Thursday, May 27, 2010

My grandma made me tell this.

A long time ago, there live a farmer. Everyday he worked on his farm planting rice paddy and everyday an eagle will fly near to his farm observing the farmer. 


Then one day the farmer got fed up being stared by the eagle. He drop his hoe (or whatever he might be holding at that time) and said to the bird “Why do you stared at me?”. Well like any other fairytale animals can talk so the bird answered “Nothing, I just like looking at what you’re doing”. The farmer then said, “Why you birds, get the easy life eh, can stared at people all day. Look at me! Working hard everyday in this small land just to feed my family”. The eagle just kept silent and listen to the farmer’s rambling. 

All of a sudden, the farmer said to the eagle, “why don’t we switch places?”. The eagle bewildered by the question flew down to the ground, “are you sure you want to switch places with me?”. “Yeah, I would like to be you, just flying around and doing nothing all day”, said the farmer. “Okay, but once we switch we can never switch back”, said the eagle. The dumb farmer quickly agree and with magical unknown forces both of them become the other one. 

The eagle/used-to-be-farmer then fly away from his used-to-be land. The farmer/used-to-be-eagle continue on the work and he is a smart hardworking farmer. Not long after the used-to-be-farmer-now-an-eagle left, the now-is-the-farmer expanded his land and become quite a successful farmer himself. Meanwhile the now-an-eagle had to chase mice, chicks etc…for his food and found out being an eagle is quite tiring.
So the now-an-eagle flew back to his old farm (yes this story is predictable) and demanded to be switch back into human form. But the rich now-a-farmer refused and now let the fight begin!!! , “I already told you before once we switched bodies we cannot switched back”. The eagle then fly away sadly and a few years later died alone or probably shot by someone and eaten although I am not sure whether eagle can be a good meal. The rich farmer become richer and richer and richer and yes… richer. 

So the moral of the story is; never wish to be someone else being yourself might be much better than you expected. This story was told by my grandma. I don’t really see the point why she told me this in dusun+malay, I was happily eating my wantanho when she told me this. Never the less it is a good story will retell it again to my own children one day. 

Anyway… I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad, buy all of the things i never had, I wanna be on the cover of ford magazine, smiling next to oprah and the queen. Everytime I close my eyes… I see my name in shiny light. A different city every night. I swear the world better prepare when I’m a billionaire. 


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“There are 3 types of people in this world, there’s the dreamers, there’s people who believe in reality and there’s people  who turn their dreams into reality”. –a quote I read in the newspaper but forgot whose. 


Nancy said...

I also tau this cerita. why la of all pekerjaan, eagle chose to be a farmer. Go stare at Akon la. hahaha.

SuicideCandy said...

haha... 2 la... go stare bill gates la trus. haha

Secret Drifter said...

good story sis ???

wait this is a Sabahan Fable??

SuicideCandy said...

i guess so... LOL... haven't heard it from anyone other than my grandma tho.