hitting the dance floor full blast! Hennessy V.S.O.P presents Hennessey Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Citrus and Hennessy Berry to entertained our taste bud for the night. 

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Hennessy Artistry accentuate the Global Art of Mixing where they liberated our sound, view and taste. Party goers were given a chance to blend their own style not only through music and art but taste as well.

On the red carpet area party goers get to be their own DJ and try out the Hennessy digital art mixing. The best DJ mix and digital art could win some prices and will be featured at the Hennessy website. My pathetic digital art sure won’t win, so potential winner you got 1 party people out of the winning list. At the lounge area, party goers can mix their own drink for their own pleasure. 

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Nancy, Daisy and Amy tried out the DJ booth. I didn’t get to try it out (T_T) because we thought the party were going to start and rushed inside so that we won’t miss a thing. But what we didn’t realize was…

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Joe Flizzow!!!! was right behind us while we were watching Nancy the DJ. I shoulda taken his photo that night! It was my only chance because inside everyone wanted to take photo with him and I FUCKING MISSED IT!!! But no worries I’m not really a fan of him…

40452_143541899007181_100000541143063_322571_2304719_nA picture of our entertainer that night, Sona One, DJ Sierra Lee and Joe Flizzow. If I were that desperate and star struck I would photoshop this picture.LMAO But I’m not in denial here people, I miss my chance but I won’t photoshop myself like this and it is badly edited! I don’t know who the hell done this to MY PICTURE!!! This is a disgrace to my image and of course to Joe. Why would anyone do this. Now people will think I’m dating Joe and FYI I’m not… okay… So don’t ever publish this in any gossip magazine around, please. I don’t need paparazzi following my every move.


We felt like celebrities ourselves too, you know (LOL). We got a chance to record a shout out “We love Hennessy” *pause and big smile* with this hot looking VJ although I dunno who she is but she is very beautiful. After the video record (which I did quite clumsily), we were swarm by photographers and felt like the Pussycat dolls for a second. LOL



blog 6 copy 2 Saw this hot looking photographer on the red carpet. LOL. Bagi can la I puji diri sendiri.

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Thanks to Hennessy Artistry, Nancy and I were able to get media passes to the event. There’s even a VIP area for bloggers which is great but we prefer to be closer to the dance floor. We only spend about a minute at the VIP area and hear the dance floor calling us. You simply can’t ignore the calling… Girls just gotta have fun! blog 19 copy 2

The music makes me forget all my woes. Thanks to sexy DJ Sierra Lee for the non stop beats and of course Sona One for entertaining us. *Put Your Hands UP In The Air* Yeah… People put your fucking hands up in the air!!!

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blog 12 copy 2 Made some new friends on the dance floor. The dance floor is right in front of the DJ booth so it’s the best place to loose yourself to the music. Let the music lead your body. Even if you can’t dance, a club is the best place to shake it because people won’t care all they want is the music either way most of them aren’t sober enough to realize you dance like a duck. 

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And Guess who dance with us that night?

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The one and only Joe Flizzow. He just slips between us and start grooving. Actually I wasn’t there at the scene, I was gonna join them and saw Joe Flizzow so I frantically searching for my camera. Forgot that I already put the dslr in the car and found my digital camera a bit too late. 

Whiteroom gets even hotter when DVJ G Mix is in the house. Mixing dope beats with hypnotic visual that totally blow our minds away, literally. 

40579_143543439007027_100000541143063_322628_428202_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAblog 25 It kept us dancing for hours even though my feet are killing me. DVJ G Mix changed the atmosphere right away, from the lights, music and visual that oddly reminds me of winamp visualization but better. DVJ G Mix video mixes is so hypnotic, I like the way he mix it with the music video and winamp visualization. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


When the night comes to an end… We head home with smiles on our face even though we were so tired. It was an amazing night for us, Hennessy Artistry truly define the Art of Mixing.   blog 9 copy 2

I wished that the night will never end, wished that the sun won’t rise and ushered us home. But it did… and I end the night by throwing away my 5 inch heels at the backseat and walk bare footed to my bed.  


Take it, take it… love me, love me.

*Pictures without cyntacinta tags courtesy of WhiteRoom’s facebook profile and Nerdy Lens*

p/s : Thank You again Hennessy Artistry for choosing our beautiful Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for the first ever Hennessy Artistry event in East Malaysia and of course giving me the privilege to be a part of The Global Art of Mixing event. =)


Almost miss posting this picture. I so so so lllooovvveeee this sculpture. I want a body like that!


Rungitom said...

Owh I love the sculpture too, and this is a start of a new club scene in KK.

SuicideCandy said...

hohoho... yup, that is one cool sculpture.

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

siiiiit betul sia that night! I forgot to bring along my camera as I was rushing out to beat the drizzling rain! I only had a pitiful excuse of camera phone :-(

SuicideCandy said...

tiapa yg penting enjoy e2 mlm... LOL

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

LOL! Scrolling through the pics for the second time, I just realized that me and my cousin were the girls at the mixing counter! (picture no. 7)