Friday, July 23, 2010

I <3 Blogging

Joined a very interesting discussion on Sabahan Bloggers forum about WHY DO YOU BLOG and there's a lot of reason why people start their blog. A blog is a place where everything can be spoken and it's all up to you whether you're daring enough to tackle a subject. It’s about our freedom of speech and choice to voice out our opinion, to show the world who we are without the need to censor ourselves.

My first entry “Hello World” was posted here 2 years ago. I was intrigue and inspired by a famous blogger and of course my aunt to start this blog. At first I thought that blogging was easy… blogging doesn’t takes too much of your time. But then if you want to be a serious blogger and want to make money from your blog, you’ll soon realize there’s no easy way to attract people to your blog. Note : more traffic feed = more money. Not everyone will click the ads in your blog but with increasing viewers some just might.
But the question is how to attract people to your blog?  

Some might lure them with pictures i.e camwhores (not that kind of camwhores you dirty minded person), photography art etc… some with their brilliant writing, information about the latest news or gossips and some stalk every known blog by leaving their link everywhere with hopes people will click on their link. Heck, until now I’m not sure how exactly to attract people to my blog. All I know is I assume do have some regular readers  and I hope that they’re entertained enough reading my posts. So thank you to anyone that bothers reading my blog more than just a click.

I got something to share with you today, 2 semesters ago my group mates and I did a conference project about blogs. I picked the subject because duh… I got a blog and it’s an easy and interesting subject. But too bad we didn’t really did a good job in it. The slide was too short, lack of info and lack of public speaking skills made that so called conference a disaster. My friends thought I should shared my blog (as an example) in the slide but I was too ashamed to show my mediocre blog. Now that I think of it, I probably should share it for some free publicity. LOL… Maybe people won’t be that bored at the conference and visits my blog.  

There’s no point in my story just something I regretted not doing… like the other millions things, I wish I’ve done. But I’m sober now and I think mistakes meant to happen to teach you about life. Even when the mistakes is done repeatedly. I pray to god that I be remind of the mistakes I’ve done everyday and learn from it.
So I’ll end this post abruptly before I start talking nonsense.

  Blog Your Heart Out Bitches.

On other note, tune talk subscriber please do vote for my HOTTT cousin, Dewina Petrus Guriting. This 31st July 2010 she'll be performing at Shenanigans Club Hyatt Hotel for Miss Borneo Tourism Queen's talent show. I bet it will be one heck of a night and Dewina has something special to perform that night. So be sure to get your ass to Shenanigans on the 31st July.

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p/s: She's an avid fan of Doraemon.   

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