Sunday, May 9, 2010

The so called Freedom

Happiness that my finals are FINALLY OVER. 
Although I'll be going away for a week for Survey Camp at Labuan.
So holiday haven't really started but just glad that I don't have to stay up anymore. =)

Had a few bad news, few more debts to settle. 
Meaning I get another Lesson Of Life :
"Never use anything under other people name"
That my friend, is the most important element of life, the only people you can wholly trust is yourself and that is a FACT. Still I am learning how to efficiently manage our finance so all our hopes and dream can come true.
Someday I gotta asked for some finance guru about how to live comfortably and still manage to pay ALL the debts.

Enough of the endless ramblings about money! It's holiday and after this I'll be a 3rd Year Student! WOOHOO! Although that's mean a long way to go before I graduate and I know there's challenges ahead though I don't need to be intimidated by it. I gotta try my best and hopefully the outcomes will turn out to be good.

So...I'm not actually free just 1 and a half month vacation. Thinking of applying jobs during the hols but I will not gonna be a part time waitress again. Yes.. NEVER AGAIN.
I blog about it before although I forget the title... I'm rambling again... sorry...

 so exited that there's gonna be a 3D cinema (finally!) here at my hometown.

btw... I got a new favorite pic.
I look thin here... which I am so NOT. Gotta loose those exams pounds.
#FACT to loose 1 pound = 3500 calorie.1 pound = 0.45kg
Meaning to loose 1 pound a month I have to use at least 125 calorie per day in exercise.
Today only loose 80 calorie =(. I wanna be lighter so I can join my dad cycling again.


Tantinny said...

nice pic babe =)

Nancy said... to moi....hahaha..JK