Monday, August 30, 2010

Everyday I see My dream

Theme Song of The Moment 


Please KK club DJs fucking please play this song. I don't wanna hear the same shit every fucking time the girls and I went clubbing. Even if we ditch the club and go somewhere else, it's the same fucking music.

Don't wanna bitch about this anymore. I apologize for lack of updates this few days. It's the weekend, of course I'm not gonna sit in front of my laptop. Again another hard partying with Nancy and Daisy, another week of good delicious food to entertain my taste buds. 
NO WINDOW SHOPPING for yours truly... 
Every fucking shop seems to have a BIG SALE sign and I just can't stop myself from buying things.  KK is pack with shoppers, cars and HOT a good weather for tanning session by the pool.

Will update more later... Right now, I'm off to lunch with my best girls and I gotta pick up a tekken addict from school. 

See ya soon. 

I is happy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Delightful Dinner

Last week was awesome, good food, good music and of course being around with good friends. Well in my case, my aunt and cousins :).

Since I’ve been to 2 good restaurant last week, I shall now review the food and service (*insert suspense music here*). I admit it that I’m not exactly a food connoisseur but even a commoner like me knows when the food is good or not.

Everyone knows this place at KK, it’s a popular joint for people to hangout, drink  and probably dinner as well. I’ve been to this place a lot time before, usually to hang out and drink good cold beer. I’ve been warned many times before that the food there is awful and I never really bother to order food there since the price is a tad bit expensive for me.  

Upperstar Grill and Bar, ring a bell? It’s situated near to the Segama, Burger King with branches at Lintas and Damai. I’m absolutely sure KK people know this place.

First before the food…the Cam whoring session.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With my beautiful aunt whom many will look at me with disbelief when I told them she’s my aunt.


My uncle and his lovely wife.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wonder if Ed’s work environment similar to the painting at the back.


Dim lighting, probably to set up a romantic relaxing mood but the music is playing noisy pop hits so bad combination. A dangerous place to pick up girls/guys they might look very different in real lighting.

The service, quite pleasant enough although there’s a few rude waiter. I certainly don’t appreciate being peeked while I’m walking up the stairs and also I find it is rude talking out loud about me. 

On to the food… The price is quite reasonable for a place like Upperstar of course a few more RM on the price but I’m satisfied. Of course I’m not paying for the dinner (I already mention more than 100 times how dirt poor I am), Nancy (my aunt) treated us for dinner that night. Thank You!!! You’re the Best!!!

    My dinner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALamb Chop only RM14.50 and it taste quite okay. I tasted better lamb chop, will blog about that place some time soon.

Nancy and I picked the same meal and we were satisfied with it, although it was a bit too much for us. We couldn’t finished the steak.

My uncle pick was a well done beef tenderloin for the night. Asian rarely pick rare or medium when it comes to steak. 


Looks yummy!!! The potato wedges is yummy and don’t be fooled by the tenderloin’s size it’s actually quite fulfilling. Cost only RM22.90.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  When it comes to food, it’s a matter of survival, desire and satisfaction. LOL… I know it’s lame… but that’s what popped into my mind when I looked at this picture. LOL

And Guess what Amy (my uncle’s wife) picked?


Sirloin steak… Cost only RM19.95…

To be honest I don’t really know the difference between Lamb chop, sirloin or tenderloin. Being Asian I am rather clueless about the difference, all I know that it’s a steak and it looks almost the same except for the name. So I google it and look what I found out about it;

A beef tenderloin, known as an eye fillet in New Zealand and Australia, filet in France and fillet in England, is cut from the loin of beef. As with all quadrupeds, the tenderloin refers to the psoas major muscle anterior to the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae, near the kidneys. This muscle does very little work, so it is the most tender part of the beef. The tenderloin can either be cut for roasts or for steaks. Tenderloins from steers and heifers are most common at retail, but those from cows are common in foodservice applications, such as less expensive steakhouses.

The sirloin steak is a beef steak cut from the rear back portion of the animal, continuing off the short loin from which T-bone, porterhouse, and club steaks are cut.

