Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The idiots guide to watch a football game

I know World Cup will end soon and this post might be a little late. But heck! Those people like me who doesn't watch any football before and have difficulties to pay attention to understand the game, would appreciate this (I hope). Yes, I don't understand football but that doesn't mean I don't like em', I just can't be bother to learn about the game. But unfortunately I apparently dating a fanatic football fan.

Fanatic as in : 
1. Every time a football match end, he'll update his status on facebook about the match. 
2. Change his profile picture with something related to football ie; football jersey. 
3. Bashes out loud whenever the team he hate/love lose. 
4. Read EVERYTHING about football. 
5. Trying to save money to go to the next world cup host or to the place of his favorite football club.

So what happen is, you might find yourself sitting in an Indian restaurant full with screaming men and a wide screen TV playing a football match. Do not be afraid because you are probably there with your boyfriend and his friends. Here's 5 easy steps you need to do when you are caught in that situation. 

Yes, this is very important. We are naturally a neutral when it comes to football so pick it based on your own preference. They can be because you like the color of their jersey, the team you're picking consists of good looking men, you want to visit the country someday or just pick whichever team your boyfriend/most of your friends picked. 

Concentrate the ball or you'll be lost. So put your phone on silent and stop asking him/them about the game, they'll be annoyed. Beside, witnessing a goal can be delightful and surprising because you'll never knew when a goal strikes. You don't need to care about the red cards, yellow, offside, free kick, 4-4-2 bullshit the game is all about getting a goal no matter what. 

lol... coffee of course. So you'll keep alert, I assure you this is very important I tend to be sleepy while watching a football game. 

When you act hard enough you'll probably end up really excited about the game. Probably will make you be interested about the game as well.
(sorry google 'excited' and found you)

After that you'll need to read a bit news about football or at least ask someone who knows football about the scores and what match you'll be seeing. Here's a -->link<--- to gain that info. If you want to try betting for the game, you'll probably wanna search Paul the octopus, so far he's been right about the game tho I suspect he might be bias.  

And even after all that you still can't be interested with football then avoid like hell watching it. Go watch a good movie or read a book or read this blog, HAHA.

Remember tho if you suddenly interested about football after this, you can talk about football with him and not be bored. You can also make him go watch something you really like after this (because you finally put up with football) and do some betting games on your own that doesn't necessarily involve money.

Happy watching.

I'm hoping Spain will win the world cup.

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