Sunday, May 16, 2010

Survey Camp dilemma

Ahhhh…. Is the precise feeling I felt when I arrived home sweet home from survey camp.Glad that I am home with my love ones and away from that place. 

So Goodbye Labuan… It might be a long time before I get a chance to visit again.
5 days at Manikar have thought me lots of things not only about survey but also about my course mate that I never knew before, we’ve bonded even after all those petty fights, stupid arguments and talking behind each other backs.  The most important thing is, in the end everyone is satisfied, let bygones be bygones and START OUR HOLIDAY!

Survey was okay (don’t worry won’t bored you guys with the details LOL), but the most fascinating thing is Manikar Beach Resort is popular (or should I say unpopular) because of its rumor about the place being haunted. 


The place is kinda creepy though, quite isolated and few visitors. You can memorize the workers when you’re staying there. The facilities was actually nice although maintenance is poor (the fridge and TV in my room doesn’t work at all). 

My room number and the roomies are; Bb, Gg, Ct and Cynta! 


This picture is not exactly our room (it’s Farah’s room), our room is messier than this. No wonder we encounter a few paranormal activity.
and all thanks to this view…

Behind our room is a cemetery. Spooky huh… Some of my friends saw peculiar stuff during our stay there.

I love the sea view though. But sadly the beach is quite polluted with rubbish and there’s even a garbage disposal near to the beach (next to the paintball court). You can find beer bottles and can all around the beach although not as obvious like Borneo Paradise beach. 


I heard from Ed that the place main attraction suppose to be the paintball court but to my surprise no one is using the paintball court, the scaffolding is rusty, the place is infested with snakes, grasshoppers and mosquitoes. 


The only thing most of us enjoyed there is the pool. 

There’s even a pool bar next to the pool. :D
Then when it comes to eating HK01 students will eat like there’s no tomorrow. We made the staff at Manikar refilled the buffet line up 3 times every time we eat.
But in our defense survey work very tiring and we need to consume food for energy. 

A preview of breakfast. I have commit the sin of gluttony at Manikar Beach Resort. As penance of my sin, I gained 1 kg. FUCKKKKKKK!!!!! Now I gotta start back my routine work out. 

There’s also a karaoke lounge at Manikar Beach Resort although the place is quite small. But that doesn’t stop us enjoying our karaoke session. 

Here’s a few photos of the resort. 


To me the place got potential, it’s quite, relaxing atmosphere would be a perfect getaway from the hectic city. Also if you’re looking for some adventure at the paranormal side then try this place, it’s quite cheap and I recommend room 3120. That room give me the creeps. LOL… 

Can’t wait for our next school tour. Anywhere will be fun!

Favorite photo of the trip:
Wish, I could own of these someday.

p/s: this place would be suitable for a horror movie. 


taragang_saru said...

thank god i dont have any paranormal encounters during my stay.terlmpau penat kali smpai nda sedar...haha

Nicole Teo said...

ha? apa cerita ni...ala...saya mau tau o.....hohoho....

SuicideCandy said...

miahaha... nanti sy bgtaw kamurang sem depan. hohoho...

Tantinny said...

manikar resort pny cerita byk sgt.. ada kwn labuan sy crita.. hehe.. tp bkn mau bg takut pn, kwn sy ckp dulu sna byk pengujung.. n now berkurang sda.. ada sebab la tu... jeng3

syameen said...

the post just remind me of not taking pics some of the ko suda cover sem msti mo mnta...hehehe,....