A meat chop is a cut of meat cut perpendicularly to the spine, and usually containing a rib or riblet part of a vertebra and served as an individual portion. The most common kinds of meat chops are pork and lamb. A thin boneless chop, or one with only the rib bone, may be called a cutlet, though the difference is not always clear. The term "chop" is not usually used for beef, but a T-bone steak is essentially a loin chop, and a rib steak a rib chop.

source: wikipedia

Next time I’m going to a steakhouse, I am no longer clueless about the menu. I won’t be bothering Ed with silly questions.

We ended the night after a lengthy conversation about how we would design a restaurant. Nancy actually came up a pretty good idea about it. Hopefully in the future we can make it happen and I’ll be inviting all of you to dine there.

Man, this post really made me hungry… I haven’t eaten anything yet since this morning. Owh well… I better go and make myself an instant noodle lunch. See you guys around…



p/s: went to Fresco for dinner the next day, will blog about it later.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear little monkey…

6 years ago, a baby boy came into our world and with him, he brought along much needed happiness to our family and tighten our bond. The empty space in our hearts filled with his laughter, joy and sadness. From that moment on I know our life will never be the same again. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Happy Birthday sweet brother of mine, Genesis Raphael!!!

My youngest brother getting older by the year, recently was his 6th birthday and this year, 3 years in a row he had 3 birthday party with 3 birthday cake (6333?!! after this I’ll go buy this number). He was born on the 17th of August on the year of the monkey and this little monkey boy grown up to be one witty 6 year old. 

    His birthday party has different set of guests, first party is exclusively for family only, 2nd will be for his school friend and the 3rd party is with his homies aka kids around the neighborhood. So you can imagine how hectic that will be, it wasn’t easy to organized 3 birthday party in a row in a short amount of time.

The 1st party = Party with the family members usually are easy to organize, just called or text, pick a good place to dine and a good cake.

And this year we picked Pizza Hut 1 Borneo (A BAD CHOICE but the birthday boy wanted to visit toys R us after the dinner). A small party compare to last year :( but at least the birthday monkey get want he wants. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Guess what he gets for his birthday? I know most of you typically will guess toys and a friend of mine asked me on facebook whether I treated my brother at mcdonald’s… and the answer is NO to toys or mcdonald’s treat.

The monkey demanded asked his older siblings RM50 each. Yes… MONEY. He’s such an opportunist brat and he DOUBLE the price with my parents RM100 each. But my other brother manage to dodge this wretched deal by buying him a Bumble Bee toy during his holiday at Taiwan. Meanwhile the monkey made a slight error when he signed his deal with mother dearest. He promise not to asked my mum to buy toys before his birthday, so the deal is every time he asked his birthday money allowance will be cut. By the time of his birthday his expenses has been cut down to RM50. Poor monkey… but that’s what you get when you signed the deal with the queen. LOL

     Monkey happily received RM150 for his birthday and bought himself Ultraman Legend418QNCC1PKL._SL500_AA300_ and a mini Optimus Prime toy, optimus-prime-20thanniv2  all that cost him only RM60++. He plan to save his money to buy a play station so he can play tekken all day. I’m worried about his obsession over this game tho.


I believe he’ll be severely addicted to this game if no one in my family intervene with it.

On to the 2nd partay… At his kindergarten.

This is actually my favorite party and it’s even easier to organize than the family party. A good cake and just inform the teacher, you’ll be coming at recess.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We picked Mango cake for him this year. Since that is his favorite drink and food of all time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can see from the pictures how excited the kids were. I don’t understand why kids are always fascinated with cakes. I don’t even remember why I like it that much when I was a kid.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA When the birthday song ends and birthday boy blow off his candles (before anyone else try to blow it off), everyone shakes his hand wishing him a very happy birthday.

Kids can be so adorable sometimes.

3rd and final party.

This one quite tricky to organize. We never sent invitations and yet kids from all around the neighborhood seems to be coming. There’s no exact time when will the party start or end. Kids keep coming even after monkey blew his birthday candles. The only way to inform there’s a party at our place is verbally. Monkey will tell his best friend who lives next door and conveniently monkey’s best friend have lots of siblings. The information then will be pass along. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This picture doesn’t do justice how hectic our house was that day. It started slow with only 6 guests and end up with 15 guests in our cramped living room.

