Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The sushi business

Good morning ladies and Gentleman, today’s menu is sushi.

I HEART SUSHI!!! and I believe it’s healthier to eat sushi than eating fast food(which is one of my regular food), nasi lemak (Gawd, nasi lemak at Gaya Street is the best! will blog about later), lamb chop, pork chop, chicken chop all that chops… Not good and the most important factor is THE FOOD IS FATTENING!

I’m a sucker when it comes to diet. The 1st day will go on smoothly but the 3rd day you can see me eating all fried food, nugget, sausage, eggs, anything that I can fry and to top that up, I’ll add some cheese on top of my fried delicacies with my butter rice. That is why I’m always this fat. Thanks to my bapa tho for buying that strider machine and dumbbell, now I can start working out.

But sushi is another thing. I only started eating em’ when my sister (the gorgeous Joanne) bought a pack of it and ignite my passion for sushi. But due to money and most of my friends thinks it’s odd to eat sushi and Ed is a sushi hater. I rarely eat this. My chance to devour it will only be if my ever so generous parents and my sushi loving sister will let me join them for some sushi.   

Because I believe that sushi is good for us, I googled the benefits and lemme tell you that sushi haters be prepare to love Sushi.

1.  Sushi is low in calories

2.  Sushi as also been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and arterial clogging

3.  Sushi can prevent mental illness

4.  Sushi can help with depression

5.  Sushi helps in keeping your blood sugar levels at a healthy range.

6.  Sushi is known to help boost the immune system
7.  Sushi includes the fat necessary to your diet

8.  Rice (which is the literal translation of the word "sushi," often confused to be mean "raw fish") is high in fiber, and it is often enriched with vitamins and minerals. 

9.  Vegetables used in sushi provide dietary fiber and vitamins

10.  Nori (the Japanese name for various edible seaweed used in sushi) is fat free and contains several vitamins including A and B

11.  Fish can significantly lessen the likeliness to develop Alzheimer’s disease

12.  Fish tends to be healthier than meats, with a lower fat content and an assortment of nutritionally valuable vitamins and minerals

13.  Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are good fats and they protect the nervous system and provides Vitamin D and proteins

source : CLICK THIS-->LINK<---
Sorry about the rice info tho, Asian already know the benefits of rice. I like the info about mental illness. LOL
To the people who never seen sushi before (poor you)… I present you endless pictures of sushi. Yes, you may copy the picture as you please.
P6250046 P6250044
FACT: I can’t eat wasabi… too spicy and hot for my wimpy taste buds.
And some Dory fish served with rice, fried veggies. Heard a rumor that Dory fish is apparently not good for us, so again I googled it and found the website and it scares the shit outta me. Because one of my favorite meal is Fish and chips!
  Owh nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! But been eating dory fish for ages now and nothing seem wrong with me.
So I hope some of the sushi haters (especially Ed) will change their mind after this. Eating healthy foods will ensure to make ugly fats stay away.  

Anyone please treat me to a sushi lunch/dinner.
Btw… that’s my sister. Thanks for the sushi treat! Lurve ya bebeh!!! Lain kali, ko belanja lg sy kio.


Hazwan said...

waaa...sushi, first time makan rasa loya sebab tak biasa ngan seaweed

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... tapi bila bnyk kali suda... maw makan lagi. LOL... sy pun dulu x pndi mkn seaweed.

Bibilui said...

Hi! facts that you wrote about sushi maybe true but sushi does bring you alot of calories when you over eat it because sushi rice base has more starch compare to any other rice.. and i think its okie for us to eat more maki or any rice base sushi that tops with cooked ingredient such as tamago, crab sticks and a few to name but it is advisable not to eat too many of Raw sushi especially those which tops with salmon and tuna because it may contains 'things' that we couldn't see with our rough eye... anyhoo... i still enjoy eating sushi as much as you did!

SuicideCandy said...

Well I didn't actually write it. It was from the website I've linked on the bottom of the info. LOL... Thanks for the extra info. =)