Thursday, May 27, 2010

My grandma made me tell this.

A long time ago, there live a farmer. Everyday he worked on his farm planting rice paddy and everyday an eagle will fly near to his farm observing the farmer. 


Then one day the farmer got fed up being stared by the eagle. He drop his hoe (or whatever he might be holding at that time) and said to the bird “Why do you stared at me?”. Well like any other fairytale animals can talk so the bird answered “Nothing, I just like looking at what you’re doing”. The farmer then said, “Why you birds, get the easy life eh, can stared at people all day. Look at me! Working hard everyday in this small land just to feed my family”. The eagle just kept silent and listen to the farmer’s rambling. 

All of a sudden, the farmer said to the eagle, “why don’t we switch places?”. The eagle bewildered by the question flew down to the ground, “are you sure you want to switch places with me?”. “Yeah, I would like to be you, just flying around and doing nothing all day”, said the farmer. “Okay, but once we switch we can never switch back”, said the eagle. The dumb farmer quickly agree and with magical unknown forces both of them become the other one. 

The eagle/used-to-be-farmer then fly away from his used-to-be land. The farmer/used-to-be-eagle continue on the work and he is a smart hardworking farmer. Not long after the used-to-be-farmer-now-an-eagle left, the now-is-the-farmer expanded his land and become quite a successful farmer himself. Meanwhile the now-an-eagle had to chase mice, chicks etc…for his food and found out being an eagle is quite tiring.
So the now-an-eagle flew back to his old farm (yes this story is predictable) and demanded to be switch back into human form. But the rich now-a-farmer refused and now let the fight begin!!! , “I already told you before once we switched bodies we cannot switched back”. The eagle then fly away sadly and a few years later died alone or probably shot by someone and eaten although I am not sure whether eagle can be a good meal. The rich farmer become richer and richer and richer and yes… richer. 

So the moral of the story is; never wish to be someone else being yourself might be much better than you expected. This story was told by my grandma. I don’t really see the point why she told me this in dusun+malay, I was happily eating my wantanho when she told me this. Never the less it is a good story will retell it again to my own children one day. 

Anyway… I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad, buy all of the things i never had, I wanna be on the cover of ford magazine, smiling next to oprah and the queen. Everytime I close my eyes… I see my name in shiny light. A different city every night. I swear the world better prepare when I’m a billionaire. 


PIC 3  
PIC  2
“There are 3 types of people in this world, there’s the dreamers, there’s people who believe in reality and there’s people  who turn their dreams into reality”. –a quote I read in the newspaper but forgot whose. 

Monday, May 24, 2010


Sometimes we do things we regret but... those probably gonna be the best memories yet.

I am inspired by another David Guetta's Hit featuring Kid Cudi "Memories". 
Last Friday I was so damn wasted never been that wasted since 2007 for REAL! 

But this song lift me up, so forget what happened last Friday and if any of you that happened to see me in my worst moment please ignore me and delete me in your memories. LOL

all the crazy shit I did
those will be the best memories
I just wanna let it go for the night
that would be the best
therapy for me

all the crazy shit I did
those will be the best memories
I just wanna let it go for the night
that would be the best
therapy for me



all the crazy shit I did tonight
those will be the best memories
I just wanna let it go for the night
that would be the best
therapy for me

all the crazy shit I did tonight
those will be the best memories
I just wanna let it go for the night
that would be the best
therapy for me


It's getting late but I don't mind
It's getting late but I don't mind
It's getting late but I don't mind
It's getting late but I don't mind
It's getting late but I don't mind
It's getting late but I don't mind
It's getting late but I don't mind
It's getting late but I don't mind


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Save Us!

If any of you read the local papers you’ll probably knew about this issue, they are building a coalfired power plant at Sandakan, Sabah. The reason to build as stated in this link is to supplied energy or fuel source that will produce electricity. Hmm… no wonder these few months there’s been a lot of insufficient electric supplies at KK.

This is the proposed site for the coal plant.


Beautiful view right? Yes… I am proud to be Sabahan to live on a land where nature is at its best.

So can you imagine that view tainted by this:


Yes… this google coal plant and you’ll find this hideous picture.

