Friday, July 30, 2010

Play along with Us

Tomorrow's a Big night for Kota Kinabalu. 2 major events in 1 night! 
So what's your choice? I'll be going to both with my best girls.

Right now... I'm feel like going WOOHOO
Have a listen to Christina Aguilera latest single with Nicki Minaj...
and You'll know what I'm talking about...

You Know You Really Wanna (HEY) , Wanna Tasty My ,
You Know You Wanna Get a Peak Wanna See My ,
You Wanna Put Your Lips Where Hips Are , Kiss On My , All Over My ,
All The Boys Think Its Cake When They Taste My ,
You Dont Even need A Plate , just Your face Ha !
Licky Licky Yum Yum With a Great Guy ,
Now kiss On My (ha) All Over My (ha) ,
K Kiss On My , All Over My ...

5 wild beautiful Girls will be release out tomorrow night (FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!).They've been known to set parties on fire literally. If you see them... Don't be shy, they won't bite although they've been known as men eater...   

Everybody lets feast your eyes on the convicts. If you manage to capture them tomorrow there's a reward waiting for you.

I'm feeling bad and I like it so play along with us this Saturday. Unleash the dark side and party like it's the end of the world. 



Nancy said...

nice choice of photos....tapi gambar mu di mana?

SuicideCandy said...

aku belakang tabir ajer utk post ini. LOL

dhmail2004 said...

cool pics ladies! eat any men???

SuicideCandy said...

lots of em... ;)

dhmail2004 said...

taste like pork or?? lol