Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Losing My favorite Game

I tend to used songs as a title for my posts. Obviously I’m listening to The Cardigans right now. Nothing special about this songs but I feel like I’m losing right now. Paranoia is following me everywhere I go. No matter how hard I try to escape from it, it keep on pulling me and maybe when time comes I’ll be admitted to the nearest mental institution. 

Homo sapiens is a selfish creature no matter how we try to understand others… We still want to be understood first before we try to understand. Hate, prejudice, anger, hypocrisy, love…we use all that to survive in this gritty world of ours. It’s easier to hate than to love. It’s easier to be prejudiced than to empathize each other. Being evil is fun… Being a goody-2-shoes just fucking annoyed people.
That is why some serial killers fascinates me more than a priest. I found it very hard listening to the Sunday summons, I couldn’t concentrate and my mind will start to wander far away from the church. But I’m not an atheist, I believe in One God and my religion. I may not be the perfect Christian and I prefer reading and listening to stories about evil than the Sunday summons but I still consider myself as a good person. So shut the fuck up.

I got something to share today… Obviously it’s about a serial killer… a women serial killer. 

Aileen Wuornos one of the 5 biggest female serial killers. She was convicted of killing 7 men. The video was taken 1 day before her execution in 2002. Her story was filmed and her character played by Charlize Theron who won Best Actress at the Oscar for her role in the film. I’m not sure if the book and story about her is the real truth. But a killer is a killer…right? Even though she did claimed what she’d done was based on self defense. Here’s a website for more information about Aileen Wuornos. 

The video showed Aileen gone insane although I do agree with her that society used her to make money out of her story. It’s understandable for her to lashed out like that. If I were her I probably will do the same, giving a middle finger to the society that fucked me up.

In my humble opinion, I believe Aileen’s story became famous because she was quite pretty with a beauty queen smile (although gradually became ugly and scary), her life was a wrecked from the start and even though she’s a hitch hiking hooker, she’s also a lesbian. Her ugly fat lover Tyria, ratted her out after being questioned by the police and taped her confession through series of phone calls which Tyria sounded too much like a wimpy bitch. Many believe Tyria could’ve stop the murders if she had come forward earlier. With all that drama, who can resist making money out of it.   

I’m not saying I sympathize with Aileen although I do sympathize with rape victims. Rape is a serious crime and I believe all rapist should be sentenced to death because what they did not only violated the victims psychically but the victims will suffer psychologically. It’s sick to think especially as a women that rapist are lurking in every corner just waiting for the right time to execute their barbaric act. 

It saddens me that some men are ignorant enough to not acknowledge rape as a serious crime. Claiming that most rape victim ‘asking for it’ or dressing provocatively and is a slut which is an insult to all rape victims. To all ignorant S.O.Bs please do read this article and help to prevent rape from happening. If your friend or you is planning to spike some girl’s drink in the club, STOP! What you about to do is wrong! Never force or trick girls into sex because we consider that as RAPE. 

  Let us all selfish human being corporate in making this world safe from serial killers and rapist. On that note I’ll end this post, thank you very much.

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