Monday, July 26, 2010

Breaking Up The Girl

Good Morning, it's a cloudy Saturday in this part of the world... I'm guessing rain will be pouring soon. If it's gonna rain heavily then be ready for some temporary flood at your area.

So Saturday?... What is your plan for me today?

Hopefully an interesting one or at least nothing worse than the worst.

Anyhoo.. I'll be switching laptop soon, goodbye Aspire 4520 and welcome home Aspire 4530. My laptop is back from the dead and is better than ever! Hopefully*fingers crossed*.

I did a quiz from this website just now, about finding you inner pin up girl and apparently my inner pin up girl is:

NO SURPRISE here...I practically worship with Bettie Page.

LOL... Bettie Page, she's really was beautiful, I love all her pin ups including the bondage and S&M pin up. During the 1980s there's cult following built around her and there's no surprise why the cult exist, Bettie Page has this devilish beauty that no one can ignore. Not only that her trademark looks (dark hair with cute lil bangs) is an eternal trendsetter from the 1950s until now. You can see famous artists such as Katy Perry using Bettie page trademark look. Damn... wish I am daring enough to try the look but I'm too lazy to even care about my hair which look too much like the ghost in The Ring. Fear Not... because I won't be crawling out your TV screen anytime soon.   

Look almost the same right? But nobody can beat Bettie Page tho..

I'm not a lesbian but Bettie Page pictures can turn me on. LMAO

Hope you guys don't mind a bit of bondage. 

Also found out that Bettie Page is not the most famous pin up girl. Which is absurd because I don't even know the most famous pin up girl but I know about Bettie Page and I'm half way around the world!

Here's the website, all the girls are undeniably beautiful in their own way. My second fav pin up girls would be Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe for the obvious reason of course... I mean who doesn't love a blonde once in a while. I kinda miss my light brown hair... but for now, I'll stick to this dark brown hair.

I understand why boys drool over them and masturbate to their pictures. Don't think we dunno what guys are doing behind closed door, blame Hollywood for commercializing it too much. LOL...

Everyone loves a beautiful girl. But considering yourself a beauty doesn’t mean everyone thinks you are beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so stop being too conceited.


That was Saturday Morning... and My Saturday really was an interesting one and Sunday as well. I spend almost all my time with my best girls and it's been a VERY LONG TIME since we got a girls dayout and 31st our girls night out, with all my best girls present! I is excited!!!.

Anyway... we went therapy shopping as Ciean shouted out at Facebook and therapy is what we got. Even the only "men" in our group (my 6 year old brother) get all the therapy he wanted (a new wallet and RM41 inside it).

The places we went (on Saturday) were uncommon, most people won’t bother shopping at the place. But surprisingly the place got some good stuff that I bet won’t be found at the local mall and way cheaper.

Where the fuck is the place?


Yes… you read it right Sinsuran, the place that pedestrians pass to go to Centre point… It’s between the Bank Negara and Centre Point. Know that place? I bet most people dreaded going there because you’ll be bumping to pirated DVDs seller (which I heard is quite dangerous), pick pockets, lack of parking space and of course the pilaks (Sabahan will know what I’m talking about). But still a fairly safe place to shop and walk and eat roti canai.


This is an awesome wig store. You can test the merchandise and the price are reasonable. My sister bought a long hair extension for just RM45. They even sell cute hats. We made my brother try out the cute rabbit hat and the shopkeeper strictly told us that there’s a RM2 fee for each photo WTF. Tho we didn’t pay for the pictures.

P7240057 P7240063

LOL… My brother was restless and bored at first but I manage to dupe him believing it’s an adventure walk and of course Ciean and Mum bribed him to behave.


Yes, we even when to the night market. If you wanna shop for really really really cheap clothes try your luck here. There’s a lot of stall selling clothes (some of them might me 2nd hand tho) and my guy friends like to buy cheap levis jeans here. Which its authencity is questioned but rip off or not but none the less nothing beats a good jeans. It’s up to your own preference in buying good jeans.


Here’s among the things I bought. Bangles for only RM9.80 though my mum take half of it so I only got 6.

Picture0007  Also RM10 tube top. Bought at KK Plaza not Sinsuran.

There 7 things I bought and all only for RM25.00, the prize that will make Mr.Crab  very happy, buying cheap and good things. Although Mr. Crab would prefer not buying anything at all.


Then come Sunday…

Woke up and went breakfast at Atongs, a fish head soup stall. Not sure if it’s an appropriate breakfast for people that want/try to diet.

P7250076P7250078My uncle introduced me to Atongs noodle soup and since then I started a long distance relationship with the noodle soup.

After breakfast off we went again for another therapy shopping.

P7260108 Found this baby at Central Plaza for only RM15. It’s quite cheap compare to the ones the sell at the much bigger and commercialized shopping mall. FUCK YOU to the stores selling RM20++ clincher belt.

That was the only thing I bought on Sunday… Money is running low and I’m planning to buy a “bump it”. We continue on our so called therapy shopping by going to Kramunsing.

P7250081  Then I got quite pissed at RCH Kramunsing. Why should I pay fucking 5% service charge when the service is the same like KFC? KFC didn’t even charge 5% for their service!

P7250083 Here’s the story, I ordered an Ice lemon Tea drink, then she asked me whether I want BIG or SMALL, I picked small but then I changed my mind because of the RM0.15 difference between the 2 but the fucking rude waiter said she already fucking punched in the number and couldn’t change it. I don’t mind if she politely explained to me but she was so fucking rude!

But soon were forgotten when baby Adrianna came. Looking cute wearing pink and didn’t seem to mind being mothered by 5 women.

P7250084 She’s our little angel. 

Sunday ends with tea and dinner at home. All of us were busy discussing about our look this Saturday. Be prepared for our awesomeness White Room!!! If you curios about what I’m talking about, better check out this link.

Also this 31st as I said in my previous post…

P8291523   This girl… Dewina Petrus Guriting (click on her name to see more Dewina’s photo) is performing this SATURDAY at SHENANIGANS. The entrance is fucking FREE and you’ll be able to ogle at 10 beautiful Miss Borneo Tourism Finalist. So all the Tune Talk subscriber have you cast your vote yet? It’s only RM0.05 per sms only. VOTE FOR DEWINA TYPE MSB10 & SEND TO 13105. You will not regret voting for her, she’s beauty with brains and talent. Let her represent Borneo and expect only the best from her.

19535_249490191204_636586204_3825081_7264874_nBe sure to look your best and party with us at White Room and Shenanigans this Saturday. 

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