The thing is the Malaysian government actually thinks it is a good thing to destroy nature to provide our needs for electricity since you know, we are progressing rapidly lately with all the malls, condominiums, flyovers, hotels etc…

To feed our so called necessity we have to sacrifice nature that is one of our greatest pride as Sabahan. Our beautiful nature destroy.

If you disagree with this, then WE gotta do something.

Please sign this petition to create awareness of this issue. I’ve signed it okay number 1557.

And not only signing the petition WE can send our own postcard to Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

                   Here’s a link for a guide and idea about the postcards.                                    POSCARD PROJECT: SABAH SAYS NO TO COAL. If you’re bad at creating postcards then just write… yes… handwritten letter to Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

To the nature haters (if there is one and if there really is one then SHAME ON YOU!) the coal plant is also bad for our health. Yes, we die faster lar, okay lets say, you can live until 60 something (or more) but because of the inhaling too much polluted air you die tomorrow, okay kidding… maybe on your 40s….

I know I’m not a Doctor so read --->this!<---- 

Go and tell everyone about this! NOW!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I just saw Shrek in 3D

Yep… I did saw Shrek in 3D yesterday in fact that is my first time watching any movie in 3D. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia finally got a 3D cinema… From now on there’ll be no more 3D movie dilemma! HURRAH!!! I’ve been wanting to watch a 3D movie for ages… I was so disappointed that I couldn’t go watch The Christmas Carol in 3D and Avatar (T_T). 

Anyway… all that is the past… 

Because I just got my “3D cherry pop” yesterday. HAHAHA!!!


Shrek in my honest opinion isn’t actually the greatest movie to be watch in 3D. I mean, come on the movie is already funny without needing to watch it in 3D. The 3D effect was kinda lame and even though I was too excited watching 3D movie, I feel disappointed. So I recommend if anyone wanna watch Shrek, don’t waste your money on 3D (btw 3D movie cost RM15). 

The story line is predictable and about Shrek’s matrimonial bliss. Where at first Shrek was happy with his life with Fiona, their kids and friends. But soon got fed up with the daily routine and no “Me Time” for him so he sign on a deal with Rumpelstiltskin and got what he wanted. The only thing is Rumpelstiltskin tricked him and now he got to change everything back to how it used to be by sharing a true love kiss with Fiona. So yes, it is another happy ending. 

I love the new evil character Rumpelstiltskin if any of you remember Rumpelstiltskin is from a fairytale, an evil dwarf. Where he make a deal with a miller’s daughter that he’ll help her spin straw into gold in exchange for her first born. After she got married (and have a baby) with the King, Rumpeltiltskin came back and demanded her promise. She offered everything to Rumpeltiltskin but he won’t budge, finally he said he’ll give up his claim if she can guess his name. 

"To-day do I bake, to-morrow I brew,
The day after that the queen's child comes in;
And oh! I am glad that nobody knew
That the name I am called is Rumpelstiltskin!"
The Rumpelstiltskin in Shrek is as diabolical like the fairytale. After he tricked Shrek, Far Far Away Land is his, he got everything he wanted like “witches for bitches”, the big bad wolf as his wigs stylist, made the castle look like a night club and of cuz make more diabolical deal with his subjects.

But the most cutest character is Puss in Boots. I love all his dialogue especially “FEED ME, IF YOU DARE”. The scene where he checked himself in the mirror and said he “might be letting go of himself a bit” was hilarious. I also love his big eyes cute kitty when he asked donkey for donkey’s tongue because he cannot lick himself.  

I literally LMAO watching this movie. If you got nothing to do and extra money to waste why not go watch this movie. It will be fun for you and your family, just make sure the little ones is not too noisy while watching it.   

Wanna watch Resident evil in 3D.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fuck me! I'm famous?

LMAO... Sorry for the very conceited blog entry, the title is actually a rip off from David Guetta's album (am downloading it now, excited is I). 

Here's the real deal... I was awarded by 2 very sexy hot girls, Tantinny and Nicole. I'm very flattered that...

They think my blog are interesting.


 Dorang rasa AKU CANTIK... tambah la mintapuji ne. 

And the rules go like this :
1. Say 'Terima Kasih' to the person who gave this award.
2. Pass on to 15 other blogger friends who deserve this award.
3. Share 7 things you don;t know about me.

