Monday, June 28, 2010

little lost lamb

The little lost lamb is not lost at all... its in my stomach being digested. 
I hate blogging using someone else's laptop... mine still dead I assume since no anonymous phone number calling me except from DIGI asking me to upgrade from a RM58 package to RM108 which is good considering they're upgrading it from 3GB to 7GB but I'm broke as usual. But it would be pretty awesome if I can afford it tho, downloading stuff will be easier. 

I'm freaking out right now. 
will post a better post later.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

how many sleeping pills can couse death?

How many exactly? Varies from person to person... So don't bother try to kill yourself using sleeping pills, you might still be alive to face your misery after 33 pills. 

I apologize for this miserable entry but I just can't help it. 
To tell the truth I'm actually experiencing epiphany and I dunno whether my change perspective will change things or to be exact will give me another chance. I don't want to talk about it and yet, it haunt me. I also don't believe confiding to strangers and even the people I really do trust. Don't be offended because I'm just a very fucked up person and right now gathering all the pieces up on my own. I wish tho that I can say things easily and then forget bout it, move on...

Will a prayer help me? I hope so... because that is all I can do right now. 

To every miserable people out there, I just wanna tell you that you are not alone. 
There's always people like you or even worst than you. 
We should be grateful for our misery because it probably will turn out to something better because 'Things will be better as long as I'm alive'. 
So let put on our positive thinking hat today and lay off the booze, ciggies, drugs, food whatever bad things that you are consuming right now. 

Remember what Confucius said "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall".

I might be talking crap and feeling a bit ADD.   

p/s It's national pink day!
p/p/s: Celebrated Father's day will update about it any day now. huhu

And a song from Eminem to lift up our miserable spirit.

And a song by Anjulie 'The Day will soon come'... hopefully

Saturday, June 19, 2010

searching for that blue sky

It's raining season here thus force me to go into my 'koala' mode. I spend the whole day sleeping and guess what... it feels good at least I can escape temporarily to the dream world where everything is perfect or pitch black. 

Anyway, the other day I decided to do some baking, yep... I know I always shamelessly brag to whole world about my culinary talent (which I'm lack of) LOL but other than my specialty of burning a fry egg or over-cooked instant noodles, I actually like baking especially chocolate cake. So this time I thought fuck cakes! I'm gonna bake some chocolate chips cookies instead. 


That is my first batch of cookies. Had to throw it away.
The second and third however was better looking that that although you can't eat em'. The cookies properties is equivalent to a rock even the homeless dog outside my house won't eat em'.

I forced Ed eat it tho, his comment was...(drum roll please)
It will taste okay if it wasn't hard. 
So I failed. 

sad... cry...sad

Next time will be better (hopefully).

If any of you wanna try it out, don't be a lazy ass and search for the cookie recipe on the net.
Au revoir for now.

cynta is hungry

Monday, June 14, 2010

The blue party

How’s your weekend? Well, mine start off pretty normal, I wake up, do all my chores, dyed my hair (bye-bye to light brown, hello dark brown) and then at night I went to the Celcom Xplay Party with my best gals.   

LOL… all thanks to Sabahan Bloggers (Miss Fara) for giving out 10 free passes to the party. It was a party alright, a really wild crazy party in other words RUGI BHA KLU NDA TERPIGI LOL.  

I even wore blue that night. 

and our drinks for the night is also blue. 

The atmosphere in the club was insane, with dope beats and performance by the human beatbox along with BB boys breakdancing this is a party you cannot, couldn't, wouldn't miss out.


But the highlight of the event for me would be the DJ battle between DJ Fuzz and DJ Xu. Those who listen to will definitely know who DJ Fuzz is, you can listen to his mixes every saturday and sunday night.
Electro VS Hip Hop
 Who won? 

Hard to decide but my pick would be DJ Fuzz because he plays my favorite tunes that night OMG and Memories that 2 song is enough to make me scream out loud and dashed to the dance floor… literally. 
The night also features The one and only… 

Celcom Blue Bear. Looking all cute and fuzzy. 

He even guest DJ for the night…LOL
Of cuz... I won’t miss the chance to take pictures. Although I am so disappointed that I didn’t manage to take any with the DJs even though I stalked them all night. (T_T)

The night even got hotter with a few show from BED staff and not to mention girls going crazy, dancing sexily on the bar and standing on their chairs/table (saw lots of guys recording that particular scenes, haha). Thank god, nobody got hurt that night.   


and you know what… all you have to do to attend was reload RM30. If you wanna get the free invites just go to Celcom Xplay Facebook page and click the xplay button. But those who won’t be going anywhere outta KK anytime soon… well then you missed out a very AWESOME PARTAY.  Click --->HERE<---- for the facebook page link. You'll probably wanna try your luck for the free invites.     

Cheers to CELCOM XPLAY PARTY for the wonderful crazy time we had at BED. 


All the crazy shit I did tonight, that will be the best memories –Kid Cudi feat David Guetta.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Light me up

To whom it may concern;
Kepada sesiapa ia mungkin penting...? (bad translation I know).

