Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you afraid of vampires?

I'm not a twilight fan, haven't seen the movie or read the book.
And probably won't be reading it or seeing it using my fucking own money.
a. I don't really give a fuck about that.
b. I'm so fucking broke, so if you insist that I go watch it PAY MY MOVIE TICKET.

But there's one vampire movie I really wanna see!

HAHAHA... I bet this will be wickedly funny. Besides I like watching parody movies like scary movies, date movie, epic movie that kinda shit. Most of the actors in it, act so badly you just can't stop laughing.
I like seeing things like that being ridicule. So Twilight fans brace yourself because you might hate this movie but the rest on us will love to see your "idols" looking like a fool.

Vampires and Werewolf don't exist. Even if they do they won't look like those actors.

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