So I would like to thanks my presenters for this 3 awesome awards.... Terima kasih, aku sangat terharu menerima anugerah ini. Kotoluadan togomu kio!

I like to pass this award to this 15 fabulous people;
1. Ciean
2. Florida
4. Rungitom
5. Bella Ace
6. Precious
7. Dewina
8. Taragang Saru
10. Danelyn
12. Yuz @ Hage Maru
13. Keyna
14. Aj 
15. Bee

I also want to include Tantinny and Nicole for this awards! and of cuz all my blog followers.

And The 7 things you don't know about me and probably wouldn't want to... LOL.. Don't worry all of them are G-rated so minors can read it although I might curse.

1. I collect and read novels. LOL... this is lame but most people doesn't consider me as a bookworm but I really do enjoy reading. By telling this I am now a certified nerd and yes I also read manga and... used to be an avid fan of Gensomaden Saiyuki.

2. I used to have 8 piercings on my body, 5 pairs of ear piercing, my tongue, my nose and my belly button. I used to wear all of em, and believe me, when I say the tongue is the most easiest part of your body to be pierce and almost pain less. Damn... feeling nostalgic la pula.... miss all my piercing (T_T)

3. I have a tribal tattoo on my back. It took my parents quite a while to find out about it and thank gawd they're cool about it. Now all my siblings except the 6 year old is tattooed. I am such a "good role model".

    This was taken 5 years ago. I was a thin young lady back then.

4. I've been to 7 schools (primary and secondary), Srk Lok Yuk, Sk Kitobu, Sk Malawa, Sm St Peter Telipok, Sm P Likas, Sm Teknik Likas and Sm All Saints. If you think my face look familiar then you're probably right, I am that girl who used to have a boy cut hair and rarely smile.

5. I like sketching but I don't like showing people my sketches. Only a few people know this and if at class I look preoccupied don't worry, I am not busy listening or writing down about the lecture but busy doodling.

6. I learn to eat veggies and use chopsticks from Ed. Even my mom gave up trying to make me eat veggies so Ed is a miracle worker. LOL
7. I never been to peninsular Malaysia (semenanjung) and Sarawak. My first plane ride was 2008 to Jakarta, this blog used to be called 'Never been on a plane'. Hopefully this year can finally visits those places.

That's it... ENOUGH! 7 things about myself are enough and the rest is up to you to find out.
Don't judge a book by it's cover. Like they say looks can be deceiving.  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Made my feet wanna dance.

I wanna dance to this song. Too bad I am born with 2 left feet and too sober to be dancing alone. 
LOL... I totally HEART this song. I wanna go to a club that plays this songs but I am too FAT to fit into my clubbing outfit (T_T).Must loose those kilos Cynta!!! Jia You! Jia You!
(aku memberi semangat pada diriku sendiri).

Kano Momorusi Walai.

A SPECIAL WISH TO MY MOTHER!!! (I learn much from her).
and not forgetting THE TUTORS.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Survey Camp dilemma

Ahhhh…. Is the precise feeling I felt when I arrived home sweet home from survey camp.Glad that I am home with my love ones and away from that place. 

So Goodbye Labuan… It might be a long time before I get a chance to visit again.
5 days at Manikar have thought me lots of things not only about survey but also about my course mate that I never knew before, we’ve bonded even after all those petty fights, stupid arguments and talking behind each other backs.  The most important thing is, in the end everyone is satisfied, let bygones be bygones and START OUR HOLIDAY!

Survey was okay (don’t worry won’t bored you guys with the details LOL), but the most fascinating thing is Manikar Beach Resort is popular (or should I say unpopular) because of its rumor about the place being haunted. 


The place is kinda creepy though, quite isolated and few visitors. You can memorize the workers when you’re staying there. The facilities was actually nice although maintenance is poor (the fridge and TV in my room doesn’t work at all). 

My room number and the roomies are; Bb, Gg, Ct and Cynta! 


This picture is not exactly our room (it’s Farah’s room), our room is messier than this. No wonder we encounter a few paranormal activity.
and all thanks to this view…

Behind our room is a cemetery. Spooky huh… Some of my friends saw peculiar stuff during our stay there.

