Monday, May 10, 2010

The weekend Recap

How I wish my weekend was like a pop song. Where I wake up feeling like P’diddy, dance all night long and experience love, sex and magic. Enter into the hottest club and yell “It’s Cynta Bitch”. Show off my striper like dance move on the bar, be the  centre of attention.

But the truth is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from what I imagine, still I did enjoy it. A nice quite weekend with the Family and it was Mother’s Day weekend after all.

FANTASTIC FRIDAY. (I include friday as my weekend).

1. After the most hardest exam (for me), go to school canteen (yes, i’m pathetic and broke) and ate a Bobi Bun. WTF is Bobi Bun? Only tasty burger in UMS.

2. Bumper car with me besties. I had to avoid bumping tho cuz I am with minor (my brother Genesis).

2. Play pool but it took 4 5 of us to finish the game and it took us almost an hour.

3. Ct gets to “melalak” to her favorite song. LOL

4. Play almost all the token games.


1. Woke up and get a FREE McD breakfast.

2. Lunch at Kasih Sayang Resort. (Finally Tried the juice, chose “Digester Delight” and it really was a delight cuz my bro stole it from me).


   - Stuck at Kasih Sayang Resort Because of the rain.



Capture a haze picture.


Explore the karaoke area.

Then Saturday end with spongebob marathon with my bro. And my other brother’s bike got stuck there.


1. Went to church. (I’m not lying).

Saw my ex school mate. She’s married, had a cute little boy and pregnant. Don’t you feel odd when you saw your old friends is already a parent, make me feel old. LOL…

One of the reason I like going to Telipok Church is…


The delicious “Sambal pulut’. mmmm… yummy.


2. Again lunch/tea break at Kasih Sayang Resort.


Thank gawd that my brother’s bike in good condition and no technical problem again.


Bapa celebrating Cinco De Mayo. LOL…


Shoo off a spider from mama tua’s back.


The family relaxing.

3. Mother’s day dinner.

Bapa was gonna treat us at a Vietnamese Restaurant but the it closed early so, settle for Yummy Chicken.

All of us were so hungry it took us less than 30 minute to finish the whole course. LMAO…


Guest of honor. My Mother =)




P5090105  P5090106 P5090108 P5090109 All of these… in less than 30 minutes…LOL


The Result… Full tummy and happy smiles. =)

4. Went To PC FAIR.


Not as cheap as I expected. Although my sister bought me an earphone for only RM10.


Mum bought me a 4gb pendrive for RM27. I’m the one supposed to give her a present…It’s okay 2 years from now if I am FINALLY employed will give her something nice. =) That’s a promise.


All’s well that ends well.


Cherish our family.

p/s: will be gone for 5 days to Labuan. 

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Nancy said...

Heeee....asinya I wpun dr siring, patut kuli2 si Zeus suka bah tu sebab muka asi kan? huahuahua