Sunday, May 2, 2010

where rainbows end

No, it have nothing to do with the popular book by Cecilia Adhern. Just a rip off, cuz it’s raining and I saw rainbows along the way home. Driving my just revive car from a day coma, thank gawd for family!
Anyway… least ramblings more photos… Yep, I’ve been somewhere this weekend on labor day. To celebrate the glorious holiday parents took me to some resort at Kg. Kokol. Ever heard of the “Kasih Sayang” Resort? I’ve heard it from my aunt before, we did have few planning to check the place out but soon forgot about it and move on. Anyway, it’s actually a health boutique (that’s what I read from the brochure) with beautiful view of Kota Kinabalu, and from Menggatal’s Clinic, only 11.5 km.
The resort kinda small though and no parking space, so you gotta park your car by the road and HOPE TO GOD that your car’s brake working or you’ll end up chasing your car down the hill.
Here’s the magnificent view. Too bad I don’t own a digital-single-lens-reflect camera. Gah!!! I’ve been lusting for that camera for years now and still that camera is out of reach. I’m a VERY poor student. But that’s okay… someday my dream might come true so I’ll be chasing that dream baby!
My “substitute” son.
Monkey on loose. Prepare for chaos and destruction.
Staying there, you’ll probably wanna try on the jungle trekking thing. Probably good to release all the stress, just be careful not to get lost.
I like the sink. LOL, the washroom kinda creepy though with a dimmed lightning and the half wall, an invitation for peeping tom.
This probably the highlight of the place. NO SMOKING which is good for people looking for real fresh air.
Health drinks. But we still end up choosing drinks like coke, it was a HOT day and we’re already brainwash by coca cola. So no health drinks was order. =(
The food price was a tad too expensive to me (standard hotel/resort price) So never go there broke.
So to me it’s all about the view, dunno about the room rate and all. The room seems comfy though.
If you really wanna check this place out better click this link.
Don’t forget to gong when you arrive there.
It’s a good day for me that day although didn’t done any studying at all until now and I should be studying.


Wish me luck guys.