I love the sea view though. But sadly the beach is quite polluted with rubbish and there’s even a garbage disposal near to the beach (next to the paintball court). You can find beer bottles and can all around the beach although not as obvious like Borneo Paradise beach. 


I heard from Ed that the place main attraction suppose to be the paintball court but to my surprise no one is using the paintball court, the scaffolding is rusty, the place is infested with snakes, grasshoppers and mosquitoes. 


The only thing most of us enjoyed there is the pool. 

There’s even a pool bar next to the pool. :D
Then when it comes to eating HK01 students will eat like there’s no tomorrow. We made the staff at Manikar refilled the buffet line up 3 times every time we eat.
But in our defense survey work very tiring and we need to consume food for energy. 

A preview of breakfast. I have commit the sin of gluttony at Manikar Beach Resort. As penance of my sin, I gained 1 kg. FUCKKKKKKK!!!!! Now I gotta start back my routine work out. 

There’s also a karaoke lounge at Manikar Beach Resort although the place is quite small. But that doesn’t stop us enjoying our karaoke session. 

Here’s a few photos of the resort. 


To me the place got potential, it’s quite, relaxing atmosphere would be a perfect getaway from the hectic city. Also if you’re looking for some adventure at the paranormal side then try this place, it’s quite cheap and I recommend room 3120. That room give me the creeps. LOL… 

Can’t wait for our next school tour. Anywhere will be fun!

Favorite photo of the trip:
Wish, I could own of these someday.

p/s: this place would be suitable for a horror movie. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

The weekend Recap

How I wish my weekend was like a pop song. Where I wake up feeling like P’diddy, dance all night long and experience love, sex and magic. Enter into the hottest club and yell “It’s Cynta Bitch”. Show off my striper like dance move on the bar, be the  centre of attention.

But the truth is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from what I imagine, still I did enjoy it. A nice quite weekend with the Family and it was Mother’s Day weekend after all.

FANTASTIC FRIDAY. (I include friday as my weekend).

1. After the most hardest exam (for me), go to school canteen (yes, i’m pathetic and broke) and ate a Bobi Bun. WTF is Bobi Bun? Only tasty burger in UMS.

2. Bumper car with me besties. I had to avoid bumping tho cuz I am with minor (my brother Genesis).

2. Play pool but it took 4 5 of us to finish the game and it took us almost an hour.

3. Ct gets to “melalak” to her favorite song. LOL

4. Play almost all the token games.


1. Woke up and get a FREE McD breakfast.

2. Lunch at Kasih Sayang Resort. (Finally Tried the juice, chose “Digester Delight” and it really was a delight cuz my bro stole it from me).


   - Stuck at Kasih Sayang Resort Because of the rain.



Capture a haze picture.


Explore the karaoke area.

Then Saturday end with spongebob marathon with my bro. And my other brother’s bike got stuck there.


1. Went to church. (I’m not lying).

Saw my ex school mate. She’s married, had a cute little boy and pregnant. Don’t you feel odd when you saw your old friends is already a parent, make me feel old. LOL…

One of the reason I like going to Telipok Church is…


The delicious “Sambal pulut’. mmmm… yummy.


2. Again lunch/tea break at Kasih Sayang Resort.


Thank gawd that my brother’s bike in good condition and no technical problem again.


Bapa celebrating Cinco De Mayo. LOL…


Shoo off a spider from mama tua’s back.


The family relaxing.

3. Mother’s day dinner.

Bapa was gonna treat us at a Vietnamese Restaurant but the it closed early so, settle for Yummy Chicken.

All of us were so hungry it took us less than 30 minute to finish the whole course. LMAO…


Guest of honor. My Mother =)




P5090105  P5090106 P5090108 P5090109 All of these… in less than 30 minutes…LOL


The Result… Full tummy and happy smiles. =)

4. Went To PC FAIR.


Not as cheap as I expected. Although my sister bought me an earphone for only RM10.


Mum bought me a 4gb pendrive for RM27. I’m the one supposed to give her a present…It’s okay 2 years from now if I am FINALLY employed will give her something nice. =) That’s a promise.


All’s well that ends well.


Cherish our family.

p/s: will be gone for 5 days to Labuan.