Selamat Pagi Pembaca-pembaca blog ini. Sudah lama saya tidak menaip dalam bahasa melayu, sila maafkan saya jika nahu/tatabahasa saya tidak betul (OMFG!!! I JUST FOUND OUT "nahu" is actually grammar in malay, thank U, mama!). Sebenarnya tujuan blog entri (I dunno what is entry in BM, so I spell in BM like spelling) pada pagi ini adalah untuk menyatakan rasa tidak puas hati saya terhadap pihak yang bertanggungjawab untuk memastikan lampu jalan di Jalan Sepanggar untuk senantiasa marak ketika malam.

Begini ceritanya, sebagai pembayar cukai jalan dan pemandu kereta saya amat khuatir apabila memandu ketika malam di kawasan Sepanggar terutama kawasan berdekatan dengan perumahan Jaya Diri dan Bukit Setia ini kerana ketika malam lampu jalan tidak marak serta ramai pejalan kaki melintas. Ini adalah satu masalah besar kerana ia boleh menyebabkan kematian pejalan kaki yang melintas. Terdapat beberapa kes sudah terjadi di kawasan berkenaan dimana pemandu terlanggar pejalan kaki yang melintas. Walaupun pengunaan lampu kereta membantu namun kawasan berkenaan amat gelap dan pejalan kaki kadangkala melintas secara mengejut tanpa disedari dari jauh.

Ironinya kawasan Sepanggar berdekatan dengan penjana kuasa SESB dan sepatutnya tiada masalah elektrik. Mungkin juga kerja pembaikan lampu jalan bukan dalam bidang kerja SESB namun masalah kecil seperti ini sepatutnya tidak berlanjutan selama berbulan-bulan. Jadi, sebagai seorang pengguna jalan raya, saya merayu agar masalah ini diselesaikan.        

So basically this has been an ongoing problem and it affects a lot of people. The places that I mention is near to housings area where public buses usually drop off the passengers at the side of the road which passengers will have to cross the 4 lane road to their housing area. There are already a few cases relating to this problem and I don't want to hit any pedestrians any day now. A small problem such as these can be easily fix within at least few days. Think about it how long does it take to change a light bulb or fixed some electrical problem. 

Sekian terima kasih.


just a concern citizen

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holiday updates

It’s semester break for me, class will only start in the middle of next month and that leaves me only a month to do whatever it is I want before things will be hectic again.

It’s a slow holiday for me, gone nowhere exotic or fun except to the mall, accompanying my mum shopping (with hopes that she’ll buy some for me too, LOL) and babysitting my brother. Even Edmond is too busy with work to take me anywhere other than KK.

So here’s a picture recap of things I’ve done probably I hope will inspire me to do something more useful after this other than playing diva life and barn buddy. HAHA.


A visit to Metrojaya at Suria Sabah, made someone really bored.


Gone clubbing at Bed bar and hate to see that they sell the RM32 ABSOLUT VODKA for almost 5 times the retail price at Labuan. Been outta the “scene” for quite some time, I almost forgot how the right way to put on makeup. Not many photos taken that night cuz I was dead drunk.


went out with The Ed. The usual standard stuff. LOL


Babysits my friend’s dogs. Even the dogs hates my cooking.


Gone to Tambunan for a relative’s wedding. Arrived at my grandma’s house but never went to the wedding was too busy being lazy. Prefer Ipik’s cooking than the wedding buffet. LOL





Ditch the wedding to take photos of the pets instead.


The next day went to Kelawat for family gathering. Had fun there =) and manage to be alcohol free. hahahahaha.

Then… got the fever and flu from Ed. Got to avoid kissing him for a week. (T_T)


Didn’t manage to avoid going to my cousin’s wedding tho on Saturday last week. Film the event then escape to “Mega Long” <----( LMAO, sounds too much like a porn movie it’s actually a mall at Penampang) for some cartoon pancakes. I ate Donald duck for lunch.

So that’s all I’ve done so far during the holiday. Boring, I know… at least I’m surround with people that I love (That’s the biggest BS)… hahaha.



Time flies too fast.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My first kiss

went a little like this... and twist
LOL... the song that gimme a reason to smile today. 
Sorry... it's been a week since the last entry. I was gonna post an entry but my "farming duties" and "diva duties", and my pet Bontung get in the way. Oh yeah... and also a little thing called the fever and flu forced me to hide underneath my blankets for days. 
But... all that is gone and I am addicted to this song... might get bored with this song soon but way better than any bieber song (although I've made a public confession on a friend blog that I like "eenie meenie" FUCK!). 

here's the video anyway... enjoy my friends! 

This song is obviously not a love song and fa----r from romantic.
But 3oh3 always seems to create catchy horny hits like this. (A good song to singalong in your car while pretending YOU'RE DA MAN!)
Tho... my first kiss goes something like this song, fun while it last but forgettable when I think about it now, that kiss sucks BIG TIME.
To the guy that I managed to dupe to kiss me: Dude, I believe I kissed better than you and it was my first time! LOL.

so how's your first kiss? hopefully better than mine.

 I own a Porsche Carrera GT in Diva. wish it really is real (so badly!).