All I can say is THAT WAS ONE HECTIC NIGHT. Kids running around, asking for this and that, Ultraman on TV at full volume and not to mention the unfinished food lying around and someone even stepped on it accidently.

Imagine the MESS we had to clean up afterwards.


But another year of successful party for us. There’s a mix feelings seeing my brother growing up right in front of my eyes. I wish he’ll be 6 forever but that would be cruel and ridiculous. I know sooner or later he’ll be embarrassed to even hold my hand in public and let me hug him. He won’t be asking for piggy back rides anymore and he’s already too big to fit in the shopping cart.

huu… I’ll cherish every moment I got with him before he’ll turn into an obnoxious teenager and will only meet me for extra money. LOL


We R Family!

p/s: I’m the eldest of 4 siblings and I’m 18 years older than my youngest brother.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Gospel of Luke by Bruce Kuhn


As I promise you, I present to the readers (who’ve been nice enough to visit this blog) Bruce Kuhn, a man with such talent to entertained us about the story of Jesus. Sorry it took so long, I’ve been on a long ongoing battle with Dr Evil Flu and his disciples Hot Head Fever for the whole week. (Plus was busy organizing my brother’s birthday and some social activity which of course will be featured exclusively here… lol).

The event was held at the Sacred’s Heart Church Hall on the 14th August 2010 & 15th August 2010. The fee admission was only RM10 and RM5 for student.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  So it’s affordable and even got a student discount which is a hurrah for me. LOL.

I didn’t actually paid for my tickets though, my parents did. They force asked me to tagged along and surely I can’t say NO to my lovely mother *wink2*. The  night got even merrier when HAWT cousin Daisy and aunt Annie joined us.



The show was scheduled to start at 8pm but was delayed for 15 minutes for the crowd to entered the hall. I saw Bruce Kuhn discussing with some of the technical staff and the MC. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It was a full house, this picture is taken from our seat which is wa___y back and if you notice the picture is slightly cropped on the left because our view were block by this big ass pillar.

   8.15pm when everyone is finally seated, the MC start off with a funny introduction about Mr Bruce Kuhn. She emphasizes just like in the poster that Mr Bruce Kuhn is a Broadway actor but the funny thing is she seems clueless about the Broadway show which she claimed “supposed to be popular”. Mr Bruce Kuhn is one of the actor in Les Miserables (-_-“)… Les Miserables people!!! It’s not suppose to be popular, IT IS POPULAR!!! Anyway Mr Bruce Kuhn played as Montparnase in the show.

After a brief speech from the Archbishop, the show start. To be honest I don’t really know what to expect of the show. P8140105This photo resulted from my olympus digital camera. As you can see it’s not a good picture. I again blame the distance, it’s too fucking far to zoom. I hate myself at that moment for not borrowing the dslr.

The Gospel of Luke is about Jesus Christ is the third and longest of the four canonical Gospels. It begins with the birth of Christ and his resurrection so it’s quite a long story that will probably put you to sleep before the end. I admit that I’m not exactly a fan of the bible, I’ve read it now and then since kindergarten.

But throughout the show not once did I look at my watch hoping that it will end soon. Bruce Kuhn enthusiastic performance succeeded in making everyone stay put on their seat. It’s like watching, hearing a new story altogether and it’s funny. I really like the way Bruce Kuhn performed the Gospel of Luke mixing it with a hint of comedy. With only the spotlight on him, he stands alone delivering the Gospel of Luke in his own way. P8140128My father was really impressed with him, Bruce Kuhn memorized word for word from the Bible. There’s not a moment where he hesitated or paused to think, (except when he needs to drink ) he only took 15 minutes break. The show lasted for an hour and a half (more or less) and I’m proud to say not a waste of money (even though it’s not my money). If the Sunday summons is anything like this, I will definitely looking forward going to mass.

Although I’m sad to say that I missed his second show. I really wanted to go but already had plans but I bet the show is as enthusiastic and inspiring. If Malaysian’s actors can act half as good like Bruce Kuhn, there’s probably chances I’ll be watching local film in the cinema. 

owh… and before I end this post lemme show you HAWT cousin Daisy ;)

41234_423373333350_529273350_4561437_3328474_n Every time I look at her, she reminds me of Neyo’s Independent Girl. She really is an independent girl.


