Monday, June 14, 2010

The blue party

How’s your weekend? Well, mine start off pretty normal, I wake up, do all my chores, dyed my hair (bye-bye to light brown, hello dark brown) and then at night I went to the Celcom Xplay Party with my best gals.   

LOL… all thanks to Sabahan Bloggers (Miss Fara) for giving out 10 free passes to the party. It was a party alright, a really wild crazy party in other words RUGI BHA KLU NDA TERPIGI LOL.  

I even wore blue that night. 

and our drinks for the night is also blue. 

The atmosphere in the club was insane, with dope beats and performance by the human beatbox along with BB boys breakdancing this is a party you cannot, couldn't, wouldn't miss out.


But the highlight of the event for me would be the DJ battle between DJ Fuzz and DJ Xu. Those who listen to will definitely know who DJ Fuzz is, you can listen to his mixes every saturday and sunday night.
Electro VS Hip Hop
 Who won? 

Hard to decide but my pick would be DJ Fuzz because he plays my favorite tunes that night OMG and Memories that 2 song is enough to make me scream out loud and dashed to the dance floor… literally. 
The night also features The one and only… 

Celcom Blue Bear. Looking all cute and fuzzy. 

He even guest DJ for the night…LOL
Of cuz... I won’t miss the chance to take pictures. Although I am so disappointed that I didn’t manage to take any with the DJs even though I stalked them all night. (T_T)

The night even got hotter with a few show from BED staff and not to mention girls going crazy, dancing sexily on the bar and standing on their chairs/table (saw lots of guys recording that particular scenes, haha). Thank god, nobody got hurt that night.   


and you know what… all you have to do to attend was reload RM30. If you wanna get the free invites just go to Celcom Xplay Facebook page and click the xplay button. But those who won’t be going anywhere outta KK anytime soon… well then you missed out a very AWESOME PARTAY.  Click --->HERE<---- for the facebook page link. You'll probably wanna try your luck for the free invites.     

Cheers to CELCOM XPLAY PARTY for the wonderful crazy time we had at BED. 


All the crazy shit I did tonight, that will be the best memories –Kid Cudi feat David Guetta.


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