Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fuck me! I'm famous?

LMAO... Sorry for the very conceited blog entry, the title is actually a rip off from David Guetta's album (am downloading it now, excited is I). 

Here's the real deal... I was awarded by 2 very sexy hot girls, Tantinny and Nicole. I'm very flattered that...

They think my blog are interesting.


 Dorang rasa AKU CANTIK... tambah la mintapuji ne. 

And the rules go like this :
1. Say 'Terima Kasih' to the person who gave this award.
2. Pass on to 15 other blogger friends who deserve this award.
3. Share 7 things you don;t know about me.

So I would like to thanks my presenters for this 3 awesome awards.... Terima kasih, aku sangat terharu menerima anugerah ini. Kotoluadan togomu kio!

I like to pass this award to this 15 fabulous people;
1. Ciean
2. Florida
4. Rungitom
5. Bella Ace
6. Precious
7. Dewina
8. Taragang Saru
10. Danelyn
12. Yuz @ Hage Maru
13. Keyna
14. Aj 
15. Bee

I also want to include Tantinny and Nicole for this awards! and of cuz all my blog followers.

And The 7 things you don't know about me and probably wouldn't want to... LOL.. Don't worry all of them are G-rated so minors can read it although I might curse.

1. I collect and read novels. LOL... this is lame but most people doesn't consider me as a bookworm but I really do enjoy reading. By telling this I am now a certified nerd and yes I also read manga and... used to be an avid fan of Gensomaden Saiyuki.

2. I used to have 8 piercings on my body, 5 pairs of ear piercing, my tongue, my nose and my belly button. I used to wear all of em, and believe me, when I say the tongue is the most easiest part of your body to be pierce and almost pain less. Damn... feeling nostalgic la pula.... miss all my piercing (T_T)

3. I have a tribal tattoo on my back. It took my parents quite a while to find out about it and thank gawd they're cool about it. Now all my siblings except the 6 year old is tattooed. I am such a "good role model".

    This was taken 5 years ago. I was a thin young lady back then.

4. I've been to 7 schools (primary and secondary), Srk Lok Yuk, Sk Kitobu, Sk Malawa, Sm St Peter Telipok, Sm P Likas, Sm Teknik Likas and Sm All Saints. If you think my face look familiar then you're probably right, I am that girl who used to have a boy cut hair and rarely smile.

5. I like sketching but I don't like showing people my sketches. Only a few people know this and if at class I look preoccupied don't worry, I am not busy listening or writing down about the lecture but busy doodling.

6. I learn to eat veggies and use chopsticks from Ed. Even my mom gave up trying to make me eat veggies so Ed is a miracle worker. LOL
7. I never been to peninsular Malaysia (semenanjung) and Sarawak. My first plane ride was 2008 to Jakarta, this blog used to be called 'Never been on a plane'. Hopefully this year can finally visits those places.

That's it... ENOUGH! 7 things about myself are enough and the rest is up to you to find out.
Don't judge a book by it's cover. Like they say looks can be deceiving.  

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