Trying to be Miss Independent.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Porn in 3D

Every time I connect to the internet via Digi Broadband, firefox will automatically open myinternet which is a Digi website where you can find the latest info about Digi products etc… and of course the daily news. Usually the most viewed headlines will pop on the news section.

Today, Malaysian choose to picked this headline : “HK Director goes 3D in porn movie”. There’s much more shocking headlines before but I’m not surprised why this is in the most viewed.

Porn… I believe everyone knows what porn is, as our Sabahan slang usually called it BF (Blue Film). Until now I still doesn’t understand what is so blue about porn. Can anyone care to explain me why we (Sabahan) called it blue film? I dunno if other states in Malaysia has the same nickname like ours for porn, but if you do kindly explain please… 

Anyway the Hong Kong Director aspire to become the first person in the world to release a 3D erotic movie. The title for the movie is, -D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. It’s about a young men being introduced to obscene world of a duke.

It’s a RM12.4 million porn!!! Which starring none other than famous Japanese porn star Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara. The movie is schedule to be released next year.

  I not exactly a fan of porn films but I’ll be lying if I said I haven’t seen one. Porn in 3D isn’t that a bit… I dunno… weird? in some way… It would be really weird wearing the 3D glasses watching someone doing a blowjob and sexual intercourse. And it’s an Asian porn film… You can expect lots of hairiness around the genitals and if it’s film around the 20s or 50s then the ladies armpits won’t be shave. People will be seeing HAIR in the wrong places but if that’s your preference then you’ll probably enjoy the porn film.

Here’s pictures of the actresses mentioned. Don’t worry the pictures are relatively PG13.

images Yukiko Suosaori_hara Saori Hara

The actresses is hawwwttt although I do wonder if their face and breast are real. Plastic surgery are so common and popular nowadays, especially in the entertainment industry, you have to expect a bit modification of them.

I can name a few of my guy friends that will be excited about the movie. Too bad that our beloved Malaysia won’t be showing porn in our cinema anytime soon, cancel that make that… NEVER EVER. We can sleep in peace knowing that this movie won’t be showing up here. LOL



It’s kinda ironic though that other than this is listed as most viewed there’s another headlines saying that ‘Porn a major reason behind baby dumping’.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blessed Sunday

I don't feel bless at all. But at least I am still alive. 
Sorry, I've been MIA for the past few days and I blame it all on this book :

I've been so engrossed in this book that I've forgotten the world around me. I haven't yet start a review on this book but it's a best selling book so you can just type the title and google it. 

There's already a movie about it, it's in Swedish though so haven't found a suitable movie with subtitles. The heroine in this book is just fucking cool. I wish I can be like her but I'm never gonna be so... hello reality.
I'm so gonna download this movie. This is the heroine of the book, the girl with the dragon tattoo; Lisbeth Salander. I already read the movie review and apparently just as awesome as the book. The book is a trilogy, I just finish the 1st one... I hope I can dupe my mum or Ed into buying me the other 2.

News about my pathetic life. 

1. I just got conned by DIGI or to be more exact by a Topup store selling Digi reload coupon. I lost RM30... for an invalid voucher number. Which the reload coupon is still intact with its plastic cover and haven't been scratch when I bought it. 

2. My breakfast this morning consist of fried noodles, fried egg, sausage and A BIG FAT FLY. Never will I step my foot on the restaurant ever again. 

So that leaves me RM30 poorer and tummy ache. FUCK MY LIFE!!!! 

I'm trying to stay positive and as my father said " Maksud dia ada nasib bagus maw datang". Hopefully... 
Trying my best to live life the fullest. 

p/s : Yesterday I attended a one man performances by Bruce Kuhn,  very enthusiastic performance. Will blog about it later.


I'm so glad.. it might be a blessed Sunday after all! I just arrive home from the topup store, turns out my topup voucher is still available and can be use tomorrow. Hopefully what the nice salesgirl say is true or I'll turn into Lisbeth Salander and kick her ass.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


CAUTION: Contain inappropriate amounts of good looking men, this is not a movie review.

If I can switch my dream to reality that would be so fucking awesome. I always wanted my dream to be my reality because dream is much sweeter, more romantic and mysterious in every way than the reality. Reality usually boring and routinely that will lead sometimes to suicide. Because we want to escape Reality. 

