Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holiday updates

It’s semester break for me, class will only start in the middle of next month and that leaves me only a month to do whatever it is I want before things will be hectic again.

It’s a slow holiday for me, gone nowhere exotic or fun except to the mall, accompanying my mum shopping (with hopes that she’ll buy some for me too, LOL) and babysitting my brother. Even Edmond is too busy with work to take me anywhere other than KK.

So here’s a picture recap of things I’ve done probably I hope will inspire me to do something more useful after this other than playing diva life and barn buddy. HAHA.


A visit to Metrojaya at Suria Sabah, made someone really bored.


Gone clubbing at Bed bar and hate to see that they sell the RM32 ABSOLUT VODKA for almost 5 times the retail price at Labuan. Been outta the “scene” for quite some time, I almost forgot how the right way to put on makeup. Not many photos taken that night cuz I was dead drunk.


went out with The Ed. The usual standard stuff. LOL


Babysits my friend’s dogs. Even the dogs hates my cooking.


Gone to Tambunan for a relative’s wedding. Arrived at my grandma’s house but never went to the wedding was too busy being lazy. Prefer Ipik’s cooking than the wedding buffet. LOL





Ditch the wedding to take photos of the pets instead.


The next day went to Kelawat for family gathering. Had fun there =) and manage to be alcohol free. hahahahaha.

Then… got the fever and flu from Ed. Got to avoid kissing him for a week. (T_T)


Didn’t manage to avoid going to my cousin’s wedding tho on Saturday last week. Film the event then escape to “Mega Long” <----( LMAO, sounds too much like a porn movie it’s actually a mall at Penampang) for some cartoon pancakes. I ate Donald duck for lunch.

So that’s all I’ve done so far during the holiday. Boring, I know… at least I’m surround with people that I love (That’s the biggest BS)… hahaha.



Time flies too fast.

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