Monday, June 7, 2010

My first kiss

went a little like this... and twist
LOL... the song that gimme a reason to smile today. 
Sorry... it's been a week since the last entry. I was gonna post an entry but my "farming duties" and "diva duties", and my pet Bontung get in the way. Oh yeah... and also a little thing called the fever and flu forced me to hide underneath my blankets for days. 
But... all that is gone and I am addicted to this song... might get bored with this song soon but way better than any bieber song (although I've made a public confession on a friend blog that I like "eenie meenie" FUCK!). 

here's the video anyway... enjoy my friends! 

This song is obviously not a love song and fa----r from romantic.
But 3oh3 always seems to create catchy horny hits like this. (A good song to singalong in your car while pretending YOU'RE DA MAN!)
Tho... my first kiss goes something like this song, fun while it last but forgettable when I think about it now, that kiss sucks BIG TIME.
To the guy that I managed to dupe to kiss me: Dude, I believe I kissed better than you and it was my first time! LOL.

so how's your first kiss? hopefully better than mine.

 I own a Porsche Carrera GT in Diva. wish it really is real (so badly!).  

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