"Dare you take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone." Saito.  


I just watch this movie approximately 3 hours ago and it was a total mind fuck. Everything about the movie is good, makes me believe that there’s a better world for me than this hell hole of a reality live in. But I’m just overreacting here and still star struck by Leonardo Dicaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy. If I had choose between the 3 of them… I’ll choose bigamy instead, yes I’m such a selfish bitch and I don’t fucking care. HONESTLY can you possibly choose between these hot guys?

leonardo-dicaprio-youngleonardo-dicaprioOnly aliens will not recognize this face. Leonardo Dicaprio. 

b-437816-Tom_Hardy1280179265-tom_hardy_shower Tom Hardy… Can you say HAWT!!!! I want to take a shower with him.

Joseph-Gordon-Levitt wi20010126_JosephGordonLevitt_Vespa_140214
Joseph Gordon Levitt stole my heart in 500 days of Summer and will haunt me in my dreams as Arthur in Inception. 

If I can build my own dream world (just like in Inception) I will make it a paradise of my own with these 3 guys to accompany me. I’ll erase all women (except for me) so I’ll be the women in the world, hence no competition for their affections. 

  Okay…Enough with my perverted sexual fantasy, lets focus on to the movie instead.
My review for this movie is 4.5 / 5 stars. I bet most of you have seen this movie and if you haven’t, well then do whatever you can to watch this. You may download it but in my honest opinion cinema is better for this movie. It is one of the most anticipating movie of the year. 


The movie is written, produced and also directed by Christopher Nolan the director of The Dark Knight (one my all time favorite movie). Inception is absolutely brilliant with complicated plots that doesn’t bore you to death but keeps you fascinated with it. In my case not only the movie fascinates me but the actors as well. 


I won’t reveal anything about the movie other than obviously its brilliant yet complicated. If you want to read a better review I suggest you click this link. But rather than reading the reviews which I assumed will only concludes that this movie is fucking awesome, better go watch it yourself. I guarantee that it won’t be a disappointment. 

  It’s a good movie for everyone to watch especially for girls because obviously good looking actors are in it and you’ll be guilt free ogling at them cause your bf/date will enjoy the movie as well unlike Twilight most guys (I knew) hate the movie. It’s a win win situation and if it’s your 1st date, you’ll have something to talk about, it won’t that be awkward.

I want to go back to sleep and dream about Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

P/S I should be in this picture instead of Claudia Schiffer
claudia-schiffer-and-joseph-gordon-levitt000173 Grrr… I feel like bitch slapping her right now. Love her hair tho. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant

I’m proud to announce that Dewina Petrus Guriting didn’t won Miss Borneo Tourism pageant. Which is a disappointment but no worries, there’s always other pageants and of course our beloved Unduk Ngadau contest. At least Dewina is not being a sore loser about it, unlike some people.

DSC_0085 copy 2 But my dearest cousin is still the fairest of them all… at least in my opinion and also her fans. LOL… Dewina has her own facebook fan club, do click like for more info about her and of course pictures of her from the Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant. I’ll give you guys the link in case you wanna check it out : DEWINA FANCLUB.

We attended (the avid supporters) almost all of the Miss Borneo Tourism events. The Special Appearance at Cock&Bull (30th July 2010), Talent Night at Shenanigans Hyatt and of course the Grand Gala Night. We supported her all through the pageant although she didn’t win the title or Miss Popular (although she did ranked number 3 in the sms vote), we know she did her best. So on her behalf I would like to thanks all my friends that voted for her.  


39123_148815458462442_100000019656609_461991_8289851_nDSC_0183 copy 2  Dewina and Cassandra. Both hot looking women and Cassandra is very TALL. She’s not even wearing heels in this picture and she’s still taller than Dewina which if I stand beside her, I will look like a gnome.

There were only 5 contestants at the special appearance, all from Sabah the other 5 finalist gone back to Sarawak but they flew back just in time for the Talent Night on the 31st of July 2010.

