Friday, July 9, 2010

yeah... sometimes I like to eat myself too.

Cannibalism. Ring a bell? Will you ever eat another human being? I mean seriously think about it when you're stuck in a situation without any source of food, would you rather be eaten by your friends or eat them?  Tough choice eh?...

 This guy is one of the most famous cannibal and a self proclaimed 'Godfather of Cannibals'. 
He loves to eat beautiful young women especially Caucasian, although I believe he only eaten human once and it wasn't even for survival. I mean I can understand if it's for survival but to absorb someone's energy is totally ridiculous and revolting. Issei Sagawa claims that because he's ugly, short and weak, he wanted to absorb Renee Hertevelt's energy by eating her. Well he is ugly and short (only 5ft tall, I'm even taller than him). 

Issei Sagawa killed a fellow student Renee Hartevelt back on June 11, 1981, he was 32 at the time a student of french literature. He invited Renee to his apartment for poetry reading, while Renee is reading (tape recorded by Sagawa) he shoots her at the back with a rifle, killing her instantly. He then undress her and start the monstrous act by starting with the behind. He even had sex with the corpse and after butchering and picking which of the body parts he likes ( he claimed that breast doesn't taste good, too greasy), he then dumps the body in a remote lake. But thank god, somebody witness it and report it to the police.

Even though he was captured for his sadistic crime, he didn't serve jail time. His father who is apparently a wealthy man hired a top notch lawyer, the french judge Jean-Louis Bruguières found that he was legally insane and unfit to stand trial. He was admitted to a French asylum but on 1985 he was sent back to Japan where he was transferred to Matsuzawa Hospital. The hospital superintendent declared that Issei is sane but evil and should be in prison. But due to lacked of certain important papers, the Japanese authorities could not prosecute him. Issei Sagawa checked himself out of the mental institution on August 12, 1986 and now he's a free man.

 Yup, he's walking freely on the street and even enjoyed his fame. He even made his crime more famous by writing a book about it and not to mention he's a freelance artist of nude paintings. I've read somewhere that he also made his crime into a manga and appeared in some porn movie.  

He was documented in History Channel show titled "Strange Rituals" discussing cannibalism. In the show he admitted his preference for women's behind and under an assumed name some women would even pose naked for him. His death wish would be a young attractive Caucasian women to eat him.  

Here's some links for more info
You should read his confession, it made me sick how detailed he describe the murderous act.

So back to the subject... would I eat another human being?
In desperate time I think I would and I rather be eaten by someone I love. I bet if Edmond would eat me I would be one delicious meal (insert evil lough here). But I could never kill a living although I do regularly killed mosquitoes and ants, only because they're pest and I'm guilty of wishing extinction for rats.

Gawd... I can't believe this entry actually made me hungry. 


Tantinny said...

this is totally WTF.

Nancy said...

Cynta,nice layout. la tu perempuan yang dia makan. kimak.

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... it's a WTF alright. tengkiu... ya... 2 la klu sy 2 perempuan, sy benci betul klu sy kena makan ole urg begitu, bida lg 2. kimak...LOL

Liz ^^, said...

OMG, that is so freakin' geli weiiii. Some people are just SICK. Reallyyyyy sick ! *ugh*

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... ya... mimang geli... dun know why they want to do it on the 1st place.

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