Monday, July 19, 2010

The Pizza Hut Dilemma

4 months ago, there's a Pizza Hut boycott on Facebook. Kota Kinabalu Consumer Group start this boycott against Pizza Hut mainly because of their bad customer service. The boycott was attended by (if I'm not mistaken) more than 400 people. Basically during this boycott participants will not be dining at any Pizza Hut restaurant. In my opinion this boycott is actually a good thing because mainly it's about Pizza Hut management to upgrade the service there. There's a 10% service charge for every meal as customers we are entitled to be treated with good service every time, no matter how fussy we are. 

My personal bad experience at Pizza Hut was at City Mall and 1borneo, KK. The waiter sent us the wrong pizza topping, no apology made, our pizza was 40 minutes late, rude waitresses and sometimes it took a while for them to acknowledge our presence. Even though at that time the place was busy but it was no excuse to let a customer wait for a lo____ng time to place their order. I'm glad that I join the boycott because I believe in good service  for the customers (I used to work as a waitress myself).  Besides Pizza Hut is the only place in Kota Kinabalu to get pizzas (other than Little Italy) and I've tried pizza at Fish&;Co... by far Fish&Co has THE WORST PIZZA EVER!!! <---click to view the pizza disaster<---- and I paid good money for it.

Yesterday, Ed and I decided it's time for us to visit Pizza Hut. We went to Gaya Street's Pizza Hut restaurant and all I can say is :

1. Pizza do not look ugly. 
2. Fast service
3. Polite waiter
4. Garlic bread and soup was fine. 

So that equals to = A GOOD SERVICE!!!

I hope every Pizza Hut restaurants have this kind of service. I bet the customers will be happy dining there and no more future boycott against Pizza Hut (if they keep this up). =)

I'm planning to follow my heart and dreams.
 Life is too short to be a coward.


Gallivanter said...

I never liked Pizza Hut. I love Dominos! :-)


SuicideCandy said...

lol... but there's no Dominos at KK... tats why sabahan stuck with pizza hut. :(