Dewina picked Sompoton as her talent for the night. Sompoton is a traditonal kadazan dusun musical instrument. It’s not easy to play this instrument you gotta blow hard!!! LOL. Anyway here’s some info about SOMPOTON. 

blog 1


I love this picture of her. Looking so poise and elegant.


blog 3blog 4blog 2We barely made it to the talent show, as you’ve read my previous entry we’ve been invited to the Hennessy Artistry event so that particular night was kinda hectic for us. Switching from one venue to another. But Dewina did quite good job with the sompoton of course some help from her pageant sisters (is that the right word to put it? LOL). Unfortunately some ignorant people doesn’t understand the art of sompoton. Others I assumed did better or worse, the talent show was won by Miss Elaine Audrey Lee with her hip hop performance. We missed it though, no one can be in 2 places at the same time.

Then, on to the Grand Gala Night. Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant’s Grand Gala Night was held at Kimanis Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Hotel. The theme for the night was glam which I think we (only the 3 of us manage to come Nancy, Daisy and I) manage to pull it off considering the amount of time we had.

38985_415418706332_202045016332_5274114_1347041_n All of us in black and Dewina in white wearing a beautiful gown from wedding couture (if I’m not mistaken).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Our view was blocked my a group of VIPs in front of our table.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHence my pathetic pictures. But couldn’t really blame them though, I used my olympus digi cam for the night and it was running out of battery.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  All the contestants look beautiful and glamorous at the Grand Gala Night. My favorite dress for the night would be what Chloe wore. I like the detail on the dress, the perfect dress that I imagine wearing at my wedding in another 10 years from now. LOL

38985_415418721332_202045016332_5274117_41364_n But the most unique dress for the night was what Dewina wore. It was so dazzling and Wiwin look very beautiful in it.

When Daphe Iking (Yes, forgot to mentioned Daphe Iking was the hostess for the night, no wonder the ticket price reach to RM400 per person) announce the top 5, we were really disappointed Dewina didn’t make it. The top 5 were Samantha, Elaine, Marlene, Janet and Eliza.

Elaine Audrey Lee crowned as the new Miss Borneo Tourism Pageant, 1st runner up was Jannet Bennet and 2nd runner up is Marlene Lim. I admit that I was surprised that Elaine won, I was betting on Janet to win the title. I thought Janet was beautiful and did quite good at the Q&A session which Elaine did errr…not so good? But Elaine was cute as a button with the pink dress and she’s a Sabahan. I have no objection of her winning the title.

But if you notice the Miss Borneo Tourism Page, there’s been quite an argument about her winning the title. The comments made towards her was condescending, rude and hurtful by this particular person. I hope Miss Elaine will be patient with the critics and just do her best making Borneo proud at China. 

38985_415418716332_202045016332_5274116_4161422_n I don’t have any pictures of the winners but manage to snap this picture with Cassandra. I wanted to snap some pictures of Daphne Iking but she left quickly after the event ended and I again was too damn coward to ask her.

38985_415418726332_202045016332_5274118_6718973_n Of course cam whoring with Dewina. LOL

39936_415390351332_202045016332_5273497_1152392_n 38985_415418701332_202045016332_5274113_3590046_n 38985_415418731332_202045016332_5274119_7826058_n The pageant events was fun especially for Dewina, I hope she learn something from the pageant. I still don’t believe beauty pageant can help the environment though, to influenced people to be aware of our deteriorating environment takes a lot more that a beauty pageant.

We, ourselves must realize that our environment needs our help. Human done a lot to destroy the nature for their own need to survive, to be make things better but all that need to stop now. We gotten more than we wanted from this world there’s no need to destroy mother nature anymore. We are leading to our own destruction if we don’t stop what we are doing now.

Sabahan, you know what I mean! do visit this page in facebook. Say No to Coal in Sabah and the Kaiduan dam, don’t let them destroy our nature. Sabah is beautiful as it is with its own unique culture and of course the nature itself.

With that I end this post. I’m not a self proclaimed environmentalist but I do love nature very much. I’m doing my best for my part to create a better environment for the future.



Kadazan dusun language is human language, you FUCK FACE RACIST!!!


*Pictures without cyntacinta tags courtesy of Nancy Anthony and Psyce photography*

For more info do visit Miss Borneo Tourism Queen FaceBook Page and Miss Borneo Tourism Queen official website.